The Unseen Legion

This is a very deadly story is about shadow codes and a legion that awakens again to save mankind from the darkness.


2. Crystal Moon

On route thirteen on a crystal blue moon on are way to visit my Nana who I miss so much. I had in my hands my doll that I was playing with in the backseat of my parents car. And out of nowhere three people pop in the street and in front of us. Dad turned the wheel but it wasn't enough. I heard someone shout my name. The car completely turned all around in till it stopped. I closed my eyes in terror. A man opens the car door pulls me out and my dad too.

My dad was badly hurt and unconscious. I turn around and see my mom laying on the ground with her blood spilled all over like an ocean. Lots of her blood everywhere I started to scream and cry. I wanted to hear her speak. I was shaking her body and also touching her spilled blood. I was broken. I hear a loud noise behind me. I look back and see the man fighting with two other men. The men looked like demons. I am not sure of what was I really looking at I was too shattered.

It looks like a war just caused the car accident I thought. The man screams hide Knoxxiana!, I didn't know how he knew my name let alone me. So I hid somehow  I felt like he was a good person. He fought the other two people. But then some one else pop out of nowhere like a time traveler or a teleporter. Who are this people? I asked to myself. The other man came from behind him and stabbed him with a sword that had a purple jewel on it.

The man that got stabbed disappeared out of nowhere. The other man teleported back or something like that. The two other men went ash. I came out from hiding. And see Uriel my best friend he is tall,tan, as red eyes, also black long hair and he is wearing a black suit. He walks over to my mom's dead body. I see him and I scream Uriel! can you save her. He doesn't respond to me. For the first time I see a side of Uriel I never saw. I saw Uriel take my mom's spirit with him. She was glowing beautifully.

I screamed Mom! no don't go, I need you I cried. She turns around looks at me and smiles. And then they both left me, disappeared,vanished. I don't know what to think or say I am only eight years old I am so scared. What just happened?


Feray Family

It starts with families Feray, Nix and Delmont. They are very rich families. They have there own histories. But for now lets begin with Knoxxiana Feray. She's the daughter of milady Delray Feray one of richest toughest and creative women in the world. And father Jonny Feray who was a soldier in the army to fight for our country. Knoxxiana was always lonely and abandoned. Her parents were workaholics they were never there for her. Being a only child is sad enough, but being left alone to play with the maids of the house is not enough. so then one day she met a friend.


Three days earlier

"Milady can you please stop running!", screamed the maid.

I am a eight year old stubborn little girl who just wants to have fun. so I ran into the hall and locked myself in my room.

"Knoxxiana get out now! before maid Jenanuf comes here you know how mad she gets", said the maid anxious for me.

"Lina please I don't wanna take a bath now I just wanna play I responded back. and call me Knox not knoxxiana please", I said.

I walked over to my bed and I see a black shadow man standing in my closet. I wasn't scared. I approached him and also in turning on the lights. I stand in front of him.

"Hello mister what are you doing in my closet?", I asked.

"........ the man quietly said nothing but  just stared at me.

"Can you speak?", I asked him grabbing his hand and pulling him out of my dark closet.

He went along with me. he nodded no that he cant speak but he can write. I told him my name is Knox and he wrote in a piece of paper that his name is Uriel. he looks scary but he's actually nice. we would play all the time. he would always smile at me and then I would just start to feel something like a warmness inside of me. he made me so happy. I told him that he is my best friend forever.

I noticed that the maids couldn't see him. he was probably my imaginary friend is what people thought. then next day my dad and mom had a horrible argument that mistakenly got me thrown out of my window. I fell down like two stories up high from our mansion. I was suppose to be dead. but  Uriel my friend the man in a black suit. kissed my forehead giving me back my life I knew he was different but did not want to believe it I guess.

His kiss left a mark on me forever. I knew for sure because now all grown up in my nineteen years old present me and I can still see the bastard from time to time. I was happy back then that  he gave me life. but I looked in his face and I knew  that what he did he was not suppose to do. after going to the hospital and only having my arm broken everybody was surprised and scared they thought I was a devil or something because I was supposed to be dead. 

And everybody would see me talking and playing with something that was not there. so while being in the hospital I asked my mom if I can go see Nana. I missed her so much. Mom and dad that day they promised me they will never leave me alone again and kissed me with many hugs. I was so happy. but then....


After the accident

A week passed from the horrible car accident and I have been scared and alone. now at my mom's funeral. everybody is in black even me and today is too dark for me to take in. some people are crying and some are just plain stupid. I was mad and sad the whole week. and then he appeared right when I was gonna start my speech about my mother. he started to approach me with a sad look on his face. I was so mad I did not care about anything anymore.  so I screamed at nothing that I hated him!, And that I don't want see him anymore!, I will never forgive you! I love her! how could you! I screamed so mad that people were holding me back from something that was not there in the people's eyes. but in my eyes I saw and knew what he really is the asshole of a grim reaper of my world.

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