Star Trek Defiance: Runabout

As the crew of the Runabout continue on their journey, Michael and the others come under attack by Scorpio. Can Michael and his crew escape or will they end up being destroyed or worse?


7. 7

Both ships approached the airless dead planet’s surface as Scorpio watched on his monitors.  Scorpio looked grim and said, “Fire Shock torpedoes.” The Scorpion’s limbs fired two balls of red energy and when they exploded they released shockwaves that blew away the loose rocks on the surface and struck the rear of the Runabout as the ship shifted hard from side to side.


    Michael and the others braced as the ship was struck and an alarm went off till Michael pressed a button and he said, “I have to say this guy is persistent.” Chloe looked at him angrily and said, “No shit!” Michael said, “Arsenal, do we have any more of those smoke bombs?” Arsenal replied, “Yes.” Michael said, “Use them!” Arsenal pressed a button and two cylinders fired from beneath the Runabout and when they struck the surface they exploded creating a large grey fog between the Runabout and the Scorpion.


    When the Scorpion blew through the fog the Runabout is nowhere in sight.  Scorpion looked at all his monitors and at where the main viewer use to be and saw no sign of the Runabout, even as he looked at his scanners and they indicate no trace as well.  Scorpio grunted and said, “I’m getting tired of this cat and mouse game.  Time to use the other weapon that is made specially for this.” 


    The Runabout settled in one of the deep, large caves facing upwards as Arsenal left his station and the bridge and began climbing the ladder to the weapons pod while everyone else stayed at their stations.  Arsenal was not gone long when he came back and saw Goku laying his head on his console and Minos lied on the floor sleeping and Arsenal went to his station, stepping over Minos, and pulled out the panel beneath and began connecting or rewiring circuits as Goku snored and Chloe looked at him with disgust and said, “How can those two sleep at a time like this?” Michael replied as he pressed various button on his console, “I don’t know about Minos but Goku has been through a lot worse.” Chloe gawked at him and said, “You mean to tell me a cyborg hell bent on blasting us to smithereens is not a big deal to him?” Michael replied, “Yep.” Chloe sighed as Arsenal got up after he closed the panel and the ship shook as there is a low rumbling sound waking up Minos as he looked alert and yelped, “What was that?” Michael said, “I think our friend is getting a little bored on finding us.” Then the ship shook again and another rumble but this time it was closer and Michael said, “Arsenal, I hope whatever you installed is something to take that ship out of commission.” Arsenal said, “Guaranteed.” And he sat behind his console and pressed a button and his console turned back on.  The ship shook more and the rumbles are getting louder and they saw some loose rocks falling.  Michael looked behind Arsenal and saw Goku was still snoring and he nodded Arsenal to Goku and Arsenal turned around and punched Goku on the shoulder.  Goku jumped up in his seat, alert and yelped, “Wha what did I miss?” Michael laughed and said, “You’re killing me Goku!  Scorpio is blasting apart the planet and I believe we are going to have to confront him soon.” The ship shook again and the rumble sounded more like an explosion and bigger rocks fell but missed the ship and Michael said, “He can’t be far now!” Goku said, “Why don’t I just go outside and blast his ship?” Chloe yelled over the shaking cave and rocks falling, “I don’t intend on being buried alive while you go out and flex your muscles!” The ship shook violently and one side of the cave fell apart and almost caved in and Minos yelled, “Let’s get out of here now!” Michael said calmly, “Wait.” They saw a large shadow forming along the sides of the cave and the bottom of the Scorpion started to appear.  Michael said, “All right Arsenal, she’s all yours!” Arsenal pressed a button to his right and there was an increasing powering up sound as he put his hand over a yellow button on his console.


    On the Scorpion, Scorpio sat back in his seat as he occasionally pressed a red button and one of the limbs of the ship (as they all pointed down) fired a torpedo and detonated inside a cave in a field of caves and holes that covered the valley between the mountains as Scorpio watched the monitors as they viewed the inside of each cave.  Scorpio said, “They have to be here somewhere.” After a torpedo detonated below him part of the surface ahead collapsed on itself and Scorpio sighed and said, “No matter.  If they wish to be buried alive, I am more than happy to oblige them.” 


    The Scorpion is over the cave the Runabout is under and Arsenal hit the button he had his hand over and a torpedo fired from the weapons pod and hurdled towards the Scorpion as the Runabout suddenly lurched forward and followed right behind it.


    In the Scorpion’s bridge there was a beeping sound from one of the automatic control stations and a male robotic voice said, “Two contacts coming from below the Scorpion.  One is identified as the Runabout the other unknown.” Scorpio said, “Fire at the Runabout, ignore the unknown.” The Scorpion fired its limbs sending bolts of phaser fire at the Runabout and the whole cave erupted in multiple explosions as the torpedo Arsenal fired detonated and the Runabout dodged left and right radically to avoid being crushed.  Michael suddenly jammed both joysticks forward and the Runabout flew straight at the bottom of the Scorpion as it grew closer and closer and Michael yelled, “Arsenal, Fire!” He pressed a button and a blue ball of energy fired from the weapons pod and headed straight towards the Scorpion as the Runabout followed close behind.  As they grew closer and closer to the Scorpion at full speed Goku, Minos and Chloe looked in shock and fear and Chloe yelled, “MICHAEL WE ARE GOING TO CRASH!”  Michael yelled over the falling rocks and high noise over the engines, “I know!” Minos yelled, “YOUR CRAZY!” The Runabout suddenly exited the cave and was right up at the bottom of the Scorpion as the rest of the crew ducked and Michael (at the last moment) jerked back the joysticks and the Runabout made a sharp 90 degree turn and flew away just as the blue ball of energy detonated at the Scorpion’s hull.


    On the Scorpion the ship shook from the impact and suddenly the main power went out and Scorpio looked around in the darkness alert and yelled, “What the hell is going on?” And then the ship shook hard and sparks erupted around his station as a couple of his monitors cracked and a male robotic voice said, “Main systems are offline, including propulsion, weapons....” Scorpio roared with rage as he slammed his fists on his shorted out console.

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