Angel Meets Rebel

"Wait, where are we going?!"

"Come on, Hood. Learn to live a little."

//Calum Hood Fanfiction//


19. 19

Delilah's POV
"Um... I do. Where else am I supposed to stay? On that bench?" I asked sarcastically, pointing to the graffitied bench. 

"What? No! Come to my place." He said, tugging on my sleeve slightly. 

"Calum." I groaned, shaking my head, "No... It's too much trouble for you and your family." I insisted. 

"Are you kidding me? They love you. Ask about you every day actually." I looked up at Calum. Really? Did they ask about me everyday? Wow... 


"No buts. Plus we won't be alone... I'll get the boys to come over too." I thought about his suggestion for a moment. I guess it wouldn't hurt right? Then as soon as I had enough money, I'd be gone. 

"Alrighty... But I'm going to be outnumbered. Get Olivia to come too?" I asked. Calum nodded as he pulled out his phone, probably texting the boys and Olivia. 

Olivia's POV
"Well... I'm sorry for it being super awkward." I said, rubbing my hands together anxiously as Luke and I stood in my room again.

"Are you kidding me? I love your dad." He said, laughing and shaking his head. 

"Huh, you are officially the first boy that's said that." 

"Really now?" He asked, looking up at me. I nodded, then his attention was taken to his phone which was ringing in his pocket. He pulled it out, answering without hesitation. 

"Cal? Did you find her? You need to tell me what happened." I raised an eyebrow. Who's he talking about? "Seriously, Calum? Okay... Yeah why? Uh huh she's right here. No, shut up! Okay, bye." He hung up, slipping his phone back into his pocket.

"What was that all about?" 

"Mr Ching Chong wants us at his place. You better grab some things though, we're staying the night." Luke sighed. 

"Wait, what? Why are we staying at Calum's place?" 

"Dunno, I think it has something to do with Delilah or something."

"Oh... I'll just grab some stuff then." I said, watching as like left the room, "Yeah, I'll wait downstairs." He said.

"Calum's place... What the hell?" I muttered to myself. 

Calum's POV
"Come on, people! Sit yo ass down and be quiet!" Ashton yelled. Everyone went silent until I burst out laughing. 

"See, Ash? This is why they call the dad of the band." I laughed. 

"Is that what they call you? I didn't know you guys had fans!" Olivia said, bewildered. 

"SAY WHAT?!" Michael yelled. "GET THE IPAD!" Luke stood up, rushing off to get the iPad. Coming back, he held the iPad in his hands, passing it to Michael as he motioned for Olivia to sit by him. But obviously, there's something going on between Luke and Olivia as Luke quickly sat beside Michael and made Olivia sit next to him instead. 

I glanced at Delilah who was already looking at me, eyebrows raised as she nodded to Luke and Olivia. She scored beside me, making sure no one was looking. "Do we ship them?" She whispered. 

"Hell yes." I whispered back, glancing at the two as Michael raved on about our YouTube channel and how he had the best vocals, to which Luke simply rolled his eyes at. 

"What shall their ship name be, Hood?" 

"Um... Himmings. It shall be Himmings, Willows." 

"What are you two talking about?" Ashton asked. 

"Meh, just that fact that we still haven't chosen a movie to watch." I said, shrugging my shoulders. 

"Well you've got legs, Hood. Go choose one yourself." Michael shot. 

"Seriously? Says the one who doesn't get his butt up until after lunch and then spends his entire day consuming food and playing video games." 

"Hey! That's my life okay. Don't try to sass me about my life and expect to own me, Mr. Hood." Michael said, turning the iPad off and crossing his legs together. 

"Ugh. At least my hair isn't falling out." I muttered. But as soon as they came out, I wished they never did. 

"Did... Did you just..." Michael stuttered, frowning. 

"Aw, Mikey, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it, I swear! You're hot as fuck and I love that you love playing video games!" I said, hugging the boy. 

"God... I SHIP YOU TWO!" Delilah said suddenly. 

"Wait... What?!" I asked. 

"Yeah! You'll be Malum!" She said, excitedly, ignoring our rejections as she stood up, shoving a disc into the player. 

"Delilah, it's not like-" 

"Oh, Calum! Get over it! Malum for life!" 

I didn't say anything else. Mainly because she looked happy and excited. And I wanted her to stay like that forever. 

Olivia's POV
"I... Am... So... TIRED!" I yawned, rubbing my eyes. 

"Come on, we need to get the sleeping bags." Calum said, leading us into the garage. 

"So... Exactly how many sleeping bags do you have?" I asked, holding three at a time. I sighed, balancing them on my arms, waddling back into the living room. "Good Lord, stupid migraines, I wish you would-" I groaned, falling to the ground. 


"Oh, call the ambulance!" 


"Liv, babe are you okay?" 

"Everything's blurry. Can you help me up?" I asked. My head was spinning like crazy, vision distorted. 


"Please, Luke. I'm fine, just help me up." I whined. Luke sighed, carefully holding my arms and pulling me up. As I stood on my feet, I immediately stumbled again. But thank god Luke was quick to catch me. 

"Liv you're not fine." (A/n: cuz I'm not fine at all. 😭

"I don't want to go to hospital, Luke." I whispered, shaking my head. 

"Well you're going to have to." He said, pulling my arm into his shoulder and helping me walk towards the door. 

"I CANT FIND THE FUCKING PHONE!" Michael screamed, running around the hallway. 

"It's alright, Mikey. Get Ash, we need to get her to the hospital." Luke said, carrying me outside. 

"Ashton is here. Let's go, come on." Ashton said, grabbing the keys to the car and following us outside. 

Delilah's POV
"Please be okay..." 


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