Don't do it/ON HOLD (S.P/JC.C/K.L FanFic)

Maddie and dess have been friends all there life, but there life wasn't perfect at all. Maddie lived with dess when her parents didn't want her anymore but little did maddie know dess's mom was abusive. One night Maddie and dess decide to pack there shit up and leave for good. After there 10 hour flight to Cali they meet Sam and Jc who the girls fell head over heels for. But they didn't that Sam and Jc had a friend named Kian, who would do anything in his power to get Maddie and Dess alone. All Kian wanted from Maddie and Dess was sex. Will Kian ever get the 2 of them alone or will Jc and Sam stand in his way, to protect them?


4. Home, But not at home

 ~Maddie's POV~ 

I start to wake up and look around and realize that i'm not in my room or my new house! I feel arms around my waist and turn to see that it's just Jc's and I fell a little bit better that I'm with him. But then I start to think to myself how did I end up here, Why am I in Jc's bed, then I hear a sleepy Jc say something and I zone back into reality.

"HUH" I say a bit rather loudly.

"I said Morning Beautiful" Jc says rubbing his eyes and smiling.

"oh morning handsome" I say blushing trying to hide it.

"aww your blushing" Jc says trying to pry my hands off my face.

"STOP IT!!!" I say giggling.

Dess and Sam rush in and just stair at us huffing out of breath.

"WTF!!" Dess says huffing out of breath still.

"what me and Jc were having fun" I say sliding into his lap.

"Right....." Dess and Sam say in sync.

"We were, she started blushing and I was trying to pry her hands from her face" Jc explains wrapping his hands around my waist, and putting his chin on the top of my head.

" Awww Your soooo Goals!!" Dess says, pulling out her phone and snapping a pic. I was crossing my eyes and making a duck face and jc copied me. 

"Btw its going all over Stoical Media" Dess says 

"ya....Okkkkkk" I say.

Dess and Sam walk out and me and jc just sit there a talk about what were gonna do today. We decide to go to the mall and then go out to eat, and throw a pool party since they have a huge in ground pool. I try and get off Jc's lap to go home and get dressed but his grip was to strong for me.

"Jc!!!!" I laugh 

"What!?" he says pinning me down.

"I have to go get dressed!" I giggle as he starts to tickle me.

"Nope not letting you go!!" Jc laughs.


"ok but I'm following you, to make sure you come back" Jc says breathing on my neck.

"fine" I say rolling my eyes.

we walk right next door because that's where I live. I open the door and walk upstairs to my room as Jc follows, I grab A black crop top and white high wasted shorts. I also grabbed a white flower crown and some sunglasses. To finish my outfit off I put my black converse in a bag with the rest of my outfit. I turn to Jc as hes just looking at me and motion him that we can go back to his house, he holds the door open for me and we walk downstairs. 

"Your gonna look so sexy in that outfit babe" Jc says while walking to the door.  

"Why thank you love" I say as I turn around to kiss him.

He kisses back as he lifts me up and walks out the door, Still without breaking the kiss he walks to his house. We flop onto the couch completely missing the fact that Sam and Dess were down there eating. We continue our kiss but make it more intense, just as Dess interrupts and breaks our kiss.

"caught caught" Dess says clearing her throat trying to be funny.

"What do u want Dess?" I say rolling my eyes because I was kinda mad at her.

"Whats your problem?!" Dess asks 

"YOU!" I yell 

"WTF DID I DO!!!" Dess yells back.

" WTF DID U DO!!! YOU RUINED THE MOMENT, JUST LIKE YOU RUINED YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR MOM.YOU BITCH!!" I scream, and I instantly feel bad because I knew I shouldn't have said that.

"HOW THE FUCK COULD U SAY THAT, YOU LITTLE SLUT!" Dess screams back trembling like shes about to cry, Witch she was because I could see the tears building up in her eyes. 

She runs upstairs bursting in tears and slams her door as runs in her room, Sam follows her and gives me a discussed look. Jc looks at me and sees the tears in my eyes, brings me in a hug. A big long one and I cry into his chest as he try's to calm me down. He walks me to the couch and sits me down on his lap, I curl up and lay my head into his chest and sob and cry. Soon enough I fall asleep curled up on Jc's lap, He kisses my head. He lays his head back and wraps his arms around me.


I start to wake up but decide not to open my eyes because I here Jc talking to Sam about me.

"Wow Jc looks like your little bitch is happy" Sam says. 

"Shut the fuck up Sam you don't even know how bad she felt and how long she cried" Jc says sticking up for me.



Hey guys its Lost and sorry for not updating in a while but I hope you enjoyed this chapter and you might wounder why I let it a cliff hanger but that's because I don't wanna spoil whats gonna happen next. *evil laugh* well plz don't forget to like, comment, and favorite. Love yall <3~ Lost 

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