Star Trek Defiance: Runabout

As the crew of the Runabout continue on their journey, Michael and the others come under attack by Scorpio. Can Michael and his crew escape or will they end up being destroyed or worse?


4. 4

Michael and the others watched as the remaining spider shaped ships retreating and Michael pressed a few buttons and said, “Good job everyone, now...” Goku said over the intercom, “Uh Michael, I think we’re not done yet.” Michael looked out the main window confused and said, “What do you mean?” Chloe (containing her shock) said, “He means this!” The display on Michael’s console changed and he looked down and saw a larger version of a single spider ship but with a scorpion like tail rising from the back and the ship started to gain speed towards them.  Michael looked depressed and said, “Oh hell no.” Scorpio’s voice came over the intercom and he said, “You will now witness the power of the Scorpion Michael Valkyrie, and there is no way you will escape!” Michael said, “Goku get your ass...” Goku yelled behind Michael, “Move out of the way Minos!” And Minos just had barely enough time to get out of the seat as Goku hopped down, grabbed Minos and forced him on his lap before closing the armrests over them.  Michael, Chloe and Arsenal just stared at them as Minos looked shocked and Goku yelled, “WHAT?  LETS GET OUT OF HERE!” Michael and the others turned back to their stations and Michael set the throttle forward and the Runabout flew ahead at full speed as the Scorpion gave chase.  Michael said, “Arsenal, can you damage that thing?” Arsenal pressed a few buttons as his console showed the scanner scanning the Scorpion and Arsenal replied, “No, but I have something that will.” Michael yelled, “Then get it!” Arsenal grunted in acknowledgement and left his seat as he hurried off the bridge to his quarters.  


    On the Scorpion, Scorpio watched the main viewer window and saw the Runabout making evasive maneuvers and Scorpio said, “Lets see if that little ship can take a pounding.” He pressed two buttons before moving his mechanical hands over two pads that control the steering and multiple bolts of light fired from the eight weapons limbs of the Scorpion and the bolts either flew past the Runabout or detonated close to it.  As they detonated close to the Runabout, the ship shook and jolted nearly throwing Arsenal off his feet and ended up slamming his back into the wall while the others jerked to the right and left in their seats.  Chloe yelled, “What the hell!” Michael yelled out, “HOLD ON!” He then turned a dial on his console and the ship powered up and suddenly went to warp.  


    Michael and the others on the bridge sighed with relief and Minos immediately got off Goku’s lap and sat at Arsenal’s station and Michael said, “Thank god.” He looked back and saw Chloe whipping the blood that still dribbled down her forehead and Michael said, “Goku take control for a few minutes.” Chloe looked at him shocked and said, “Why, where are you going?” Michael replied irritatingly, “To fix that head of yours.” Chloe said, “I can....” She saw Michael staring down at her and she sighed and said, “Fine.” They both left the bridge and Michael saw Arsenal fumbling around in his quarters and Michael said, “You found it?” Arsenal grunted in acknowledgement and Michael said, “Then have it ready just in case.” Arsenal grunted in acknowledgement as Michael closed the door to his and Chloe’s room.  Chloe sat on the bed holding a gauze over her head wound and she said, “You don’t have to help me, I can take care of myself.” Michael kneeled before her as she removed the gauze and he scanned her wound with his eye sight and said, “If it was an injury anywhere else then yes, but you have been hit in the head really hard and I’m making sure you don’t end up with a concussion.” Michael turned away and went to the counter and grabbed some gauze whips and antibiotics and started treating Chloe’s wound. 

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