1. Veronica

By Matthew Maguire


Portals between cities…

Each one brings new danger…

And new adventures…


It was a normal day for Atom. Same old two suns on this planet. Same old bedroom. His sister Amber was banging on the door trying to wake him. He didn’t want to wake up. His dream was of his mum and dad. He imagined his parents running along the beach and reaching out to him. Neo, his dad, was muscular and had a defined chin. His eyes were as deep as the seas that surrounded the different districts of this planet as blue as sapphires. Then his mum…his mum. Valentina. She had a worried look on her face as if something had happened. His mum looked just the same as when she had died. She had the blonde complexion in her hair and the slight tan on her skin. Sweat dripping off her brow…something was happening. War…he had forgot about the war. It was in another part of his mind. Then black…


Chapter 1


My sister burst through the door with a look of anger on her face as if she had just figured out that I had slept in. My room was full of models of the different airships my dad had flown.

I sat on my bed and looked around me. I looked in my mirror. I had recently put green highlights into my hair but some days they tint brown near the top. I was a muscular young boy with his whole life ahead of him and I had a very angular jaw. Just like my dad. I had deep sapphire blue eyes. As deep as mother’s.

My walls were scattered with posters of the different vehicles of destruction. Just before I was born there was a great war between our province and province 49. Our planet consisted of different districts with different abilities. Ours was the airship district where they were built and flown. But also we were the peace district where if other districts got into a fight or major battle then we would move in. Then there was the elders. The Elders are a group of the first settlers on this planet. They built the provinces so that people can live in harmony. But then people wanted more land, so the Elders made the main city. The Polaroid. The Polaroid was a place where ships from other planets could dock and sell their goods. Also it was the Elders home where they sorted out people’s problems. But then there was the great hall of heroes. A place where the many men who fought the mighty battles in the war now rested in there tombs. There where docks there that now housed the war ships. And at last the best warship of them all. E.S Veronica (elders. Ship) The greatest ship ever built and flown. 30 guns per deck with the ability to go supersonic.  Veronica was the first ever ship to be fuelled by Adamite. Adamite was a fuel that when it touched air it instantly exploded. So they made it in small quantities. Adamite was clearly very dangerous. But one day the inventor, Professor Adam Argorian was working with Adamite when he spilt some of his gore berry juice on it. And as it touched the Adamite when it flew through the tube it diluted into an orange substance he named Furite.  He then went to his bomb room where he opened the jar. No explosion. He had made a stable version of Adamite. But anyway that’s a story for another time. My dad was the last to fly veronica and he was the only one alive to know. Hell he invented it. But I guess he took his ideas to the grave. That and my mum. So now I’m living with my sister Amber. Who I have to say is extremely annoying, but you learn to live with that when you have had her for a sister for 13 years. She made my covers fly across the room. Then she realised I only had pyjamas on. I started to blush and she looked away. “HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF KNOCKING?!”I said. “I did knock you idiotic junkbloom!” That’s when she left the room and slammed the door. I gathered my clothes and put them on. I had a job to do. A job that sent me sky high.




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