The Mirror

A new family move into a house with their two twins and when playing hide and seek one of them finds a mirror in the attic with something pure evil inside and it takes hold of one of their daughters.


3. It's over now


As everyone was sleeping Louise got out of bed and went to the attic and started taking to the mirrors after a while she past out by the mirror and slept their all night the next day at breakfast they the door knocked and when their dad went to answer it and it was to agents asking.

"Do you know this woman?" The asked

"yes that's our maid" he replied 

"Sir this is Alexandrea Robinson she's wanted she an illegal immigrant not to long after Lilly screamed when she found the dog bitten with a hammer in the back yard and the rest of the day the family greved that night as they slept Louise for the first time slept in her own bed and when she woke up she could hear her mom crying when she went down the police were sitting on the coach 

"Louise your under arrest for the murder of your sister Lilly."

As they put her in handcuffs on her she started to remember how the mirror talked to her and made her phone the agents about the maids past and how she bashed the dogs head in and how as evevyone was sleeping she killed her own sister with a pillow and she was taken away she heard the voice say 

"It's over now."


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