Star Trek Defiance: Runabout

As the crew of the Runabout continue on their journey, Michael and the others come under attack by Scorpio. Can Michael and his crew escape or will they end up being destroyed or worse?


5. 5

When Michael finished he stood back revealing a big size gauze over the top of Chloe’s forehead with bandage wrapped around it and her head.  Michael tried to keep himself from laughing and said, “There, all better.” Chloe got up and looked in the mirror and saw the bandage and wrap and she yelped in fright and quickly covered her mouth before she removed her hands and poked on the wrap and said, “What the hell!  I looked like a....” Goku spoke over the intercom, “Michael you better get up here quick!” Michael and Chloe exited their quarters and ran to the bridge as Arsenal followed when suddenly the ship jolted violently as the lights flickered.  Outside a single red beam flew right behind the Runabout and struck the back of the starboard nacelle causing a small explosion and the Runabout spun hard and out of warp and continued to spin.  Michael, Chloe and Arsenal flew about the bridge and the short hallway between the quarters as the ship spun and the red alert alarms went off.  Chloe screamed, “MICHAEL!” Michael yelled, “Goku stabilize the damn ship now!” Goku yelled desperately, “I’m trying Michael but...” Suddenly the ship slowed and then abruptly stopped and Michael, Chloe and Arsenal fell onto the deck hard.  As they groaned in pain Goku looked shocked at his controls then at Minos and said, “Minos what happened?” Minos replied, “I cut the starboard engine and put all the warp energy into the port nacelle.” Michael is able to stand and limped towards his seat before he slumped down as Chloe slowly got to hers while Arsenal stumbled a little and Michael said painfully, “What was that?” Goku replied, “I don’t know, but our starboard engine has taken a direct hit and is seriously damage!” Chloe said, “Michael I detect that Scorpion thing heading right towards us!  It must have the ability to fire while in warp!” Michael accessed the space charts on his console and scrolled quickly through till he said, “Here!” And he pressed a button and the chart is visible on all the console monitors before them.  Minos leaned over Goku’s shoulder to look and he said, “How is a nebula supposed to help us?” Michael replied, “This nebula emits electrical interference that blocks sensors and transporters.” Arsenal said, “Starboard engine temporarily repaired.  Can hide in nebula to make further repairs.” Michael pressed a couple of buttons and the Runabout turned to port and entered the nebula at full impulse just as the Scorpion appeared out of warp.


    On the Scorpion, Scorpio watched on his front monitor the Runabout entering the purple haze nebula and he said, “Proceed into the nebula.” A male mechanical voice said, “The EM Nebula will render the sensors and transporters useless.” Scorpio replied calmly, “No matter.  Proceed.” The mechanical voice replied, “By your order.” The Scorpion then moved and entered the nebula.  


    Chloe looked at her console and saw in the aft viewer the Scorpion starting to follow them and she said, “It’s starting to gain on us!” Michael said, “No problem.” They started to see pink flashes as they further proceed into the nebula when suddenly the ship shook as they held onto their seats and Chloe looked shocked at her console and said, “We lost sensors!” Michael said reassuringly, “We’ll manage without them.  Can you still see him?” Chloe replied, “Just barely.” Michael said, “Good.” He pressed a couple of buttons and the lights went out with the exception of the console and controls and the light from the nebula and Michael pulled both joysticks up and the Runabout flew up with only the blue and red lights from the nacelles as the ship disappeared into the purple mist.  


    The Scorpion continued onwards but slowed down when the ship suddenly shook and some of the console lights on Scorpio’s console flickered and he looked grim and said, “What’s going on?” A robotic male voice said, “We entered the EM Nebula.  Sensors and transporters are offline.” Scorpio said, “Use cameras and find them visually.” 


    On the Runabout Michael pressed a button and the warp engines powered down as the red and blue nacelle lights ceased illumination and the ship stopped.  Goku said, “Are you sure this is going to work?” Michael replied, “We’re about to find out.” Goku and Minos looked at Michael and at Goku’s console nervously when they heard the sound of a large ship passing them from below as the Scorpion passed directly beneath them and they watched as the massive ship passed them and Minos, Goku and Chloe breathed a sigh of relief.  Michael said, “It looks like my plan worked after all.” Chloe then punched him on the shoulder and Michael faked a cry of pain and laughed.  Goku said, “How are we supposed to combat against that?” Michael said, “Arsenal, I believe you have something?” Arsenal replied, “Connected weapons pod to the warp core.  Fires a strong phaser beam that can slice through that ship like butter.” Michael looked at Arsenal and said, “Are you ever going to take that helmet off so we can listen to your normal voice?” Arsenal looked back at Michael as the eyes of his Predator like helmet turned darker red as he made a low growl and Michael sat back in his chair unease and he said, “Okay, never mind.” Minos said, “Now what do we do?” Michael said, “Arsenal, do you have anything that can light up the space ahead of us?” Arsenal replied, “Yes.” Michael said, “Excellent!  Light it up!” Arsenal pressed a button and the Runabout fired a ball of white light that flew ahead of the Runabout and exploded creating a white hazy light in the distance and the Runabout moved ahead slow till it dimmed and another one fired while on the bridge Chloe looked irritated and said, “This could take forever!” Michael said, “Patience honey, it’s either this way or...” Then there was a loud explosion above and the whole ship shook while outside big orange balls of light slowly descended down from above and exploded like depth charges on top and along the sides of the Runabout as the Scorpion flew overhead, slowly, following the Runabout’s path.


