My brothers best friend

It's Summer & Luke's first day back too school. She has the most awesome year ever! But when her crush wants too date her this all changes


2. Summer's POV.

Summer Get Up! Luke yelled. Fine I yelled. I got up went in too the bathroom and I brushed my teeth,did my makeup and did my hair. I got dressed a tee shirt with some shorts and my sandals and a pretty bow. I went downstairs where I saw Luke and my Dad siting Luke was siting down while dad made breakfast. Which was chocolate chip pancakes!! Yummy!! My favorite!! Hey Luke is dad driving us too school?? I asked. Yup said Luke. Ok I said. So my dad dropped us off at school first me and Luke we went too the gym with all the other students for announcements/pledge of allegiance. When we were done with that me and Luke went too are first class named Mrs. Ponton she was are first period teacher. When we were done we got are stuff for Language Arts.which is like reading. Then we went too band which the teachers name was Ms. Karolson. So Luke plays the guitar so does Michael and Calum plays the bass and Ashton plays the drums Then I play the flute and everyone else played a different ones.then we went too lunch.I went too go sit with my friends their names are Lily, Savannah, Emily.Lily had brownish & blondish hair and Savannah had blond hair & Emily had brown hair.

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