Cam's Gurl😘💯👄

New student in school and Cameron Dallas the bad boy shows up. Does she fall for the bad boy or not?


3. English Class

Well I got my schedule I had English first then Geometry then gym and then my special class music and then cosmetology. I can't wait for all my classes for today anyways. We have a days and b days.

So I started to walk to my first class. I had this make teacher named Mr.Holland. I liked his whole name but he's just a teacher. So let's go see how this class is gonna be.

I entered the class late but I was allowed and he introduced himself and he then made me sit down.

"Sirena please sit next to Cameron. Cameron please raise your hand." Me.H said.

I went and sat down next to the hot boy. But before I could even introduce myself he start to move closer to me and bite his lip staring at me. My brother wasn't in my class so I was a little scared. But yet Cameron is really hot. Maybe he's a player with how hot he is. I could be a player some people say with how gorgeous I am. But I don't think I'm gorgeous at all.

"Hi I'm Cameron Dallas. What's your name?" I just stared at him with my eyes burning into his soul.

"My names Sirena." I said and got up and went to my next class.

"Wait hold up Sirena what class do u have next?" Cameron asked.

"I have geometry I think y." I questioned with a confused face.

"Can I walk u to class I kind of have the class right across the hall from geometry."

"Um yeah sure....." I said blushing and looking down all embarrassed.

"So do u know anybody in this school?" Cameron asked.

"Actually no just my brother."

"Whose your brother??" Cameron asked all scared.


"Oh I know him. He's s nice guy and he's funny asf too!"

"Yeah I know. I love him."

"Oh well here's you class. I'll see u after class."

"I guess you will. Maybe."

"That's a yes. See ya after class!"

"Bai Cameron!"

What will he do if we walk to our next class together again? Will he try something on me? Will he ask me out? What will happen?

What will Cameron do next?

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