The Year For Us

Haley and Saphire move to L.A. for one year of freedom. One year before Haley has to head to college. A year for Saphire to build her music dream. A new puppy isn't the only love entering these best friends lives. Will this be the year the break or make them? Read to find out!


5. Chapter 2 - Saphire - Meeting The New




 Haley holds the door for the coffee shop open for me as we head inside. She slides her sunglasses to the top of her head before ordering our drinks. Two minutes later the cashier slid her white chocolate blended coffee and a can of my Arizona tea over to us. I follow her out and sit at the table across from her taking a sip from the cold can. Arizona tea is one of my favorite things in this world. I look at the clock to see it's eleven in the morning.


  "So I figure we could go looking around and shopping for a while then go to the beach" Haley says and I nod agreeing before we finish our drinks and start walking to different stores around town.


 We head to a few different stores trying things on. We both try on sundresses and laugh when we realize that we tried on the same one.


  "Okay I thought we promised never to be those friends who wear matching clothes" I say raising an eyebrow playfully at her.


  "We did, plus it looks better on you" Haley says and I buy it while she buys a pair of yoga pants


 We walked passed a window, stopping we walked backwards. In the window was puppies. It was a pet store. Haley and I looked at each other, smiling.

“Awww.” She bent down towards the window were shih tzu puppies played.

“I want one.” Haley and I said at the same time. Giggling we went into the shop.

“Can I help you girls?” A middle age lady asked.

  “We’d like a puppy.” Haley says pointing to the window.

Smiling she said, “Well, you came to the right place.”

 We waked over to the open puppy cage. Haley and I stuck our hand in at the same time. One little puppy came move to both of us. The puppy was white with brown spots. With brown around the eyes.

“This one.” I say picking up the puppy.

The lady took the puppy. “It's a girl. Come here and fill these out. Now you’ll have to come back later today around four. They are getting their shots. Then she's all yours.”

I smiled at my best friend, who now had the puppy; before starting to fill out the paperwork.

“What should we name her?” I asked looking up. She smiled then said,



Emmie was the name of a band we started in fourth grade but it ended a week after. Haley's parents wouldn't let her take part in such, as they put it, a waste of time. Haley finished filling it out then took Emmie so I could sign her name.

“You're going to have two mommies who will love you lots.” Haley says kissing her nose.  

The smiling lady took the puppy back asked us what collar we would like to put on her.

“Pink one.” Haley and I said. It was almost the same color of ribbon that started our friendship.

“It’s kinda our color.” Haley says.  

“You two are just too cute.” The lady placed Emmie in her own cage behind the counter.

“If you leave your number I’ll call you as soon as she gets her shots.”

We left both our numbers.

“Thank you.” We say.

“We’ll be back for you Emmie!” Haley says as the door shuts. 

“She's just too cute.” I looped my arms with her.


“You picked the perfect name.”


“I did, didn't I.”


 My brother had come up with that name for us. Thinking of my brother is always the hardest thing to do anymore. I feel my smile fall from my face and I know that Haley notices. My brother died of a drug over dose three years ago. My parents felt that the fact that he was in a band and that he was playing at clubs caused him to get into the drug scene. They haven't supported me and my music ever since. I am not close with my parents. They want me to be more like Haley and I just can't do that. I don't want to be a doctor or a lawyer I want to be a singer, it's the only thing I ever wanted and the person that understood me and had the same dream is gone. When my brother died my mom was pregnant with our little sister. My parents avoid mentioning Adrian like the plague so it's up to me to tell Sage about him when she is older. She reminds me so much of Adrian. I can tell she is going to grow up to love music just like us. She is the only family I am close to anymore.


  "I know" Haley says pulling my arm and trying to cheer me up. "Let's go puppy shopping"


  "Let's go spoil our baby" I say a smile returning to my face thinking of our cute little puppy.


 We spent two hours shopping for Emmie. We got her two doggy beds, food dishes, toys, collars, leashes, inside dogy bathroom. It's kind like an litter box for dogs. Everything plus more. Haley never had a pet, unless you count the frog She found and tried to keep but her parents took it away. I had a dog before but sadly she passed away so I am excited about getting to have a new puppy to love.

We took the doggy belongings home.

“You hungry?” I asked.




 I make us some food while Haley goes around the apartment placing Emmie's stuff in different places. I am happy that to see Haley so excited about something. To often when we were kids her parents took things that made her happy away from her. After we eat we head to the beach. I lay back on a towel in the sand not wanting to go into the water just yet and Haley sits beside me. Though thirty minutes later I can tell that Haley is tired of sitting.


  "I'm gonna walk the beach want to come" Haley asks but I wanted to relax in the sand a little longer.


  "No I'm good here"


 She gets up and walks toward the water. After another ten or twenty minutes go by I sit up looking around the beach. I spot Haley talking to a guy holding a surf board in seconds. I can't see the guys face but I can tell by the way Haley is standing that she thinks he's hot. Best friends intuition.


 I stand up when she turns to face me.


  "Saphire!" She calls and I start walking toward her.


  “So, there's a guy over there who says he’ll show me how to surf do you wanna come?” Haley asks.


 I lifted my eyebrow at her, and looked over at the guy. But I still couldn't see his face.


  “You can go face plant it in front of some cute guy I’m going to stay here.”




  “You're the one who has the list of random skill, go add more to it.” I smile and start walking backward.


  “Saphire!”  Haley says trying to warn me about the guy walking backwards But it's to late I walk right into some guy, with long hair, who was walking backwards.


 Haley doesn't wait around she starts to head back to the guy waiting for her by the water while I turn to apologize to the guy I had walked into. My eyes widen as I take in his nicely tan skin and green eyes. His hair falling down to his shoulders. My heart skips a beat as I realize who he is.


 Harry Styles. And man is he gorgeous.   


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