The Vloodmir Vampires: Blood and Revenge

Cover made by the fabulous, brilliant, awesome '' // *BOOK TWO IN THE VLOODMIR VAMPIRES SERIES* // When Elliot King goes missing and returns a while later, Evelyn, in desperate attempts to coax out of him what happened, but to no avail. With Miss Vloodmir approaching, mental health diminishing and Snow's grip over Vloodmir and his prejudice against the Trusonis - and Evelyn for the Takeover increasing, Evelyn's sanity might be the next thing she loses.


3. Chapter Two


Evelyn walked back through the Levithan Forest, head lowered, the wind gently pushing her hair around. She couldn’t bear to go back to the centre Vloodmir yet. She didn’t want to collide with a Vloodmir who wanted to kill every Trusoni ally that they could find.


Snow had become a dictator. Because of the Takeover, Snow wanted to destroy every Trusoni possible. And since Evelyn knew of the Lawson twins’ secret, that made her more of a person to kill. If Snow let everyone know that Quinn and Quincy were made in the Themis

 Lab, then she would be on the top of everyone’s ‘to kill’ list – along with Quinn and Quincy.


But, due to the fact that he hadn’t told everyone showed that he wanted something more out of it all. The fact that he had put the whores under surveillance meant that Snow wanted the Trusonis to suffer, to slowly die of starvation. That, or kill each other and then watch on for entertainment.


To Evelyn, neither option was good. She didn’t want to starve. She had her whole life ahead of her, but killing a fellow Vampire to get blood wasn’t her idea of fun. She’d have to kill people she trusted, whom she’d fought alongside. And those whom she had fought with would want her blood. It would be like Game of Thrones. She had never watched it, but she knew it was violent.


Hearing a little bird chirp, Evelyn narrowed her eyes, flicked her hand, her index finger pointing to the poor, defenceless creature. A slim bolt flew and connected, efficiently killing the poor thing instantly.


In the time Elliot had gone missing, Evelyn had become efficient at murder: regular and animal. She became stealthy, quiet, brutal, and technical in how she killed her victims. Without Genevieve, Evelyn could work on her element without fear of being shocked if she messed up. She could stun, kill, torture and shock people, all at the same time, if she wanted.

The bolts could turn corners and do U turns now. They could be fast and large, thin and fast. They could be slow and slim or they could engulf someone completely. She wasn’t all the way there yet, but she was making progress. She was becoming relentless.


Being deadly was something she needed to become if she was going to get Elliot back. Snow would give her the answer to it. If not willingly, then she would force it out of him.


But she was getting ahead of herself. She would first have to figure where Elliot was. He could be hidden away in Vloodmir Manor, he could be in the Tower of Dae. It was so obnoxious that most of the things were names after Vloodmir, but it was a nice that it wasn’t ‘The Tower of Vloodmir’.


Thinking about it now, Snow would probably be at the Tower. After making that speech, he was sure to face questions and be yelled at by his advisors and the news reporters. It’d be the perfect time to take a large proportion of Trusonis out. But Evelyn would have to prepare herself for the worst and she’d need help on the inside. She might be able to use her mother’s name to get her an ally, but that would be at a last resort.


To approach the Tower of Dae, Evelyn would have to get a boat. It was situated far away from Vloodmir and was shoved in a tiny corner of the kingdom.




The boat churned the waters and Evelyn stood at side, shielding her eyes from the glare of the rising sun.


It was dawn of the following day and Evelyn was prepared for anything that could come her way. Taking a step back she leapt off of the boat, rolling forward as she hit the cobbled docks. Getting up she winced, rubbing the back of her head. Doing that on cold, wet cobbles hurt more than it should’ve.


Walking over to the stairs leading out of the dockyard, Evelyn looked up and around. Vloodmir (if you were in the right place) was beautiful. Enchanting and full of opportunities for those who had the money and the right connections. Agony and prejudice for those who had drawn the short straw in life.


It was biased and unfair. But she’d lived with it for a hundred or so years now, it was easy to ignore the pain. And still, the Takeover had done nothing.


Evelyn looked up at the impressive building before her: polished stone perfectly placed and clean windows reflecting the sun. Evelyn thought she was going to be powerful after the Takeover, but she wasn’t.


She was still the young, stupid, shallow, useless Evelyn Parker with a dead daddy and an abusive mother who was a traitor. Life really was cruel to some people. It was nice to some and harsh to others. A bolt launched itself from Evelyn’s palm and lodged itself into the brickwork above her, cracks forming where it connected with the wall. Gripping the bolt, she reigned herself up, landing in a crouch atop the outside wall.


Pulling the hood up over her head, Evelyn took a deep breath in. With shaking hands, she jumped down, silent. She crouched down, and still able to walk, she stealthily making her way to the next tower.


The tower she was approaching was the tallest of them all, and despite being at the edge of Vloodmir, it was a brilliant vantage point. Digging her slim fingers into the cracks and where the loose bricks had fallen, she was up in an instant. She wasn’t fond of using her Vampiric senses and abilities. She felt as if she was cheating when she used them.


