The Year For Us

Haley and Saphire move to L.A. for one year of freedom. One year before Haley has to head to college. A year for Saphire to build her music dream. A new puppy isn't the only love entering these best friends lives. Will this be the year the break or make them? Read to find out!


11. Chapter 5 -Saphire- Marshmellow Beach Fight

 The next morning we head to the beach. We planned to meet up with the boys today but got here a little early. So Haley does her yoga while I sit by the water watching the waves. Adrian would have loved it here. The warm weather and the smell of salt in the air from the ocean. We came here once. Our dad had taken us here when we were eight for a vacation. It was the one and only time we took a family trip to California. I never thought I would get to come back here again but here I am at this beach again for the second time since I have moved in with Haley. I really wanted to come back here with him one day.


 I look up at the sky hoping my brother is watching over me. That he is with me somehow.


  "What are you staying at?" Someone says behind me and I turn to see Harry standing behind me. I give him a smile feeling a lot better just by him being here.


  "Nothing" I say as he sits beside me. I can tell he doesn't believe me.


 He stares up at the sky not prying which again I was grateful for. I join him watching a the sun starts to set behind the clouds. The clouds all turning a orange pink and purple color. I glance at Harry to see his green eyes focused on the horizon. I smile and stand up reaching my hand out to him. He takes it and I help pull him up but he keeps his fingers intertwined with mine while we walk to where the others were talking to Haley.


 We break into teams and start to kick a ball around. Haley, Liam, and Louis against Harry, Niall, and I. I hadn't ever really played but Haley had played a couple years so she was a lot better than me though the guys were better. We played three rounds before I plopped down in the sand.


  "I need food"


  "I need coffee" Haley says plopping down next to me.


  "Same, food not coffee" Niall says voting along with me.


 Everyone agreed and we headed out to get food. We spent the day just hanging out and as evening came we sat down together around a fire us all roasting marshmellows. I was sitting between Niall and Harry and Haley was sitting between Liam and Louis. I was focusing on roasting my marshmellow when Niall bumped shoulders with me.


  "Hey Sapphire are you busy tomorrow?" Niall asks me and Harry drops his marshmellow in the sand shocked.


 I have to keep down the butterflys when I notice the jealous look he is giving Niall.


  "No I'm free why?" I say eating my marshmellow while Harry glances between us.


  "I was thinking I could come over and teach you some songs on your guitar. I saw you playing it the last time we were at the apartment and know how much you love our songs so I thought maybe you would want to learn some of them" He suggests and I hug him excited.


  "Yes yes that would be so awesome. I'll order us a pizza tomorrow and we can play all night"


  "Haha okay I'll come over around 6" He says grabbing another marshmellow from the bag next to us. I glance at Harry but he has his eyes on his phone. When I look back at Niall he is giggling with Louis and Liam is rubbing his head the marshmellow he had grabbed from the bag suddenly missing. I grab one when no one was looking and throw one at Haley while she is laughing. She looks at me surprised. I try to hold in my laughter but I can't and she playfully glares at me. She reaches into the bag next to her and throws one at me and Harry burst out laughing next to me. I raise an eyebrow at him and pick up my bag and start dumping them over Harry's sexy head. Niall and Louis start to chuck them at Liam and Haley and we all break up into teams. Harry and I, Liam and Haley, and Niall and Louis. Haley turns and throws another marshmellow at me. Just as it's about to hit me Harry jumps in front of me acting like he just took a bullet for me and falls to the sand.


  "My hero" I say laughing as I help him up and he dusts himself off. He gives me a wink and I start to blush turning my attention back to Haley and Liam.


  "HaHaHa we now own you" Haley says as Niall and Louis sneak up behind them.


  "Oh really" I say and they pour the marshmellows over their heads.


 Haley and Liam looked at each other with a defeated look knowing they had gotten played. Laughter filled the air around us.


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