Cam's Gurl😘💯👄

New student in school and Cameron Dallas the bad boy shows up. Does she fall for the bad boy or not?


2. My First Day

It's my first day today and I can't believe it. I'm ready but yet not ready at the same time.

Well I need to go get ready and this is what I'm wearing.

I'm wearing a pair of black skinny jeans with tips at the knees with a Rolling Stones muscle tank top I stole from my brother. Then I am wearing my black vans. For my hair it's gonna be messy beach waves and a black SnapBack I also stole from my brother. I'm in the same grade as my big brother.

Well I'm ready so let's go.

When I entered the school all I noticed was hot guys boys boys. I just can't believe hi many there are at this school. Anyways I'm gonna go get my schedule.

What will happen with my first day and first class?

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