I am Winter...

I am Winter daugther of the king of Gandril and I will not be just a princess i will be a warrior, I will be a survivor, I will fight for my people , and I will be their queen.


Winter lives in the age of swords and iron where the women are only a pretty thing meant to do housework and take care of their children, but not Winter, since she was a child she dreamed of being a warrior like her king and nothing will stop her from being who she is.

With wars against dark forces, adventures in the Andrilus forest and sneaky pranks this book is full of fantasy, adventure, action and love.


2. Chapter 1


       My King told me I was not his blood, and it was true ever since that night my parents were murdered I knew. My King founded me in the arms of my dead mother in the Andrilus forest and raised me as his own even though I have never called him father, I truly love him as one. I was just a few months old, I don't remember much, but I will always remember my mother's screams.





"Miss, Miss! Open the door this instant!" The banging in the door continued which made me chuckle.

As I finished placing on my boots I yell back "Sorry Martha but I have other plans today!" I got up and headed for my now open window "Oh and do tell Lord Blabermouth I won’t be attending to our date!"

"It is Lord Blanbormonth and its important you attend to that meeting Miss! Its the fourth one this month, we are running out of options Miss!" The banging continued and Martha kept trying to open the door. Today My King arranged another marriage proposal, it’s probably the tenth one this week. When will he give up?

I scoffed "Lord Blanbormonth what kind of name is that. And besides he is probably 10 years older than me, well more like 50."  I ignored the now growing louder banging and once I heard the guards outside I hurried up and went through the window.

I have done this quite a few times now, once I’m sitting on the edge I jump to the tower below with a perfect fall, I turn around and head to the hallway when I hear footsteps behind me.

I glance over my shoulder and then face the guards "Oh, ah, good morning I was just, um, looking for, ah, the...oh who am I kidding." I spot a window and make a run for it. The guards knowing what I was trying to do, quickly stepped in the way. I cursed and ran faster toward them, the guards wide eyed didn't even move, I smiled and slipped under their legs, jumping outside the window for a second I was flying and the next I was grabbing a rope, I swing on it and then release it making me fall on a branch which hit me in the stomach, the hit let me without air and I cough.

I climb up and rest for a while in the branch, I close my eyes and start singing an old lullaby, at least the part I remember. I know it was from my childhood I think it was from my mother. The thought of her frustrates me. I don't remember much of my blood parents. Just what My King tells me and that's limited knowledge.

"The wind blows all around you calling you home,

The moon shines on the starless sky.

A wolf on the distance, a mermaid in the sea.

Cuamin linduva yassen megrille.

Cormamin lindua ele lle.

But don’t you worry my dear I will always be here to protect you."

I hear clapping under me and a familiar voice says "A girl was singing half hidden among the bright green leaves of the trees and the prince checked his horse to listen to her." he finished. I chuckled and look down, I see Andur with our horses "Coming?"

"Give me a sec." I take a deep breath and jump over my horse. I fall perfectly over the chair "Race you to the forest." Not giving him a chance to respond I yell  "Hyah!" with that we start running toward the forest.

We pass a few merchants selling jewels, food, and iron works. I have the urge to stop and see the littles stands but I have a record of always beating Andur and today that is not going to change. Once I’m near the Walls of Gandril I yell "Ortho! Open the gate! Ortho!" I’m getting closer to the gate and it’s still not open I glance up again and see a little fat man with red hair looking down at me "Princess you know I can’t do that, Lord Blanbormonth is waiting for you!"

I scoff "Ortho open the damn gate and I promise you I will bring you a bottle of the best wine the king has in his private cellar, but please open the gate!"

He thinks for a second and then yells "Open the gate!" I’m about to crash against it until it opens, I let out a breath of relief and go faster "Hyah!"

Behind me I can hear Ortho screaming "Don’t wander off so much Winter!" I quickly glance back and yell "Don’t worry I won’t!" a few seconds later Andur is a few feet away from me "Think you got rid of me?" he says smirking.

"Wipe that smirk off your face Andur don't think I’m letting you win!"

"Well at least I’m not a cheater!"

I pretend to be offended "I am not a cheater!" he is gaining on me so I cheat, yeah I cheat. "Look over there is that Lady Merinith!" Andur, like the fool he is, looks at where I was pointing giving me enough time to untie his saddle which makes him fall "Whoa!" seeing him on the floor I start laughing and make my horse go faster.

"Cheater!" Arthur screams from the floor, I tuck my tongue out like a five year old and keep laughing. By the time I reach the forest I can't hear Andur anymore and I slow my pace to a trot "Whoa girl."

We trot around the forest and slowly the creatures recognizing my scent start to come out. Little squirrels come out of the trees, deers run around and a bit after magical creatures start to appear, fairies fly around me with their beautiful wings and pixies following around the fairies trying to piss them off, I shake my head at how immature they are, maybe that is why we get along.

In the distance a phoenix sings its beautiful song, I dismount my horse and walk around till I reach my destination, Amin Fauka. I approach the beautiful lake with a majestic waterfall and I sit on the shore.

After a few minutes I start singing the mermaid song,

"Now the dancing sunbeams play

On the green and glassy sea

Come, and I will lead the way

Were the pearly treasures be?

Come to me, come to me, my beautiful lady

Your hair as golden as the sun

Your skin was kissed by the sun

And your pearly white smile reflects the rays of the sun.

Come with me, and we will go

Where the rocks of coral grow.

Follow, follow, follow me.

Come, behold what treasures lie

Far below the rolling waves,

Riches, hid from human eyes,

Dimly shine in oceans caves.

Ebbing tides bear no delay,

Stormy winds are far away.

Come with me, and we will go

Where the rocks of coral grow.

Follow, follow, and follow me.

