The Year For Us

Haley and Saphire move to L.A. for one year of freedom. One year before Haley has to head to college. A year for Saphire to build her music dream. A new puppy isn't the only love entering these best friends lives. Will this be the year the break or make them? Read to find out!


12. Chapter 6 - Haley - Surprise

“Okay? Whatch’ think?” I asked coming out of my bathroom and showing off my outfit. I was wearing dark skinny jeans, and a black top with bright colored flowered. My hair was left down and my makeup was soft with bright pink lips. I matched them with flats. “Wow!” Saphire said. Knocking filled the air, Saphire went to answer it, and for the first time today, my stomach flips. I grab my phone and some money. Before heading out to the living room. “Hey, Liam.” I said. “Hello, Haley. You look great.” “Thanks. You too.” He had on dark jeans and jacket. We were just staring at each other; smiling. “Well, you guys have fun.” Saphire said. I walked past her, she whispered, “Talk.” I rolled my eyes. I hugged her before leaving. Liam held open the car do for me. I got in, his car is nice. Slick black. “Where are we going?” I ask as he started to drove off. “You’ll see.” He smile. Once park he informs me we have to walk a few blocks. Turning the cover bright lights shine in the sunset. A boardwalk, looking like it’s from a movie awaits for Liam and I, to play its game, eats its food. A huge smile dances on my face, as I let Liam lead me. “This is perfect!” I said. “What do we do first?” He asks. “Ferris wheel, cotton candy, games.” “Sounds good.” The line to the Ferris wheel was short. I couldn’t think of anything to say, I looked at him, he was already looking at me smiling. He helps me up into the set, the wheel creeps up to the top. The sun is setting casting rays over the water. The lights dancing, the smell of cotton candy, he reaches over and takes my hand. “Wow.” I breathe out, taking in everything. We ride the wheel a few times. Talking becoming easier. Getting off we are still holding hands. “You ready to lose?” I asked leading the way. “We’ll see.” He smiled. Four games in and we’ve each on two. I tossed the last ring on the bottle. “Winner!” The guy to the game said, “Whata ‘ you want?” “Panda, please.” Handing it to me, I turn holding it out to Liam. “Here.” I couldn’t help but smile shyly. “Don’t you want it?” He asks, taking it. “Well, you’ll just have to win me one now.” “Deal.” Two games later and I had a pink Panda in my arms. “It’s perfect!” I couldn't stop smiling. More games later and still the smile is glued to my face. Not once has he brought up my parents, school, nothing heave. He asked about my favorite music, movies, about Saphire. “I think I’ve won more gaming than you.” I said, bear I one hand, Liam’s hand in the other. “Really?” “Yup!” “Oka’ let’s make a bet, whoever win the next game gets to pick the next date.” He said. “Next date?” I ask stepping closer to him. “Yea’.” “Who said anything about another date?” He lifted his eyebrow at me, “Haley, will you go on another date with me?” “Hmmm…” He pulled me closer, looking me in the eyes. “Yea’, I will.” He smile grows, He leans in as if he was about to kiss me. “Ready to lose.” He asks. “Oh, it’s so on!” I said. We play a shooting game, it’s the fairest game we could find. “Whoever shoots the next one down wins!” The game host says. We shoot at the same time, his misses but I hit mine, right in the middle knocking it down, winner! “I won!” Before I realized what I was doing, I jumped into Liam’s arms, hugging him. He leaves his arms about me but losses, looking up at him I’m about to say something when he kisses me. My arm wrapped around his neck, he tastes like cotton candy, sweet. The sound of waves and games echo around us, fading. We pull away, my face filled with heat. “So, where are we going?” He asks. “It’s a surprise.” Smiling we play a few more games before heading home. “Don’t walk me up.” He looked at me puzzled. “Saphire will be up waiting.” “Oh. I understand.” “Liam, I had an amazing time. Thank you.” “Same here Haley.” He reached over and brushed some hair behind my ear. “See you soon.” I said, getting out and heading up the stairs. Reaching my door I realized I forgot my pink Panda in his car. Opening the door, knowing I had a stupid goofy smile that I couldn’t remove. I was taken aback to see that there was more than one face waiting in the room. Saphire was eyeing me. But before I could say anything there was a knock on the door. (Written by KayCee K.)
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