My brothers best friend

It's Summer & Luke's first day back too school. She has the most awesome year ever! But when her crush wants too date her this all changes


7. The Date!

It's the date Michael had brought things for the picnic the stuff he got are listed

- sandwiches

- cookies

- juice

- a note?

Hey Michael what's this note?

Oh that's a note for you

Oh I was just wondering

Read it

Hey Morgan, this date is just for me and you no one else. when we were in 5th grade you kept bulling me because you thought I was stupid which I'm not. Everytime I look at you you are like so pretty and hot. I just want too ask you this one question, would you like too be my girlfriend?! I know we just met but I just wanted too ask

- Michael

Oh my gosh Michael we just met but I would love too be your girlfriend he started too kiss me but then we kissed for a long time

I'm going too make a part 2!!!!!

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