8. Andromeda

Chapter 8


Our nearest galaxy was the Andromeda galaxy.  They were usually very homely. But ever since the Sinerians declared war on the Andromedans.  They were now the most powerful people in the known universe. With the biggest fleet of dreadnoughts by their side. They were a force to be reckoned with. I guess it was good that we had them as allies. They let us in when we needed fuel. It didn’t last long. But their emperor was very brief in his speech to us.

“With us as allies we are unstoppable my friends. With the legendary witch and the captain of space. We will conquer the Sinerians.” He said. His voice bellowed across the kingdom as if a great bell had been stuck. It resonated through the back alleys and hit the outer wall. We could hear the rapturous applause of the crowd. We could hear cries of great happiness across the city. We saw people crying upon the great news. These were tears of joy not sadness. We were treated like kings from then onwards. Like the saviours of a solar system. Not that I would know or anything. They treated us that night to a great meal. They had hunted a great boar for us to eat. They roasted and covered it with some of the queen’s finest honey. They had made a meal fit for a king. But we did not deserve it. I still did not know why I was here. Why I had reacted with my mother’s spell the way I did. I did not want to be a warlock; nor a berserker for that matter. I just wanted to be normal. I just wanted my sweet Sabrina. She was all of my world and I had been dating her for such a long time. Though, she was one to hold a grudge. She has been known to kill people with just a spoon. But that information was off a crazy guy on a street corner. For once in my life I thought like I belonged where I was. With my mutant brothers and sisters, joining forces to take on the darkness that arose from such depths. In front of me was the 3 warriors of legend. The foreseer. A warlock of great power and knowledge of space and time. The huntress. She was to know the locations of several men by just looking at a photo of them. Then, what the people know as the obelisk. A great titan who wandered the severed plains and was known to kill a whole legion with just a single stare. Then there was the carrier.  This scout was small and like a weasel. He scouted ahead of the legends and was often injured severely. He was the one with all the tactical knowledge anyone would ever need. He was the one that could bring an army its doom. “You know, that just because we are statues does not mean we are dead.” And there they were. Stood before me. The 3 legends. They were old and deprived of their armour. Taking away their armour, is like taking away your right arm. “You do realise what this kid is right. He’s one of them.” At that moment they disappeared into thin air. They were ghosts of the cities past and the have stayed here for such a long time. The people who stood around the statue now looked upon me in awe. They looked like I was a god. A deity within the group of man. One of them asked me where I was from, who I was. This gave me a sense of being apart from everyone and everything. Like I was a lost puppy with no owner. The feeling of loneliness grew and festered in my soul. I felt like I didn’t belong in a world full of normal people, living normal lives, with normal families with normal brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers that I believed I was a ghost. A far flung shadow cast upon a bright world. My last feeling before I fell into the greeting arms of my unconscious, I felt a thump, then a scaly body. I had landed on the one thing I swore to bring down. The one thing I was most afraid of. It was a Flieso. 

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