Fallout 4

Welcome to sanctuary! A town that hasn't had nuclear warfare ever!


1. Welcome!

'Honey! Stop hogging the bath room!"

"Oh, I'm sorry..."


My name is Jack and my wife if called Maya. We have a baby boy Shaun.

"How's my son going?" I say to him, while he's in the cradle with his toy car.

'Knock, Knock

"Honey! That's the door! Could you get it while I feed Shaun?"

"Sure thing!" I replied, as I walked up to the front door, I look through the peep-hole and there I see, a man in a suit with a clipboard.

"Morning sir!" Says the man in the suit. "I just wanted you to know about when the time comes, you are allowed entry into Vault 111!"

"Sound great." I said, cheerfully, knowing that my family is in good hands.

"Anyway! That's all I came to tell you about! Have a good day and remember, Vault-Tec, the future is here!"

He walks away and Maya says that something is bad news, when I had a look, I knew it was time for me, my wife and Shaun to get moving...

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