Amazing Grace

Grace Copa, the girl who writes. Bullying at school is a huge problem for her, but she's decided to take a stand and rant every lunch hour. She gains lost of attention, but she doesn't know what to do with it, and now that the most popular guy likes her, she will have to give up literature to be the girl she's always wanted to be: Amazing Grace. Although not "amazing" in the way she imagined...


2. Chapter 2: Nerds 4 Days, Milky Disasters, and For The Love of Joey

Grace looked over her shoulder while watching out for anyone snooping around. She turned back to the group.
     "Alright, we need to have some sort of a sign for all of us to hold. We need t-shirts and also a megaphone with the same logo on it. Got it?" The group nodded. "Go!" The design was made in an instant - "Unique is Cool! Nerds 4 Days! Be Youreslf! Smart, Creative, Perfect!"
     "Um... Grace?" A girl named Rachel tapped Grace on the shoulder. "We have a problem." Two people were holding the megaphone, rubbing it with a paper towel frantically. "Some chocolate milk spelled onto the megaphone, and now it doesn't work."
     "Just buy another one," Grace said, going back to her work.
     "We can't buy another one. We have no more money. These cost a lot." Grace sighed and then went to the two.
     "Who spilled it?" she asked.
     "We don't know," a boy said. He pushed up his glasses and fixed his tie. "I'm Henry. I saw your poster and decided to come here. Everyone's talking about you." He sniffed and looked at the megaphone. "Someone must have poured the milk on purpose, because it actually came from inside. There is now way someone accidentally opened the megaphone up and poured chocolate milk in. I would suggest a fingerprint test, but that's unnecessary. I'll try to find out who did it."
     "Thank you, Henry. We'll just have to speak loudly." Grace smiled. **It's good to have smart people in our rally. Let's just hope they're willing to speak up.**


     "I'll lead the group. Then, the people with nothing will come in, chanting. The sign will be last, to make a wall in the front and back of us. It makes us seem professional. Hands in!" Everyone out their hands in the middle of the circle. "On three: One, two, three!"
     "Team!" Everyone cheered and got ready for the rally.
     "Hey, Grace?" She turned around, seeing Joey looking at her.
     "Joey! What are you doing here?"
     "I know I bullied most of these people, including you, and I just want to say sorry," he said, looking down.
     "What?" Joey was never like this.
     "I'm sorry." Grace stood there, confused as hell.
     "You got me out of trouble. It's my job to get you out of trouble now."
     "Um... Okay? How?"
     Joey didn't say anything, he just walked out of the gym. Before he went out of the doors, he turned around and took out a chocolate milk carton and sipped it. Then he left.


     "Joey!" Grace caught up to him down the hall. "Why would you ruin our megaphone?!"
     "Because, these rallies could you expelled! I've seen so many of them, the leaders expelled and the followers suspended for weeks!"
     "Why help me? What about the other anti-bullying clubs?"
     "Because I..." Joey looked away.
     "What is it?" His eyes were troubled, and so was Grace.
     "Listen. Ever since you came here, the first thing I noticed was your strong personality on the inside, but your soft beauty on the outside. All my girlfriends that I had before were beautiful, but they were so rude."
     "...And what is that supposed to mean?"
     "I like you. A lot." He glanced back at Grace. She gasped.
     "You love me?" Joey chuckled.
     "Yeah. I guess so. Please, give me a chance!" Grace looked around. Was it worth it? She could become popular, amazing. She would be Amazing Grace. But the rallying, the bullied students, what would they think? They were never close friends, it wouldn't matter. She could always tell Joey to stop bullying.
     "Okay." There. She said it. No turning back now.
     "Really?" Joey smiled. **Poor thing.**
     "Yeah. Why not?" Grace soon started to smile too. She felt her heart flutter.
     "Thank you. I really love you, Grace, I don't want to see you get expelled. I know this will work." He hugged Grace, and she hugged back.
     For the first time, Grace felt love. Not just young love that doesn't last long, but love that will bloom into something beautiful. Knowing this, Grace finally felt amazing. She would be Amazing Grace.




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