Upon arriving

Read and find out


1. Running

It was a cold night in Portland Oregon. People rushing by as somewhere to be. One of among These people was Marissa Baker. But she had somewhere different to be. She ran home,put her stuff in her room and ran down to the basement, where a little door awaited. She crawled though,ignoring the spiders and cobwebs, where her victim awaited. She walked up to her victim whoms name was Jeremy. He was a young teenage boy who looked liked he was starved,was on a operating table. "You want to eat,don't you?" She said in her cold raspy voice as if she had not spoken in a week. "Funny really, how we need something of useless as food." She said as she grabbed a SludgeHammer.she brought it close to his face so she could see his fear.His light blue eyes filled with tears. He was the one who pushed her. He made her this way. Now this was his punishment. Marissa Laughed she brought the sledgehammer to knee. She swung the hammer down so hard,she could seeing though the other side. The blood splattered across the floor. "I'll be back tomorrow." She said as she when out. The boy named Jeramy now light on the operating table as he slowly bleed to death
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