Angel Meets Rebel

"Wait, where are we going?!"

"Come on, Hood. Learn to live a little."

//Calum Hood Fanfiction//


1. 01

<< Calum's POV >>

"Okay students. We have a new student this year. Would you like to come here, Delilah?" Our heads turned to the door. I guess I thought something like an angel would walk into our dull, dark Year 12 classroom and light up the place. But what walked in was something better.

And there she stood. Delilah. Not the girl I'd pictured with flowers in her long brown hair and bright blue eyes. No, she was more special than that. Still with brown hair, the ends an hombre of blue . And eyes that were grey, but not a bland grey, a sort of magical grey. Like the colour of the sky before a raging thunderstorm lashed out through the clouds.

Her nose held a piercing adorned with a black ring. You could tell easily she made no effort in dressing like most of the female population did at Norwest. (A/N: Let's just pretend they don't wear uniforms) Black skinny jeans, ripped at the knees, a white tee, a black and red check shirt and black ankle high Converse sneakers.

I felt a tap at my shoulder, reluctantly pulling my eyes away from the sight before me, I came face to face with my best mate, Michael Gordon Clifford. "I've heard a lot about this girl." Michael whispered. "It's been her third school this year." I turned back around, looking at Delilah. But my eyes didn't move elsewhere when she stared coldly into mine.

"Now... I think we have a spare seat beside Bridgette. Bridgette dear, do you mind moving your things?" Ms. Patrick, our home group teacher asked. Bridgette O'Conner. Everyone loves her. Teachers, students. But not because of her qualities, personality or strawberry blonde hair. Because everyone feared her.

You have to admit, it was a strange combination to put Delilah Willow beside Bridgette O'Conner. They were both the complete opposites. All pink and petite, beside all black and strength. Of course, I didn't know what this girl, Delilah, was like. I had never seen her, spoken to her, even known of her.

And I guess it would stay that way. She would be one of those 'popular' and 'cool' people. Top of the popularity chain at school. I, of course, was near the bottom. I'm what people call a 'nerd'. But I'm only classified as that because I get good grades and do well in tests and school, in general. But what I really want to be a part of, was the school's soccer (A/N: or football, but since I'm from Australia I'm keeping it as soccer) team. But no one would think that I could play soccer. Or that Ashton could kill it on a drum kit. Or Luke could sing like no other. And Michael, who is probably the best at video games, eating pizza and shredding it on the guitar.

"Psst..." I looked around the room, trying to find where the voice was coming from. "Calum." I looked behind me to my left, seeing Ashton write something on a piece of paper. Oh god, if we get caught... Ashton placed his pencil down on the table quietly, always glancing at the teacher, but she was too engrossed in speaking to Delilah who already looked bored and over school.

Ashton passed me the paper quickly, I grabbed it and read it carefully. Do we have practice today? I thought about it. It was first day back, but God only knows how much homework we'll get tonight.

You see, Ashton, Luke, Michael and I are in a band. No one knows about it though, so it's a secret in a way. I play bass, Luke and Michael play guitar and Ashton plays drums. We've been doing it since the beginning of

I didn't get a chance to reply because Ms. Patrick was at her desk, ready to call for the absentees. Everyone was quiet, but I couldn't help but feel someone's eyes watching me. Then I saw her. Watching me. I cleared my throat and tried to ignore her stare. "Calum Hood?"

"Here." I replied quietly. Ignoring her gaze. But then I couldn't help it. I looked up, surprised that she was still looking. Not a hardcore death threat kind of stare. More of a glance every few seconds. But why? I don't know how I could have possibly intrigued Delilah Willows. I haven't been talked to many girls. I'm a shy kind of person, you see.

"Now... We've finished the roll, thank the Lord. That new system is very complex." Ms. Patrick mumbled to herself. She looked up, thin framed glasses perched on her nose. "Does anyone have questions about their timetables, lockers, classes?" She scanned the room. It was the same drill as every other year. First day, first homeroom, they expect you to tell them all your issues and then they'll help you and blah, blah, blah... "None, Delilah?" She asked, looking at Delilah. She was slouched in her seat, one slim leg over the other, arms folded across her chest.

"Nup. I'm sure I'll be able to handle it." She said. Her voice was soft, but had a tough edge to it. She spoke loud enough for you to hear, it seemed like a bit over a whisper.

"Very well." Ms. Patrick said, looking up as the bell rang for first period. "Um... Bridgette, give Delilah a hand with her classes today, alright?" We all stood up, gathering our books. I was slow to pick up my things, watching as Bridgette spoke to Delilah. I could just hear their conversation.

"So... What subject do you have?" Bridgette asked.


"Okay, come on, I'll show you where the class is." Bridgette began walking, but Delilah didn't move a bit. "Uh, are you coming?" She sighed, raising her eyebrows.

"Does it look like it?" Delilah asked sarcastically.

"Um, excuse me, do you know who I am?" Bridgette asked, obviously offended.

"Yeah, the bitch of this school." Delilah huffed, walking away. Bridgette was quick to move though, placing a hand firmly on Delilah's shoulder. "Don't. Touch. Me." She said through gritted teeth.

"And what are you going to do? Everyone at this school listens to me. What makes you think I'd listen to you. I'm not scared of you."

Delilah leaned in, only inches away from Bridgette's face. "Oh, but you should be." Then, before Bridgette could say anything more, Delilah left the room. And definitely not in the direction of math.

Something about Delilah got me interested in her. She's the complete opposite of who I am in the social world, the school world. But in reality, I'd dress like her, band tees and skinny jeans, stick up for myself. It's just... Constantly being labelled as a 'nerd' had made me believe that that's what I am. A school nerd.


A/N: Hey, so this is a new fanfic. Hope you enjoyed it!

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