Cunning Love

This story is about a cunning fox man who has a contract with the wright family.To be married with the female in their family.while a war is awaken called the upheavel.he needs her to save hes territory in the bayling realm.will ellexa be okay with this.....


3. Delina the cat


"Mhmmm so soft" I said. I open my eyes and see the silver dog. And I also find my self touching his hair. "What the heck are you doing here?" I asked. "This is my room remember" said Liex.  Ah crap I fell asleep in his room last night I thought. "Wait you didn't  do anything petty did you, Remember the rules" I said. "Why did you want me to, You lifeless human" said Liex. "Don't play with me" I said. "Hey lifeless are you a virgin?" asked Liex. "w ..what n.. no that is none of your business" I said. How does he know mmm I hate him, I thought. "Well you wouln't let go of me last night, And you were moaning alot" said Liex. Oh my god I can't believe I did that, I can't let dog man win this I gotta lie I thought. "oh umm I have bad sleeping habits, And it does not mean because I am a virgen okay" I said. That's right Ellexa win this dog demon hahaha I thought. "What are you laughing about over there so creepy like" said Liex. She is such a weird human thought Liex. I bet she's easy to trick thought Liex. "Why don't you leave me alone I need my slumber" said Liex. "okay where's the bathroom around here, I need to freshing up I slept with a dog man last night Uggg I must stink" I said. "You lifeless human your getting on my last nerve, Okay its next to my closet over there" said Liex. "Thanks bye" I said. He's such a grump like grumpy from the 7 dwarf gosh, Now she's picturing dog man in chibi style which is a small baby looking fox. "Hahaha cute" I said walking in the bathroom. Ah all freshing up mhmmm good. "Wait what do I wear?" I asked. "Here you go, Putting it on her" said Cyerra. "What the heck is this? , No maybe is a blacket?" I asked. "No no no moving her finger back and forth this is a formal kimono japannese dress okay" said Cyerra.  "It's kinda cute, And tight c..cyerra I can't b..breath STOP!" I said.  Holy cheese she almost killed me, Now I know kimono dresses are dangerous and so is Cyerra with clothes I thought. Leaving Cyerra walking around with this tight dress. All of sudden a small hand touches me. "Hey Ellexa come follow me let's play" said a little girl with cat ears, Pulling my hand to what seems to be a garden. "It's beautiful here, Who are you?" I asked. "I am delina the cat remember ellexa" she said. "No I don't, But some how I do feel like I saw you before" I said. "Come Ellexa let's prank Liex like we did before okay" she said. That's weird everything I am seeing It's getting blurry. I went with Delina to Liex's room. Ten minutes later. "Ellexa stop Arggg..." said Liex tapping on her arms to let go. "Uh...hhhh oh my god getting off of Liex and letting go from stranguling him, I Am so sorry Liex I don't know what got over me" I said. "In one moment I was talking to Delina the cat a little girl and it seem like she knew you and me and that we used to prank you" I said. "Stop okay your too loud" said liex , Putting his finger on her mouth to make her quiet. "That was a memory , There's no delina the cat in this realm She dissapeared a long time ago and that's all am saying" said Liex. "Can you take your finger off my mouth now" I said. "Whatever" said Liex. "If anything like that happens again can you give me a warning next time okay lifeless" said Liex. Jerk I thought. "Hey I have more questions" I said. "Great he walked away, He's fast" I said. "Don't worry Ellexa you will find out everything soon" said Cyerra. "Cyerra! stop scaring me next time I am gonna punch you" I said. "You won't come close human" said Cyerra. Well find out soon I thought. "Hey Cyerra there's a garden here right?" I asked. "Yes but it's been destroyed when Delina dissapeared Liex does not like to talk about it she was like a little sister to him" said Cyerra. "Well can I still see it I would love to give it life again" I said. "okay its on the left down this hallway turn right and then you will find it, But don't stay to long Liex does not like anybody over there okay" said Cyerra. Wow it's really destroyed I thought. Bang! Bang! "Master!" said a servant passing by. "What now I can never have my warm slumber, What do you wan't maid? asked Liex. "Master I saw a black winged thing carry away your human" said the servant girl. "Where is Cyerra"? asked Liex. "I am here sir I got hit sorry" said Cyerra. "This better be a joke Cyerra why was she in the garden when I said I want no one here" said liex. "I am sorry sir she was curious" said Cyerra. "Well I know you don't do anything on purpose and you have never failed me before so it's okay this time" said Liex. "I know who has her, pack my things we are going to the moutain territory". Stupid bird brain I will surely kill you this time what Liex was thinking.



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