Angel Meets Rebel

"Wait, where are we going?!"

"Come on, Hood. Learn to live a little."

//Calum Hood Fanfiction//


8. 08

Calum's POV

"Alrighty boys. You're here to make your mamas proud!" The coach, McCall (Yes, it's Scott, bitches), pointed to some of the parents in the stands. I mentally slapped myself. Mum was doing the 'thing' again. It annoyed me, but then again, I loved it because she's one of those "supportive mums".

"Okay, let's go. Uh... Alan Baldino. You're up." I watched as a tall guy, muscular armed walked out onto the field, but then my attention span was lost. Wait... Is that?

She waved, smiling from the stands. I grinned, she had actually come. The little Rebel that got me into this mess. She mouthed something, I think it was 'Good luck' or something like that. She sat down on the bleachers, a few seats away from my sister, Mali.

I waved for Mali, she frowned and looked at me in that 'what the hell are you doing and what do you want?' kind of way. I pointed to Delilah who was watching the Baldino guy on the field. Mali nodded and said something to Delilah, making her sit right beside her.

"Calum Hood?" I looked away from the stands, right into the eyes of the Coach McCall (I love myself for doing this oml).

"Yes, sir."

"Get on that field and show me what you got." I nodded and went off onto the field, dribbling the ball in and out of the cones, past the defenders spread out on the grass, and shot a goal. Easy peasy.

"Well done, Hood. You'd be a great player." I smiled as McCall pat my back encouragingly. Yes, I got this.

"GO HOOD! HOOD! HOOD!" I laughed, looking over at the stands. Delilah and Mali were waving their arms in the air like my mum would, shouting my name loudly.

Delilah's POV
"Do you think he's embarrassed?" Mali asked as we sat down.

"I don't think so. I think he's proud of himself." I said, watching as Calum bounced the ball on his head several times, switching to his feet instead. Hey, the kid's talented, he deserves this.

"So... Delilah, right? I'm Joy, Calum's mum." I shook hands with the woman sitting beside Mali. She really loves up to her name. Joy. That's all you could see on her face. And that's how my mum used to be...

"And I'm David. Calum's dad." I shook hands with him as well. They were both so different, but could find love and put their differences behind them. To be happy. To make their children happy. Why couldn't my parents do that? Was it too difficult?

"So... Are you Calum's girlfriend?" His mum asked. My eyes widened and I laughed.

"Oh no. No, I'm not your son's girlfriend. I'm not good enough for him." I said, shaking my head.

"You seem to spend a lot of time with him. He seems more happy, more alive since he met you." His dad said.

"Oh well..." I looked over at Calum. He was smiling. At me. Was he that happy to be around me? No one has ever smiled like that when I was with them. The only person that used to and still does is May. Even though I hadn't seen her almost 10 years...

"I think you'd be perfect together. He talks about you all the time." Mali said, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"But... I-I have a lot going on right now... And... Calum would be better of with someone else. My life is... Complicated." I could just come out and say that I was a girl with some major depression problems, trust issues, parents who can't seem to come to a decision and having a boyfriend? I couldn't. I don't want to burden an innocent person like Calum with the crap that is my life. It's unfair on him.

"Oh, don't be silly, honey. But we won't push you. It's just... Calum's never really shown much interest in girls till you came along, is all." I nodded. I guess that wouldn't really be much of a coincidence. Maybe Calum really does have feelings for me. 

But I need to organise my life and do something about it before anything like that. 


Luke's POV

"So do you understand this bit?" We were sitting in the local library, same spot as yesterday. Except yesterday we were drowning in quadratic equations. And today was all about liner graphs and x, y tables. 

"Yeah, but then how do they get that bit?" She pointed to one of the numbers, looking up at me confused. 

"Well... They use this, x number, and then substitute it for here, you see? And then that's how you-"

"What?" She laughed, realising I had stopped talking. I shrugged my shoulders. She was beautiful But I can't think like that. All I know about her is her name and that she needs my help. 

"N-nothing." I said, looking back at the book and clearing my throat. "And uh... Yeah, you substitute it and then you get the solution from the formula. Do you get it?" 

"Yeah, I do. Hey, we should g-" She stopped, picking up her vibrating phone from the desk. "Hello? Yeah... Okay... I'll be there soon." She hung up, looking at me. "Uh... I have to go," She stood up, gathering her things, "I'll see you tomorrow?" 

"Yeah, yeah... Tomorrow." And with that she was gone. And I was all alone. Back at square one. 




Okay, I may or may not have been slightly hyper while writing the first bit... I'm sorry. But I hope you enjoyed it! ily xx


P.S. Comment if you like the images and gifs in the book and if I should keep including them.

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