Don't do it/ON HOLD (S.P/JC.C/K.L FanFic)

Maddie and dess have been friends all there life, but there life wasn't perfect at all. Maddie lived with dess when her parents didn't want her anymore but little did maddie know dess's mom was abusive. One night Maddie and dess decide to pack there shit up and leave for good. After there 10 hour flight to Cali they meet Sam and Jc who the girls fell head over heels for. But they didn't that Sam and Jc had a friend named Kian, who would do anything in his power to get Maddie and Dess alone. All Kian wanted from Maddie and Dess was sex. Will Kian ever get the 2 of them alone or will Jc and Sam stand in his way, to protect them?


1. Let's just leave


My name is Destanie but i go by Dess. I'm 18 years old i'm the only child. But...I have a best friend and her name is Maddie. She is like an older sister to me, but same age just like only by like a month or whatever. We did everything together until the day my dad found out that my mom cheated on him with his own BROTHER. She was furious and blamed me for everything. Then came the abuse. She not only did it to me but did it to Maddie every time she came over. Then one day me and Maddie decided to run away. 


Me- Maddie okay.. god damn you talk to much

Maddie- Okay...But you got the plan now? She asked raising a eyebrow

Me- Yes... We pack our stuff and 7:00 after we eat dinner, Then we come up back to my room and you go into my moms room and get the 10,000 dollars she keeps under the bed in the red box that says 'No touch', then we drop the things out my window onto the balcony and wait till 10:00 to leave then our ass's our out of the Hell house we call home.  I say laughing at my choice of words for my last sentence.

Maddie- Good girl. I thought that you weren't going to keep up with me. She says as she looked at the door with her mouth slightly ajar.

Mom- What the hell are you looking at... you little bitch. She says to maddie while walking forward a little bit.

Maddie- For one i was looking at you, you little hoe. Second back the hell up before i bust you nose in again just like i did yesterday. Maddie says with a smirk while my mom stood there speechless

Mom- What the hell did you just say to me. She says getting all up in Maddie's face

Me- Mom you came in here and started things, i'm telling you to stop now before you get punched again...and not just by maddie this time...but from me too. I say jumping in front of maddie before she got hit

Mom- You guys are so annoying i fucking swear. She says backing away about to walk out of my room

Maddie- You are such a bitch, I fucking swear. Maddie hissed before my mom walking out of the room, causing her to flick her off.




Maddie- Hey dess you ready to go? She whispered not trying to wake up my mom

Me- Yeah...Just leaving a not for mom, you know so she wont come looking for us. I said and kept writing the note which said...

'Dear, Abuser (a.k.a. Mom)

Me and Maddie left 'cause we are tired of being treated this way by you. You did nothing but cause us pain and hate towards you so if you see this i'm just letting you know that me and her are leaving and we took the money from the red box under the bed and yes i mean the 10,000 dollars. Don't come looking for us because we are not coming back.

Hope you burn in hell

xoxo Dess&Mads'


Me- Alright i'm done grab your phone and lets go.

Maddie- Okay, but wait...what was in the note you wrote? She asked looking a bit scared i just laughed at her.

Me- Don't worry Madds, I just said i hope she burns in hell for what she has been doing to us for the past 3 years.  She looked a bit shocked at what i just told her but then her faced turned red and burst out laughing. I quickly covered her mouth with my hands for her to keep in her laughter before my mom heard.

Maddie- Okay, okay come on lets hurry up and leave before our flight misses us.  So with her saying that we went to the car and drove. I looked out the window and watched the trees pass thinking that i'm free and done with her for good...Well at least i hope.

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