Oh beautiful creature of the sea

Bewitching sailors with your voice,

Oh beautiful creature of the sea

Mermaid you shall be."

After a few seconds beautiful voices join me in my song,

"Come with me, and we will go

Where the rocks of coral grow.

Follow, follow, follow me.”

The mermaids come out and start laughing with me, soon the ninfas follow. Aquata approaches me first. With her pearly white smile she says,

"Winter, what a pleasant surprise, to what reason we have this honor, princess?" she says sarcastically.  I throw my head back and laugh at her comment.

"Cut the crap Aquata, and don't call me princess." We both laugh. Aquata and I are practically sisters, we have known each other since I started to explore the Andrilus forest which is since I was a baby. The creatures here are like my family they know me and I know them. I tell them almost everything because I know they arent blabber mouths, except if it's a pixie, those little guys are troublemakers.

"So tell me about this Lord, have you seen him?" I scoff and glare at Aquata who had begun braiding her long golden hair and tangled beautiful pearls and seashells in it.

"I don't know, I didn't go to the reunion or whatever it's called. I’m sick of those guys asking to be my life mate, its disgusting most of them are 100 years older than me." Aquata gave me a know it all look "Ok not a 100 years but still they are old." We keep talking about how pointless it is to have marriage at my age, I’m 17 for crying out loud, I don’t wish to marry until I’m, well I wish I don’t have to marry never in my life.

Time had passed, it was already noon and I was hungry, as if my friends had read my mind the gnomes came with roots I could eat, the fairies brought me berries and the pixies strawberries, and of course the mermaids and ninfas brought me their secret fruit which I was definitely addict to it. It had this taste so intoxicating only the mermaids knew where they grow, all I knew was that they grow under the sea.

I quickly devour all the food and say a quick goodbye to everybody. When I go where I left my horse she isn't there, she usually waits for me, looking around I can't find her so I try to track her down just like Rowan taught me I follow her trail until it disappeared. I went around looking for her but  her trail had gone cold. It was starting to get dark so I gave up and drop on the floor like a starfish. I looked at the sky and just kept starring at it, I always liked this time of the day the colors of the sky, the noon breeze all those little creatures that come at night.

Sighing I sit up and something catches my eye, I stand up and go check what it is when, I'm close enough I just see a rock, but it didn't look normal. I pick it up and inspect it a little bit more closely, the rock had almost a perfect shape and a reddish kind of color. Hearing a horse behind me I turn around and see that it was my horse. I shake my head at her, it was dark and I promised Ortho I would not wonder off, so I picked up the strange rock so I could later inspect it and headed toward my horse.

We head back to The Gates of Gandril,  I hope Ortho is awake, once again I scream his name and again he does not respond. I scream a second time and his round head pops out with an angry look, I simply give him my most innocent smile, he rolls his eyes and gives the command to open the gates. When they are wide enough for me to enter I swiftly get in, we pass the town quickly and I jump out of my horse, I hope Lord Blabbermouth is not here.

I try to head upstairs without anyone noticing, when I reach the first step of the stairs I heard someone behind me clear his throat. Busted. "Where were you? No let me guess, the forest? Winter how many times have I told you that place is dangerous. "

I turn around and meet My King's gaze, his blue eyes were filled with worry but at the same time they had anger within them. "Its not dangerous, I even-" he didn't let me finish my sentence, instead he held one hand up which meant for me to be silenced.

"Did you forgot about Lord Blanbormonth?" I open my mouth to protest but him knowing me so well, added "Do not lie to me." his voice boomed around the large room, if it was someone else he or she would had wince at his commanding voice, but since I grew up hearing that voice it didn't affect me that much.

I raised my chin in defiance and answered "No My King." He started pacing around and asked "What is it? What is it about them? Are they not good enough for you? They are the finest men from all around and you refuse them all."

I try not to roll my eyes and answer "Well first of all they are really older than me, “I say waving my hand dramatically,  he left me mid-sentence and said "That can be mended, I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of young men that wish to have you."

"And I do not wish to marry."

There was a long pause after that and coldly he said "A queen needs her king, a queen cannot rule her people alone, a queen shall not wear men's clothes, a queen should not be going around into a magical forest risking her life," I tried protesting but he just said louder "I am not finished! A queen should not wish to be in battle, a queen needs her king."

I could not bring my head up with all the anger that was flowing through me, I balled my hands till the point in which I felt my nails cut through my flesh. I did not say anything else knowing that if I did something unwished for would come out. Deciding to get out of here I ran upstairs into my room, and closed the door as hard as I could. I paced around angrily and started thinking, I do want the throne but I do not wish to marry, I do not want my cousin to succeed the throne, who do I love most my freedom or my people?

My head was about to explode, what I needed was a nice calming bath.  I called for Martha and she knowing me so well started right away with the bath. She filled it with bubbles just like I like it, I closed my eyes and let her comb my hair. She tried reasoning with me but I just kept saying the same thing, I do not wish to marry, why doesn't anybody understand that?

"Is just that, what if I don't love him, and I just want to be free and run around and fight." Martha laughed.

"You are young, but once you grow up you will understand the importance of this. You remind me of him when he was in your age."


"Well the king of course, in his days he was a little troublemaker always looking for something to piss off his father." We both laugh at that and Martha kept telling me stories about him. I think I just had an idea.




Hello!  So this is my second book, had the idea and wrote it down so I wouldn't forget hihi. But I hope that you like it and feel free to comment and make suggestions.

Vote and comment, pretty please with sugar on top♥♥♥

And add my first story to your library pliss, it starts a bit crappy but it gets better I promise!

So anyway bye! ♥ ♡ ☆

P.S the mermaid song is not mine, I've edited it but I don't know who the author is
















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