As expected, she didn’t tire easily, but if one always depended on your Vampiric abilities then when they tried to do exercise as a Mortali would, then they would probably fail.


On top of the tower she had just scaled, Evelyn looked around at what she could see. She saw the Guards in their jet black uniforms and polished boots. Their keys glinted in the light and each time their feet hit the floor the keys jingled, a calming noise. Closing her eyes she turned her body around, facing the other way.


Evelyn heard the sound of a door calmly closing then swung violently open again. She was too far away to catch what they were saying, it was a blur of sounds. Some voices were loud, other voices were quiet.


If she had to guess what was happening in that room, hers would be that Snow was having a chat with his advisors. And by chat, she meant yelling match. Some advisors would be staying quiet, valuing their own lives more than their opinions. That was smart of them.


With a slim bolt connecting her to the Red tower (the second smallest tower where all the weapons where kept) Evelyn stepped off the little barrier where she had been, eyes closed. She refused to look down and travelled across the gap slowly. She was high enough so they wouldn’t hear the bolt crackling, but not high enough that they couldn’t see her. Evelyn carried on, regardless, her arms beginning to ache. She knew what was going to happen. It always happened in movies, shows, books, whatever. They would be halfway across, be seen and have to get in some other way. It was so cliché, and if it happened to Evelyn – she’d be damned, metaphorically.


Three quarters away, the cliché hit her. She heard shouts; but instead of dropping where she was immediately she held on by one hand, the muscles trembling at this stage and she got a slim bolt from the other hand to hit the wall just below a window. She’d have to climb up the perilously perfect wall while fighting the Guards off, but she’d bet that her chances up on the wall were better than down where all the Guards were. Letting go of the bolt she had just been holding onto, Evelyn fell to the bolt below and slid to the wall, her gloved fingers finding a grip. She was exhausted, tired and drained.


Reaching up to a window ledge Evelyn pulled herself up and sat down upon reaching the top of the Red Tower, closing her eyes. Her head dropped but her eyes opened up again ten seconds later. Her peace was only ten seconds and shattered the sunlight.


The Sun.


“Crap!” Evelyn cursed, moving to a crouch leaping up, her boots comfortably resting on the curved, rocky wall, the tips of her fingers pressing against the bricks. Glancing down Evelyn swallowed. The ground was a long way down and with Guards ready to take her out with weapons in hand and some with powers brewing, did Evelyn stand a chance up there on the wall? Probably not. She was a sitting target up on the wall. Channelling her Vampiric senses she shot off, the brickwork becoming a blur. Despite being the second smallest tower, the Red Tower was rather tall.


With the top of the Red Tower reached in five seconds, Evelyn ducked down, her butt hitting the floor. “Ouch . . .” She muttered, resting her head against the tower wall. Facing West, she had no worries about being burnt. If you had clothing on – you wouldn’t get burnt. Unless you were enchanted not to get burnt. Many Vampires chose to get enchanted. She didn’t know how long she’d been out. Now her plan had to change. She didn’t want to be climbing up and then reach the top with the sun in her eyes. She liked her face and she didn’t want it burning off. That wouldn’t be pleasant.


Evelyn sat there for a while longer debating ideas. She was wasting time, she didn’t know how much longer the meeting would go on, she didn’t even know where it was or if it had already adjourned. Standing up she faced away from the sun. She felt it’s warmth on her back but there was no effect on her. She wasn’t burning. Leaping off the edge she flung her arms out and fell. She’d seen people do flips as they fell, but she didn’t do that. She had to conserve blood.


The best she could do now was to fall, curl up, and hopefully have a minimal impact and carry on.


She’d have to infiltrate the building, sneak past the Guards, get a spare key from the room, head back outside, go to the correct tower and then unlock the room, kill everyone and get the answers from Snow. Without being killed.

It seemed like a complicated, chaotic plan, and it had many things that could go wrong, but Evelyn didn’t see any other way for it to work.


The left side of her body hit the floor, tiles breaking and smashing. Refusing to cry out from the sharp, stabbing pain in her side, Evelyn rose, quickly looking around. Why everything Vampires did had to revolve around the sun was stupid.


Looking around, Evelyn sprinted towards the big building, the actual tower of Dae. In that big building the drama would be kicking off, the arguments growing. Snow would probably be slouched in his chair, head in hands. Using a bolt now would attract suspicion and some of the older Vampires would hear her and kill her. And she wasn’t going to die without getting answers from Snow.


The tower she was now approaching was old, it was the third oldest building in Vloodmir. The first was the plaza, second: Vloodmir Manor and then the Tower. Gripping the wall, she began climbing, bringing one foot up, the other arm up and continuing on in that fashion. Slowly and calmly, muscles relaxed. The more relaxed her muscles, the less they would tire. Being a Vampire wasn’t all power. You had to control that power and not rely on it constantly.


