The Mirror

A new family move into a house with their two twins and when playing hide and seek one of them finds a mirror in the attic with something pure evil inside and it takes hold of one of their daughters.


1. The new house


When a new family moved into the house they had no idea of what secrets that it held. Jack and Mandy and their two 8 year old daughters Lilly and Louise as their parents was unpacking.

"go play but not to go into the attic or the basement" They mom said taking the plates out the box labeled kitchen

So the  two girls went a play hide and seek as Lilly counted Louise ran in the house and searched for a to hide as when she got to the top floor she looked out the window of her new bedroom and saw her sister coming to the house so she continued to search as she look she headed her sister coming up the stairs and then spotted the door to the attic so she ran and when up and she saw a mirror standing in the middle of the room as she look at it she saw the reflection of someone standing behind her and when she look they were gone so she looked at the mirror and her sister Lilly came up the stairs to the attic.

"I'm telling mom you went into the attic also I found you"Lilly said

she runs down the stairs and then down into the living room 

"mom mom Louise was in the attic even when you told her she couldn't" Lilly said 

Louise come down the stairs and ran into the living room after her 

Screaming "she's lying she's lying"

her mom just looked at her with a disappointed look and said

"why can't you be more like your sister Louise."



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