Soul Binds : Kingdom of Elementh

Taking place in an alternate reality, where there is advanced technology (though not that much) and kingdoms are rule by kings and queens, Odyssia has just lost her best friend. And now her mother, fearing her own son would one day leave her, has done the unimaginable: turned him into a Doll. Doing do has caught the attention of the Watchers, a cult-like group set on hunting down and capturing Dilomia. And that's when things start to get really confusing. Because now, King Anthony has got his eye on the prize.


3. Hidden Strength



          Dr. Whittney only gave me a couple seconds to assess the situation before he dragged me to her. At first we were shoved back. But when I started plowing through and was recognized, they parted, opening a mostly clear path to her side with either annoyance, confusion, or worry on their faces. 
        I nearly ran, but stopped when I could see the full extent of her wound. Surprisingly, whatever had pierced her had missed her vital organs. But by the number of unnatural bends and lumps, she had an extensive amount of broken bones. She must be in so much pain.
       Emotions surged through me. Already consuming from the current situation, they were heightened by my body's urge to heal. I could heal her. I could save her. All I had to do was touch her. Let my magic flow from me to her. It's what Dilomia do! We heal and save those in need! And I knew I very well could. 
        But that voice in the back of my mind sounding uncomfortably like King Anthony repeated what had been pounded into my mind since I was twelve: You are Rilician
        My falter brought the attention of Dr. Whittney. Looking down at me, his regretful smile fell away, replaced by a grim line. "She got here ten minutes ago. She'd been out cold. While she was away, she asked for a healer. She didn't want to be healed necessarily. She just wanted the pain eased while she passed." He looked at her with tormented eyes. I was horrified. What could have happened to make her want to go? "I know you cannot heal. And the others are drained from all the healings today. We wanted to help everyone. You are always so good with the other patients. You have no power anymore but you comfort them. I thought that you could help." He sighed, "We wanted to help everyone. But we could not help her friend..." His gaze trailed to the right where a bulky black bag was zipped shut. 
        That, I thought, That is why. My thoughts were spinning and I couldn't think straight. Instinctively reaching out to her, I almost healed her. I would have too, if Dr. Oaklin hadn't bumped into me at the last moment. In his hands he carried two vials, one a light greenish yellow, the other a deep dark blue. Without hesitating, he poured first the yellow, then the blue, into the wound. Grayish pink foam erupted. 
        The results were immediate. Her shallow, raged breathing slowed to calm and steady. Her taunt muscles relaxed. Her frantically roaming eyes stilled as her flickering eyelids stopped. What appeared to be some kind of putty was quickly filling the hole. It was a form of artificial flesh, used to stop her bleeding and eventually help her heal. 
        The binding agents hurt like Hell. That's why they had to numb it with the blue liquid, Lucianitis. The yellow had cleaned it, keeping bacteria and infection from growing between real and man-made flesh. Combining the two like that created the flesh, a strange chemical process that still baffled scientists. The two chemicals still did their jobs before they mixed. But the sudden twist of her features proved she could still feel it. 
        And that's when my father walked in. His eyes searched the room before landing on me. His marching steps thudded on the tiled ground as he drew closer. I knew he'd healed as much as he could today. His sagging and diminished posture was evidence enough. He reached my side in no time at all.
        "Mr. White. I'm glad you could make it." As he turned to my father, Dr. Whitney's frown switched to a smile.
        "What happened here?" His hand rested on hers while he addressed the doctor. I knew her could not heal at the time but I hoped he still had the strength to ease her in some way. I sighed as I was proven correct by her slackening expression. So many ups and downs in so little time.
        But the staff started running around. Only then did I here that monotonous beat and recognize her reaction for what it was. Dr. Whittney started pulling me away. I grappled onto the bed's railing and held on as he pulled and others tried to push me out of the way. 
        I grabbed her free hand.
        It was like pure joy and happiness was flowing from me into her.
        She was taking life. She was healing.

        Someone finally yanked me off and I sagged in their arms, relieved to see her eyes opening. 
        Until I looked at my father, who was looking back and forth between our faces with complete and utter shock. His knuckles were white against hers. The staff fully believed he had somehow regained some of his strength and healed her himself. But he knew. He knew what I had done.
        I could only pray he didn't tell anyone.

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