Cunning Love

This story is about a cunning fox man who has a contract with the wright family.To be married with the female in their family.while a war is awaken called the upheavel.he needs her to save hes territory in the bayling realm.will ellexa be okay with this.....


1. My Life

~~Ah! Hey Dasani.Umm Ah! shocked I was from what I saw .Umm hey this is not what it looks like Ellexa.Why? I asked with my tears  on my cheeks.I skip and run even though I did not get my answer.You must be wondering why I am crying.Well first I have to tell you who I am and who were those two jerks I was with.So my name is Ellexa Martin Wright is my full name.But people call me by my first name Ellexa.I only live with  my mom because my dad skip out on us when I was a baby.My mother's name is Allora Wright.I think are last name came from my father Wright, The last name I hate.I promised myself that if I met my dad one day I would tear him to pieces.That's why I went to get fighting lessons alot.To prepare to destroy my old man.Well I might as tell you , Dasani has been my bestfriend ever since we were small.But as you can see earlier today i just saw my boyfriend Fynn  making out with Dasani my now ex bestfriend.She hurts me in anyway she can.The entire school is always on her side.Everyone picks on me.Nonstop! every single day  I suffer.No one cares.I have no dad,no friends and no one to care or love me.It's like I don't exist anymore in this world.I hate my life and I don't want to live anymore.Am still running and crying for someone to help me.Some how  I ended up on top of the highest building in Gremoore State High.Standing on the edge where my life is in near death."Feeling scared" But looking down like I don't care anymore, getting  to the point of falling into the depths of no where.Looking down,wow is high.I turn my head and saw a man up with me,But far away.Since it is cloudy and dark.I could not see the man's face.But I saw something odd.The man has fluffly fuzy ears and a fat fluffy tail.Which feels like I am just delusional now.The man moves foward.Jumpy from hes movement.i move back.And slipped and fall down.And down for my death.AHHHHH! I screamed, But it was too late.on my way down I got dizzy so everything I saw was blurry.The man grabbed me and helped me.And jumped back up to the top of the building.I still could'nt  see his face.But I only saw his beautiful long silver hair.feeling it ,when he grabbed me,soft and silky weird I thought.He said looking at me are you okay? .And right then I fainted blacked out from every thing .I wonder who is this dog man monster?......



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