Cam's Gurl😘💯👄

New student in school and Cameron Dallas the bad boy shows up. Does she fall for the bad boy or not?


1. Who Am I?✔️😎

It's my first day of school today. Oh wait let me introduce myself first so you can know what i like and who i am!



My name is Sirena Johnson. I'm from San Diego, CA. I love to do anything like skateboarding, singing, making vines, writing songs, hanging with friends and snapchat too!! but i also have depression. for specific things that people will do or say to me. anyways i also love to do theater and act and sing and fool around and do hair and makeup and swim and have parties. im just like any other normal teenager in high school. im just not as crazy. maybe just a little.







Anyways I'm going to LA today for my new school and I don't really want to go. But I have no choice but to go. I just need to go! But i have no choice but to go! I just need to get away. I guess thats not happening today!!





Lets go get ready for school!!















Be prepared for the first day of school.

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