The Unseen Legion

This is a very deadly story is about shadow codes and a legion that awakens again to save mankind from the darkness.


1. Shadow Codes

~~Shadows. A place where no human would not want to see or be. But there's more to the shadows than you think. It's not always dark. There's a code a solitude in the shadows that the great one speaks of. A rule for the mankind. For the one's that fear darkness they create a greater darkness.

He speaks for every 300 years for a group of humans. To live and be in the darkness. To realise the world of greater darkness Evils, Angels and Demons. This group to be told well hide in the shadows in till of what becomes of them. They would hold the powers of the Reaper's eyes, The Ghostess eyes, A Demon eye and Graceful Plasma. These are the shadow codes to the useen legion.

Before time when there was Survival, Defense of castles, ancient Homes and Wars. The unseen legion defended a long time the four lands we now live in. Strong as a pack of wolves. They sacrificed there lifes and fought the prince of darkness. Giving away the shadow codes. Which is the power that will transcend to there new owners. We would call now the present day. The Unseen Legion will be reborn.



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