The Year For Us

Haley and Saphire move to L.A. for one year of freedom. One year before Haley has to head to college. A year for Saphire to build her music dream. A new puppy isn't the only love entering these best friends lives. Will this be the year the break or make them? Read to find out!


9. Chapter 4 -Saphire- Pub With The Guys

 "Saphire" Haley yells making sure Emmie has enough food and water for when we go out tonight.  "You ready"


  "Yes I'm ready" I say after I put on the outfit I am wearing for tonight and head out of my room.

 We drove in the van to the pub. I haven't told Haley that Harry said he would be there tonight. I want it to be a surprise. I really hope he is here tonight. Though I am nervous. I give Haley a smile hoping she can't tell that I'm nervous.


  "Haley are you okay?" I ask her seeing that she is lost in her own world. I wait for her to answer but she doesn't right away. She leads us to a table close to the stage.


 The style of the club awesome. It's all tables and chair unmatched to each other. They walls are a simple gray excited the wall behind the stage is old brick with light blue Christmas lights hanging from it.


  "Yeah totally. I'm going go put our name on the list" She says when she finally answers me and heads to the guy that is taking names for the karaoke machine.


 A few seconds later I feel someone poking my shoulder. I turn to see Harry standing behind me dressed super classy. Louis Tomlinson standing beside him looking just as good. It takes me a second to take in the fact that they are standing beside me. Hoping I won't embarrass myself.

  "Hey Harry" I say and smile, really happy that he is here.


  "Hey Saphire, this is Louis" He says and Louis reaches his hand out to me.


  "Nice to meet you Louis" I say shaking his hand.


  "Where is your friend?" Harry asks glancing at the empty table.


  "She went to put our names on the list for karaoke" I say and I glance at the stage.


  "I hope you brought your A game because I am expecting an awesome performance" Harry says playfully and the three of us laugh.


  "Don't worry I always do" I give him a flirty smile which he returns, Louis grins glancing between us.


 I see Haley walking toward us a couple of guys following behind her.


  “Haley, this is Harry and Louis.” I say before I realized who was following her.


  “Hi. Saphire this is Liam and Niall.” She says sitting next to me. I lean over her shaking there hands and saying hello. Happy that I am starting to be myself around them.


  “I didn't know you invited them.”


 She lift her eyebrow at me, “and I didn't know you invited him.” We both broke out in a smile.


  “So you two know each other?” Niall asked, sitting across from us.


  “Yeah.” We answered at the same time.


  “Wait, did you guys know the girls you were meeting here knew each other's?” Louis asked. He was sitting between Niall and Harry.


  “Na.” Harry says from his seat next to me. We sneak glances at each other every now and then.


  “So, how's the new puppy?” Liam says as Haley turns to him. 


  “Oh, she's perfect.” Haley takes out her phone to show him photos she took. She then showed Niall and Louis. Then she flips to a photo of me and Emmie together and showed it to Harry and I. She smiles.


  “Her names Emmie.” I add proud our little puppy.


  “You guys share her?” Niall asked.


  "Yeah we got her yesterday" I say.


  “I’m going to go get us some drinks, do you guys want anything” Haley says motioning to the bar.


 Everyone says what they want.


  “Okay, comin’ up.”


  “I’ll come with you.” Liam says following after her. 


  "You guys seem to be very close" Niall says to me.


  "Yeah Haley and I have been best friends since third grade" I glance at her and think of the bubble gum pink ribbon all over again.


  "Wow that's a long time"




 A few minutes later Haley and Liam came back with our drinks. We watched as a couple more people went up before our names were called.


  "You ready?" Haley asks me pulling me up with her.


  "Yes I'm ready" I say and glance back at Harry. He gives me a reassuring smile and I feel a bit better. I grab a mic and stand next to my best friend.


 I kept my eyes on Harry as I sang along with Haley. We chose a slow song that we both loved for years. W sang together perfectly having sung it together in the car so many times before. Haley steps back when it's my solo giving me the stage and we both sing the final line together. Once the song ends we bow and the crowd cheers. Haley and I hi five and head back over to the boys.


  “You guys sound really good together.” Liam says. “Do you guys sign together often?”

  “Only karaoke, in the car and when it's just us.”


  “We’ve done talent shows too.” I add.


  “But she's the singer.” Haley says pointing to me.


