Don't do it/ON HOLD (S.P/JC.C/K.L FanFic)

Maddie and dess have been friends all there life, but there life wasn't perfect at all. Maddie lived with dess when her parents didn't want her anymore but little did maddie know dess's mom was abusive. One night Maddie and dess decide to pack there shit up and leave for good. After there 10 hour flight to Cali they meet Sam and Jc who the girls fell head over heels for. But they didn't that Sam and Jc had a friend named Kian, who would do anything in his power to get Maddie and Dess alone. All Kian wanted from Maddie and Dess was sex. Will Kian ever get the 2 of them alone or will Jc and Sam stand in his way, to protect them?


2. Houston, TX


Maddie fell asleep on my shoulder when we got on the plane. since it was like 12:00 to 1:00 am. We are moving back to houston because her house is their. She had to move with us because her mom and dad died in a car accident. 


*3 hours later*

I woke up to somebody shaking me i slapped their hand away and turned my head. Then somebody slapped my face my eyes shout open and my fist was ready to pound somebody until i saw it was maddie.


Maddie- I know your ass was not about to hit your BFF for life. Because if you were i would leave you

Me- No i thought you were somebody else, i sowwy. I said with a baby voice and face

Maddie- It's okay, but we have to go unless you want to go to germany

I looked up to see a empty plane. I quickly got up to gwt my stuff a ran off the plane to call a taxi, but i was late it was like 4 in the morning and it was packed. Guessing late flyers

Maddie- Wow i thought it was going to be empty like nobody here. She said as we jogged to the exit until i bumped into a guy falling on top of him.

Me- OMG! I am so so sorry. Are you okay? I asked while getting off him and helping him stand up

Guy- Yeah im fine. But are you okay? He asked brushing himself off

Me- Yeah im totally fine, Oh im sorry im Destanie but i go by Dess. i say reaching my hand out to look at him. He was SEXY as fuck. His hair wave a brownish and goldish and his eyes were cramy caramel brown and he looked about my age 18. He was so fine and his hands were so soft.

Guy- Hi Dess. Im Sam and sorry for falling into you. He said taking my hand into his and kissing it.

Sam- So are you from here? he asked picking up my luggage as he looked at me biting his bottom lip

Me- Yeah i just moved back. What about you? i asked as he handed me my bag

Sam- Yeah i live on sleth lenght street. My eyes widend as he said that. that the street im moving in on

Me- Really? I live on that street too. 

Sam- Awesome. I moving in with a couple of friends.

Me- Cool im moving in with my bestfriend maddie. It just hit me where is maddie

Sam- Is that her walking towards us. He says pointing behind me, i turn around to see her 

Maddie- What the hell Dess i tho- Ooo who is your friend he's hot. She says pushing me aside lightly. I smiled and shook my head as i turned back around.

Meddie- Hi im maddie. she says holding her hand out for him to reach it

Sam- Hello maddie im sam. He says shaking her hand. This is going to be fun

Me- So Sam me and maddie have to get going iĺl catch you later turning around and walking away before he grabbed my wrist and yanked me back pulling me close

Sam- Can i get you number. He asked while moving his hands to my waist.

Me- Yeah...Sure give me your phone

He handed me his phone so i could put my number in. I did and saved my number as Dessxoxo and handed back to him

Sam- Thanks babe catch you later he said while hugging me i huged back because he smelt really good. we let go and he winked at me before leaving.

This is going to be so fucking fun.  thought to myself

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