The Year For Us

Haley and Saphire move to L.A. for one year of freedom. One year before Haley has to head to college. A year for Saphire to build her music dream. A new puppy isn't the only love entering these best friends lives. Will this be the year the break or make them? Read to find out!


3. Chapter 1 - Saphire - The View

 I sit behind the wheel of my best friend Haley's Voltswagen Bus. She got it a couple years ago. It wasn't the usual car you get for your sweet sixteen but my best friend picked it out, Which is one of the many things I love about her. I drum my fingers on the steering wheel and smile at the hot pink bubble gum cover she had bought for it a month ago. It reminds me of the day we met back in third grade.



 I walk with my mom, dad, and older brother to my third grade classroom. I clutch my brothers hand tightly as we walk in. The room has at least ten other kids beside me. My brother sits down on the bench by the side of the classroom and I sit beside him.

  "Saphire have a good day okay we have to head to work" My mom says placing a kiss to my head.


  "You too Adrian" Mom says placing a kiss on his forehead as well.


  "Okay love you" I mumble out to my parents and they hug us walking to the door.


  "We love you too"


 A moment later and they were gone leaving me and Adrian alone on the bench. I scoot a little closer to him when the four mean girls from last year glance my way.


  "Don't let them get to you okay" Adrian say putting his arm around me.


  "Okay" I say putting on a brave face, though inside I was still afraid.


  "I have to go to class now, I will see you after school" He says and hands me his leather jacket our parents had gotten him. It was a little cold today and I had forgotten my jacket.


  "Thanks Adrian"


  "It's okay just don't lose it"


  "I won't"


  "love you Saphire"


  "Love you too" I say as he leaves the room like our parents had earlier, heading toward his sixth grade class.


 I clutch my brothers jacket tightly in my little hands and keep my head down hoping class will start soon. My first class is music, my favorite. I hope that our teacher will teach us to play guitar. I have always wanted to learn to play. A few minutes later a woman walks in with a girl clutching her hand. She has her sit down on the other end of the bench while she talks to the teacher. I smile when I see her pretty bow in her hair used to pull in up in a ponytail. It was pink and reminded me of bubble gum. Our teacher announces that class will start in ten minutes before turning to talk to her mom. The for girls that had bullied me last year walked up to her.


  "Nice bow" One of them says the girl goes to say thank you but they cut her off.


  "You'll fit right into kindergarden. Are you sure your in the right class?" The blonde girl says causing her minions to laugh.


  "My nanny says all the girls in third grade wear bows in there hair"


  "You have a nanny? Do you need a blankie and nap time too"


 I frown when I see that they have hurt her feelings. She seems very nice and they have no right to be so mean to her.


  "Leave her alone" I say and they all look at me.


  "Do you shop in the boys department" They say laughing at me and my brothers leather jacket.


  "Leave her alone" The girl says and the blonde girl glares at her.


  "Make me"


  "I'll just go tell Ms.Kellsin" I say just wanting them to leave us alone. It seems to work.


  "Whatever, let's just leave these babies alone" The blonde girl says leaving with her minions falling close behind her.


  "Thanks" The girl says moving closer to me. "That was really nice of you"


  "Don't listen to her. Plus I like your ribbon"


  "Thanks, It's one of my favorite colors. I also have blue, green, and purple, almost every color of ribbons" She says smiling and pointing to her ribbon.


  "The jacket is my brothers. He gave it to me to use today because I forgot mine" I explain when her eyes meet my brothers jacket. We didn't get a chance to talk anymore because Ms.Kellsin calls us all over. The new girl follows me but I don't mind. For the next hour she doesn't leave my side.


  "Now for the ten minutes why don't you see what you would like to learn" Ms.Kellsin says setting out all the instruments.


  "What would you like to learn?" I ask.


  "I'm learning the violin"


  "I'm learning the guitar"


  "That's what I wanted to learn!"


  "Then why don't ya?" I ask her confused why she would learn an instrument she doesn't want to play.


  "My mom says it won't look good on a college applications" She says sadly.


  "Your just a kid" I say but drop the subject seeing it upsets her.


  "I'm Saphire" I say sticking my hand out for her to shake.


  "I'm Haley" She says shaking it.


 She reaches up and unties her ribbon handing it to me.


  "I want you to have it" She says.


  "Thank you but why?"


  "Because we are going to be good friends I just know it. Friends?"


  "Friends" I say happy that she wants to be my friend.


 Later after school my brother comes to get me from his sixth grade class and holds my hand walking me home. I tell him all about my new friend and show him the ribbon she gave me. I could tell we were going to be best friends.


 (End Of Flashback)


 We have been best friends ever since. I look around for the address of the apartment I am sharing with Haley. She is letting me stay with her since it is a two bedroom apartment and I had been planning to move to L.A. anyway in hopes of starting my music career. Haley is taking a year off before starting college to become a lawyer or a doctor like her parents want. I only wish they could want her to do what she wants. I just want to see my best friend happy.


 I drive a few more blocks before coming across the apartment building. I park the car in the parking lot, hurrying out of the car. by the time I get around the car my best friend is running out of the apartment towards me.


  "Saphire" She yells running at me and almost knocking me over when she hugs me. I can tell she has just had her coffee. She loves her coffee. "I know it's only been a week but it's felt like forever"


  "I know same here"


  “I need to start building the shrink ray so when I go to college I can bring you”


  "You are not shrining me"


  “I’ll set you up nice, little mansion, swimming pool. Unshrink you when there's a party or our movie nights”


  "As tempting as that is I think I'll pass" 


  "Just think about it"


  "Sure" I say joking.


  "Welcome by the way" She says waving her arm between the apartment and the beautiful beach you could see from here.




  "Come on" She says helping me carry my stuff up the stairs to the front door of our apartment.


 Right when you walk in the kitchen is on the left living-room right. All open. Off the living-room is the balcony. Down the hall is the two rooms each with their bathrooms and then a single bathroom for guests. We take all my stuff to my room. We talk for a bit while Haley helps me unpack.


  "Let's go out to eat, then tomorrow I will show you around" She says as we put the last of my things away.


   "Sounds good"


  "But first you have to see the view"


 She pulls me with her out to the balcony opening the doors. There was a table with four chairs, the railing is a bright white. There’s two potted plants. Around the outside door was white Christmas lights.

  "wow it's beautiful" I say amazed by how amazing this place is.


  "Isn't it"


 The sun is just starting to set and everything, for the first time in a long time, feels perfect.






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