Angel Meets Rebel

"Wait, where are we going?!"

"Come on, Hood. Learn to live a little."

//Calum Hood Fanfiction//


23. 23

Olivia's POV

"Hey, I gotta get home now." Luke said standing up. We were in the living room, my dad in the office working and mum in the shower. 

"Can't you just stay?" I asked, standing up beside him. He smirked, placing hands on my shoulders. Sometimes I hated how tall he was. 

"I'm sorry, Liv. But I have a shit ton of things to do. And we have exams coming up soon. Plus I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want your tutor to be grumpy tomorrow." I sighed, my shoulders sagging. I muttered a 'fine' as I walked him to the door, smiling as he pecked my cheek before walking towards his car. I closed the door, sighing as I walked up to my room, humming the tune of a random song when I found my laptop still open from before when I was watching Teen Wolf. 

I walked over to my bed, pulling the laptop onto my lap as I frowned, seeing Luke's email open. Ah, that's right, he needed to check something he said. I was about to close the window when something caught my eye. 


Dear Luke Robert Hemmings, Calum Thomas Hood, Ashton Fletcher Irwin and Michael Gordon Clifford, 

We would like to inform you that we have an increased interest in your vocal and instrumental qualities. 

We are requesting a meeting at MODEST! MANAGEMENT Headquarters tomorrow afternoon at 12:30pm. 

Thank you, 


Wait... MODEST! MANAGEMENT?! No friggin way! This is amazing! Luke and the boys are getting a chance to become famous! Oh my god... 

I squealed in delight, laughing as I grabbed my phone about to text Luke when I suddenly realised... I wasn't supposed to see the email in the first place. Maybe he wouldn't want me knowing about it just yet. I sighed, frustrated as I tossed my phone onto my bed and contemplated on doing some exam prep. But to my education's dismay, I ended up watching more of Teen Wolf and shoving food in my mouth for the next two hours... 12:57, well I'm fucked. 

Delilah's POV

"Hey, Cal- Oh! Delilah! Hey! What are you doing here?" Mali asked, walking into Calum's room. I fiddled with the hem of Calum's shirt and looked up at Mali nervously. 

"Oh, erm..." 

"Delilah's staying with us for a little while." Calum said, walking in. I widened my eyes. 

"Actually, it's just for tonight." I said, glaring at Calum, but he ignored me. 

"No, you're staying here till we make sure you have somewhere safe to stay, Delilah." Calum said, Something about his tone made me keep quiet. It was sort of intimidating in a way. 

"Okay? Um, sleep well you two. Night, Del!" Mali said, smiling as she walked out of Calum's room, closing the door. I stared at Calum as he walked around his room, putting his MacBook in the charger, changing his shirt and pulling the blanket up. 

"You coming?" He asked. I didn't reply, simply walking to the other side of the bed and lying on my side, my back facing Calum. I can't stay here for long. I'll go and look for a job tomorrow, I thought. "Hey." Calum said, softly, pulling my shoulder towards him so I was now facing him. "What's wrong?" He asked. 

"Calum... I can't stay here for long, you and I both know that. I'm going to look for a job tomorrow, and I'll have to drop out of school." I said. 

"Well, you wont be the only one dropping out." Calum muttered very quietly, but I could still hear him. 

"What?!" I yelled, immediately being shushed as Calum pressed a hand to my mouth, he let go after a few seconds, making me gasp. "Why are you dropping out?" I asked, quieter this time. 

"Because I think we're finally getting there, Del. We're going to be famous." Calum, said, grinning. 

"But Calum... They accepted you. The soccer team." I said, searching his eyes for some sort of sadness, which appeared quickly. 

"I know... We're having a meeting tomorrow with Modest. Guess I'm going to have to tell the boys some bad news, eh?" I nodded, laughing slightly. 

"But it's what you want, right?" I asked. Calum didn't respond quickly, he hesitated more. 

"Of course I do... But you know, it's sort of difficult. I mean, what would you say if they offered you to go to Brazil to play for the world cup and then it turns out your band is finally getting out there?" He admitted. I placed a hand on his shoulder, watching his face. 

"You have to do what you want, Cal. Don't let anyone tell you what your future will be, only you can decide it. And they said Brazil?!" 

"Yeah, playing for the world cup and representing Oz, eh? But you're right, I need to do what I want." 



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