 Everyone starts their own conversation.


  "You did great up there. Definitely brought your A game" Harry says placing his hand on my upper arm that is on the table. His hand is warm against my skin and I smile at his touch.


  "I told you I would. I always try my best on stage" I say and take a sip of my drink.


  "We should sing together sometime" He says taking me by surprise. One of my favorite singers in the entire world wants to sing with me.


  "Yeah that would be great"


  "Do you play any instruments?" Niall asks me leaning over Harry.


  "Guitar but I'm still learning"


  "I can teach you some songs if you want"


  "That would be great. Thanks Niall"


  "No problem"


  "Are you guys going to sing?" Haley asks and they look between each other before getting up and heading for the stage. Haley and I link arms watching as our favorite band is about to sing in front of us. After they finish they're songs we both stand up cheering happily along with everyone else. After they came back to the table we all head over to our apartment.


 When we open the door Emmie comes toward us barking. Haley picks her up and moves aside so we can all come in. Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry look around impressed by our apartment.


  "This place is really nice" Liam says to me as Haley sits Emmie back down on the floor. 


  "Thanks Liam" I say back giving him the same kind smile he's giving me. He really is a great guy. I hope he and Haley work out.


  "Saphire can you open the balcony door please" Haley asks noticing that it is a little warm in our apartment.


 I do as she asks and open the balcony door heading out and leaning against the railing.


  "This is a really nice balcony. You have a great view" Harry says behind me and I jump a little. I didn't even notice he had followed me.


  "Thanks Haley picked this apartment partly for this view" I say sitting down on the couch a few feet from the railing. Enjoying the nice warm night air. It was getting late so the stars were shinning bright up in the night sky. The sounds of the city echoing from below us. Harry sits next to me staring at them as well.


  "So were are you from?" Harry asks.  




  "Is singing the reason you came out here with Haley?"


  "One of the reasons. Though the biggest being to get away from my parents"


  "Why's that"


  "They don't like my career choice. My brother had the same one and ever since he died they haven't felt the same love for it they use to" I say hoping he won't ask me what happened to him. I'm not ready to talk to him or anyone else about it yet. Thinking about Adrian hurts to much.  


  "I'm sorry to hear that. I hope they come around they should be supporting you not tearing you down" He says not asking about my brother noticing I don't want to talk about it. Which makes me like him that much more. I look into his green eyes and can see that he really cares. And for the first time in a long time I feel a connection with someone. I feel like maybe we can be something more one day. Something amazing.


  "Hey love birds you gonna stay out here all night or are you gonna come in and join us" Louis says peeking his head out from inside at us with his usual grin. Harry laughs while I blush and reaches his hand out to me. I take it letting him pull me inside.


  "Okay guys. Who wants to play a game?" I ask them all, except Liam who isn't here. He must be Haley in her room. I raise my eyebrow for a moment when I hear the shower running. Definitely going to ask her about that later.


  "Me" Harry, Louis, and Niall say as I pull out Scene It.


  "Just know Harry and I kick major ass at this game and you should probably be prepared to lose" Louis says smack talking playfully and Harry and Niall start laughing.


  "Well you should know Haley and I are the champions at this game and we don't back down from a challenge" I say as I hear Liam and Haley's voice in her room. "Haley"


 She heads down the hall and sees the Scene It game in my hands.


  "They wanna play us?" She ask crossing her arms the same as Louis.


  "They think they can win"


  "Everyone pair up" Haley says looping arms with me, Harry with Louis, and Niall with Liam.


 An hour later and we totally creamed them. Ha take that Louis. Though his pout face when they lost was adorable.


  "We win" Haley says smiling triumphantly.


  "How could you guys know that much about movies?" Niall asks shocked by our high score.


 It was basically the only thing her parents let me do with her. They don't think I am a good influence since my dreams are childish. And because of the problem my brother developed as he got older with drugs. They aren't the kindest people to know.


  "Haley's par............... We just like to watch movies" I say not wanting to upset Haley by bringing them up. I don't like to talk about her parents unless I have to. 


  "Nothing like popcorn, chocolate, and a good movie" She says but you can tell she is trying to hard. Thinking of her parents always upsets her.


  "I'm gonna get me some coffee anyone want some?" She asks but no one says anything and she walks into the kitchen.


  (Written By: AlyssaLeeIrwin)

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