3. Captain Maisie

Chapter 3

Captain Maisie

The Valkyrie was coming along nicely until a fight burst into the hangar. I swore underneath my own breathe as I dropped my welder down towards the cold hard earth.  That was my dad’s. Good thing I had a tracker on it. The fight grew into a brawl. And in the middle of it was Captain Maisie. She was a soldier of the highest rank and also classed as a witch. Witches had powers beyond on all capabilities of a single man. But she was in battle one day and one of her spells went wrong. Her hair was now a purple red combo, with purple at the bottom and red at the top. Her arm had I giant scar that resembled a flaming Jungjung (bit like a dolphin). She then did the unthinkable. She set off one of her magic bombs. My ears popped and I shot back. This was a regular occurrence in port speed. For some reason it always used to happen on Mursday.  But the fight stopped when she was about to start using her true powers. They backed off and walked away. She looked drained and she came over to say hello. “What you doing squirt?” “Nothing just trying to fix my Valkyrie”. She chuckled as she swaggered over. She had a new robe on today. A robe is a bit like a long coat where I come from. Yesterdays was a Bluemite infused long coat with large collar. Today was more of red colour. “HELLO?! Stop day dreaming Atom!” “Sorry captain, I apologise.” I said. “I hope you’re taking good care of my ship.” Her ship was the E.S warlock. The second fastest ship ever built. Of course after the veronica.  The warlock is a wizards and witches ship. Luckily there are only a few wizards and witches in the world. One of them was Maisie. She had started out as a small girl during Uzyon’s destruction. She reminded me of the terrible sight of the mana balloons explosion. Her ship was sturdy as stone and it should for where she is taking it. Maisie was the strongest witch I know. In fact she is the only witch I know. Her ship was the first ship I had ever built. I built it so that I could progress into a league 2 ship builder. As you could probably tell, I passed with flying colours. But when they said that they were giving the ship to Maisie. My dream had come true. My ship was going to be used.


This for me was when my life changed. I used to be a small time ship builder but now I was a full time ship builder. Every day I had requests off different captains of different ships to be them a ship. But I had never built one like Maisie’s. Her ship was particularly special. Why? Because of the monsters it contained. The monsters were called the twins. The twins consisted of 2 monsters named Thomas, lord of destruction and George, lord of death. These 2 were a force to be reckoned with. They were unstoppable. Until I caught them that is. They now gave information to the elders and the ship captains. They were so intelligent they even knew how our world would end. This scared us all. So we shut them up in the ship. Where they belong. So now they create new theories for different scientists across the universe. They were the best people to go to if you needed help. As a Flieso (like a pterodactyl) soared over head. That wasn’t good. “FLIESO! SOUND THE ALARM NOW!” Fliesos where greatest source of food we ever had. They were a delicacy on our planet. But they were very rare. That’s when he appeared overhead. The hunter, Marko Lebonov. His armour was made of Durite. For some reason, it was green. His robe flowed in the wind as if it was some kind of bird. It was so light. He had a Copperzinium sword, which, was one of the hardest metals there were. He was roughly about 400 years old. Older than the elders themselves. He swung down from the 26th floor and landed on the beast. He flew 3 times around the ship and landed the Flieso on the main deck. He cut its wings so that it could not fly, and its ankles so that it could not walk. He was my idle. He was also my uncle.

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