    The Runabout shook violently as parts of the overhead and computer banks exploded sparks and Scorpio’s voice echoed through the intercom, “You think you’re the only one that can play these cat and mouse games?” Michael immediately shoved both joysticks forward and the Runabout made a sharp 80 degree downward angle as it descended rapidly.  The Runabout continued to shake as the charges kept exploding behind and all around them and Michael yelled, “ARSENAL!  FIRE CR TORPEDOES NOW!” Arsenal slammed his hand down on a button and the weapons pod fired a torpedo and flew past the first couple of charges before it detonated and the depth charges surrounding the torpedo exploded and the ones above followed suit in a chain reaction till they led to the bottom of the Scorpion where it was opened and two M machines dived away from the bomb drop doors and payload as they exploded, engulfing the hanger in flames and caused multiple secondary explosions.  


    On the bridge of the Scorpion some of the unmanned stations around Scorpio’s bursted into sparks and flames as the ship shook violently.  Scorpio pressed multiple buttons and yelled, “ACTIVATE HALON SYSTEM!” And white smoke shoot from the pipes along the ceiling as Halon is sprayed and engulfed the bridge in a fog.


    The Runabout made a sharp turn upwards towards the Scorpion’s direction as flashes of yellow and orange light appeared amongst the purple haze.  Michael yelled, “Fire!” And Arsenal pressed a button and two short phaser bursts fired from the weapons pod and struck at the port side of the Scorpion.  


    The Scorpion shook from the hits as the Halon began dissipating in the bridge and Scorpio pressed a button and yelled, “Fire stinger!” A black metal arm that looks like a spinal column rose up from along the back of the ship and the head of the arm had two pinchers and a large needle in the middle and when they connected it fired a red beam that pierced through the purple haze.


    On the Runabout they watched as the red beam flew right past the starboard quarter, just barely missing them, as Minos and Goku ducked in fright.  Chloe yelled, “This asshole can’t hit crap even if it’s staring him right in the face!” Goku looked at her in both shock and fear and said, “Geez such vulgar!” Michael pressed a couple of buttons and eased both the joysticks down and Chloe looked at him and said, “What do you got planned Michael?” Michael replied, “Just watch.  You’re going to love this.” And he smiled.


    On the Scorpion’s bridge rounded, hovering repair bots worked on the burnt and blown control stations as Scorpio pressed multiple buttons on his console and ran both his hands over the touch pads and said, “I am going to split his ship’s spine from behind.”  The Scorpion then turned in a wide arch to starboard, leaving a trail of sparks and flaming debris as the ship passed over what looks like a yellow hurricane before entering back into the purple haze that forms the nebula and moved in a downward angle.  Scorpio enhanced his robotic retinal vision as he looked at his monitors and the main window and he said to himself, “Where are you Val...” Suddenly the Runabout appeared directly in front of the Scorpion as it appeared from the purple haze and Michael yelled, “FIRE!” Arsenal pressed a button and the weapons pod fired a continuous machine gun burst of phaser fire and the glass window of the bridge of the Scorpion exploded and the phaser fire ran along the top of the ship towards the base of the stinger sending off a series of explosions.  On the bridge of the Scorpion, Scorpio cringed/braced in his seat as the phaser shots blew apart the glass barrier and created a vacuum that sucked the four repair robots on the bridge out into space as the phaser fire continued to fire and shots flew past him hitting the walls and about half the control stations before the phaser fire stopped and moved along the top part of the ship as Scorpio slammed his hand on a large red button and an invisible force field is erected where the viewing window was and the air ceased being sucked out into space.


    When the Runabout ceased firing and Michael and the others saw the force field erected where the main viewing window was, Michael pulled back both the joysticks and the Runabout zipped up and flew right and just passed the stinger as it lazily flew about.  The Scorpion immediately turned about as the Runabout exited the nebula at full impulse and chased after them.  On the Scorpion’s bridge random sparks flew from the destroyed control stations as Scorpio glared at his main monitor and a male robotic voice said, “Stinger unable to fire.  Power cords destroyed.” Scorpio said, “Use it as a whip!”

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