The Year For Us

Haley and Saphire move to L.A. for one year of freedom. One year before Haley has to head to college. A year for Saphire to build her music dream. A new puppy isn't the only love entering these best friends lives. Will this be the year the break or make them? Read to find out!


6. Chapter 3 - Haley - Emmie and Smiles

Liam, he’s British, cute, nice, did I mention cute! I watch him closely as he's telling me how to paddle. His face looks familiar. We're now out in the water. He's telling me how to look for the right kind of waves.

“You know.” I said, realizing why he's familiar. “You look just like Liam from One Direction.” I said, smiling.

His smile widens, he chuckled, “Cause I am.” He turned looking at me.

“Really?” I lift up my eyebrows.


“Oh… I…” I didn't know what to say.

He's Liam as from One Direction as in the world hottest band. How did I not see it? ‘Because you're about to try surfing.’ I tell myself. Plus, what's the chance of meeting someone like him, ever; in your whole life? Slim to none.

I blink a few time.

“So, you ready?” He asked.

“Uh, hum, yeah.”

He was watching me. I tuck some hair behind my ear.

Once we got farther out into the open water my heart began to race. This is something my parents would put under the label of waste of time. But this was my year. I can and will do what I want, if it's surfing, then I will. If it's taking three days to watch my favorite show; I will. If it’s getting inked, or hair cut I will.

I watch Liam paddle out to a wave and surf it. My heart is pounding more when he yells telling me to try the next wave. Paddling fast I dive under the water before coming back up. Taking in a deep breath. I can feel the power of the waves behind me. My heart pounding even faster. I feel the water pushing the board fast under me.

“Stand up!” Liam yells.

Standing up I lose my balance for a moment but get it back before I fall. I ride the wave out before letting myself fall freely backwards into the water smiling.

I swim back to the surface of the water. Meet with the smiling face of Liam.

“Not a bad learner.” Liam said, as I get back on the board. I looked back at the beach, Saphire was talking to the guy she had walked into.

“I’m a fast learner.”

“This was your first time right?”

“Yes, but I’ve snowboard before.” I said, think of school snowboarding trips.

We surf together smiling and laughing. I did face plant it a few times but I haven't had this much fun with anyone who wasn't Saphire in a while.

“Few more rides an’ no one would guess your a newbie.” Liam said.

“Thanks, I have a good teacher.”

We were staring at each others.

“Race you to the next wave!” I said before taking off.

I just rode a wave when I heard Saphire is calling me. Looking she was holding up four fingers. It was four, time to go Emmie.

“I gotta go, time to get my baby!”

“Baby?” I realized what it sounds like.

“New puppy. Not a baby, baby.” I said.

“Oh.” He was nodding his head.

“Thanks Liam, for, you know, teaching me to surf.”

“No problem.” he was just sitting on his boars watching me.

I turned to leave.

“Haley.” He said, I turned but he doesn't say.

“I’ll be at Pub, on 4th, tomorrow night.” I said before headed inland.

Pub is my favorite karaoke hang out spot. I haven't signed their yet but been there three time before Saphire arrived. Unstrapping the board she comes up.

“She just called Emmie is waiting. I told her we're coming.” Saphire said.

“Let go get her!” I said slipping my shorts and tank-top back on, we run across the road to my van. I grab black and blue checkered shirt slipping it on to cover up the wet part of my clothing. We headed to get Emmie.

“Hello girls!” The lady from this morning said.

“Hi!” We both answered.

“Here she is.” The lady held her out. Saphire took her. “OK, because she's still a puppy she'll need more shorts. Here is a list of what and when she's should get them.” She hands me a package. “You can bring her back here or take her to a vet. The choice is yours.”

We said our thanks and headed home with Emmie.

I sat her down, watched her look around, sniffing here and there. Showing her were her bathroom and food was. Saphire and I agreed that she would sleep in the living room, in her doggy bed.

Emmie loved the chew bond and a chew toy that was shaped like a pineapple that squeak.

We spent hours playing with Emmie. She’s a happy puppy. On the plus side she had no problem using her indoor bathroom.

Emmie is playfun running between both of us, with her toys. As if she's trying to play with both of us the same. We ordered pizza, and ate while playing with Emmie.

“How was surfing?”

“Better than snowboarding.”

“I bet. He was much cuter the Ms.Janet.” Ms. Janet was our high school P.E. teacher. Plus, he was Liam. I’m not sure who to tell her that I spent hours surfing with one of the hottest guy on Earth.


“The guy I walked into was Harry Styles.” she rushed out.

I started laughing; couldn't stop. “Surfing...with...Liam.” Was all could get out. I wasn't sure why I was laught. But we spent the day with two of the most famous guys in the world. And we were just simply us.

“What? No way!” She said.

“Yea’.” I let out a breath; calming my laugher. “I was just about to tell you.”

She smiled at me and I smiled at her.

“I can't believe it.” She said, as Emmie laid down between us; falling asleep.

“I know right.”

“What are the chances?” She asked.

“Like, zero to negative billion.”

I took another piece of pizza. “I’m going to bed.” I added.

“Goodnight.” She said.

I kissed the top of her head.

“Goodnight.” I headed to my room. The tall bed looks warm. Once in my PJs, and book in hand I lay down. My new room is full of pink gray and white. while my room back home was a simple white; my parents won't let me paint the walls or hang up posters. My favorite part of my room is that it's totally me put together with dasher of weirdness. I try to sleep but couldn't.

‘I wonder if Emmie up.’ I think to myself. Opening my door, I can hear her walking towards me.

“Emmie, what are you doing up?” I pick her up. I look around for Saphire  and sneak Emmie into my room. I leave my door open. Emmie lays with me, I start falling asleep when I feel her leave and Saphire’s door open, “Emmie?” I heard her say as I fall to sleep.

(Written by KayCee K.)

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