Don't do it/ON HOLD (S.P/JC.C/K.L FanFic)

Maddie and dess have been friends all there life, but there life wasn't perfect at all. Maddie lived with dess when her parents didn't want her anymore but little did maddie know dess's mom was abusive. One night Maddie and dess decide to pack there shit up and leave for good. After there 10 hour flight to Cali they meet Sam and Jc who the girls fell head over heels for. But they didn't that Sam and Jc had a friend named Kian, who would do anything in his power to get Maddie and Dess alone. All Kian wanted from Maddie and Dess was sex. Will Kian ever get the 2 of them alone or will Jc and Sam stand in his way, to protect them?


5. The Fight

~Maddie's POV~

"Right......I don't believe that for a second" Sam says trying not to yell. 

"you know Sam your full of bullshit, and so full of yourself you don't know when to believe, your own self" Jc says raising his voice 

"Oh ok I'm the one full of myself, look at your Girlfriend over there huh?! She;s nothing special I mean Like her life before she moved in with dess, wow man NO ONE WANTS HER LIKE HER PARENTS DIDN'T WANT HER!!! what dose that say to ya?!" Sam says screaming

"Don't even...." Jc started to say but I cut him off. 

I stood up, I just stood up and looked at Sam with a discussed look on my face. Tears running down my face, I see dess in the Conner of my eye on the stairs. I look back at Jc he's walking towards me I just run as fast as I could up the stairs almost pushing dess over. I reach my room and slam the door, falling on my bed crying so hard, Weeping so loud. After like 20 minuets of crying and not answering the door, I feel light headed and my vision starts to get blurry. I fall to the ground and there's a loud Thump, I hear Dess, Jc,and Sam but then I black out and cant hear a thing. 

Next thing you know Jc, Dess, and of coarse Sam. I open my eyes slowly as Jc leans in and brings me to his lap and hugs me. I smile and he kisses my forehead. 

"OMG MADS I'M SO SORRY" dess says

"Its ok Dess I'm sorry to" I say turning to her with tears running down my face, falling into her arms.

About a few minuets latter I turn to Sam and you wont believe what words came outta his mouth. 


HEY GUYS!!!! sorry I haven't updated this book in like months Its just I kinda lost touch with it. But here's another cliff hanger!!! I'm so sorry its like sooooo fucking short but I really wasn't in the mood to write a long ass chapter. I promise I will make the next one longer. I hope u enjoyed my book so far also plz go check out my new one "Lost again". plz like, favorite and share with ur friends  

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