This would be everyone’s problem when the Mortali arrived: controlling their abilities. Anger fuelling Evelyn, she carried on, her arms slowly beginning to shake with the effort. She had to stop every couple of meters, she wanted to have a dramatic entrance. Something they would never forget. They wouldn’t be able to forget it though, it’d be the last thing they’d see.


To reach the top, with her feet safely planted on the floor took a while. She ran along the roof, her feet light. She had her head turned away from the sun, eyes closed. Despite her current lack of vision, her other senses made up for it. Her hearing picked up on the noises – they were getting louder. She was closer to taking her target out. So close to getting the vital information she needed to free Elliot. She turned a corner and stopped, opening her eyes, and while she had been thinking of her own desires, Evelyn had finally reached the spot above where the meeting was being held. She was going to show them her anger. She was going to watch them burn. Quietly and carefully, Evelyn walked onto the glass, nervous, she didn’t know if it could hold her weight.


It held.


She waited, no one left. She crouched down, an enclosed fist raised. Still, no one left. No one even sensed that she was there. Now, in this moment, she was the master of stealth. She was the predator, and they were the prey. For once, it wasn’t going to be the other way around. That time was over. Evelyn imagined that the Trusonis anger was her anger. That all of their anger was her anger. She was going to act for the Trusonis. She was going to be the saviour.


So what Elliot thought of when she freed him. He’d be free and alive. She wasn’t going to consider the other option: that his body had actually been gutted and was lying in a ditch or on a silver table, with bloodied instruments everywhere. She crushed her thoughts at the same time the glass roof caved in. The fall was short and sweet. She landed at the far end of the table, a knife already in the throat of the man behind her. Evelyn didn’t even hear the next one scream before she was dead. That woman was ugly, old and probably coming close to death anyway. Evelyn had just helped her along the way.


Snow had stood up and was already trying to back off. Pointing her index finger at him, bolts snatched at his ankles, holding him down. Now he wasn’t going anywhere. It didn’t even matter if he got the doors open. Those bolts would not move.


Unless . . .


Turning around as someone fell to the floor, she yelled with anger. Snow was gone, he had got someone with the same element to cut the bolts. Sprinting out of the room Evelyn heard someone scream at her. “You will not stop Snow!”


She really wanted an annoying person who wasn’t called Snow. She carried on, nearly slipping every ten meters from the plush carpet. Skidding to a halt she growled, walking to the overhang and slamming her palms on the railings, fingers curling around the detailed carvings in the wood. She didn’t know where Snow had gone. She hadn’t even analysed the plans or structure of the building. She’d gone in headfirst. She wasn’t acting in a rational manner, she was trying to put on a brave face to cover up her loss. This wasn’t who she was. Evelyn knew herself as the girl who would stand up for her family and friends, the daughter and friend who loved those who loved her.


Looking down, Evelyn hung her head, the shock finally hitting her. She had to get out of the Towers. She had to escape. She couldn’t be here anymore. She’d have to get her answers another day.


Re-tracing her steps, Evelyn found her way back to the room she had smashed. She felt stupid, looking at all the damage she had caused. Like a child throwing a tantrum for no reason at all. All the Vampires were all gone, except for the dead ones. They were still there, their eyes wide and staring off into space. Staring off into nothingness. Forcing herself to look away she flung a bolt up and let herself be carried out of the room. Stumbling away from the exit and now outside, she gripped the stone wall and sunk down, her knees clicking. She didn’t care about that now, she wasn’t going to be jealous of it. The shock finally hit her of what she had done. She was gasping for breath. Her breaths coming out short and rapid.


She was changing. Elliot wouldn’t approve of this. Hell, Elliot wouldn’t approve of her storming in and trying to force Snow to give information away. Elliot would’ve tried to stop her. With Elliot gone, Evelyn felt like a wreck. After ten minutes of trying to regain her breath she was calmer and there were no Guards that she could see.


The Guards who were outside must’ve gone back in to try and find her. But because she’d studied no plans, she didn’t know where the main entrance and exits were. They were bound to be somewhere, but Evelyn was running out of time and she didn’t know if Guards were coming up the stairs, she was too much of a mess to think straight. But there were Guards coming up the stairs. They were hand-picked by Snow himself. They were the strongest males, the most powerful males in the whole of Vloodmir. They quietly continued up the stairs, pushing the old wooden door open. The men all had the same element: the element of being better fighters.


Standing up, Evelyn still couldn’t hear them. The shock of what she had just done was still ringing in her ears. She turned, her eyes wide in fear. She wasn’t the strong, powerful, murderous girl she was half an hour ago wanting blood and revenge. She was a child, trying to change the world with the flick of a wrist and the crack of electricity. Closing her eyes, she opened them again, the fear still clear and slowly she stepped back onto the barrier with great effort, it was higher than she thought. On the barrier, Evelyn felt the wind pushing her backwards. And she let it take her; she let herself fall.


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