The Vloodmir Vampires: Blood and Revenge

Cover made by the fabulous, brilliant, awesome '' // *BOOK TWO IN THE VLOODMIR VAMPIRES SERIES* // When Elliot King goes missing and returns a while later, Evelyn, in desperate attempts to coax out of him what happened, but to no avail. With Miss Vloodmir approaching, mental health diminishing and Snow's grip over Vloodmir and his prejudice against the Trusonis - and Evelyn for the Takeover increasing, Evelyn's sanity might be the next thing she loses.


5. Chapter Four



She didn’t know how long she clung to that bridge with the lactic acid building up in her muscles. But as night begun to fall and coat Vloodmir in it’s usual darkness where killers lurked and those in need of desperate cash worked their asses off to get what they could.

Earlier that morning, a young Trusoni Vampire went to go get blood from a sanctuary – Evelyn had seen him – and that poor man wasn’t allowed in. Blood for the Trusonis would have to be sold at the black market, and there was only one way to get that amount of money to support their lust for blood – working in a damn brothel. But that would have to come later.


And with aching tired muscles Evelyn kept on moving, feeling minutely awkward as she felt the blood rushing to where it hadn’t been for a good few hours. She made it to the edge of the bridge. Moving her hand on the outside of the bridge Evelyn swung herself up. And missed. She still had her hand gripping at the gap between the rocks but her body swung over the water. To fall could mean death, but if she climbed she could fall due to exhaustion, and then she’d be pissed at herself – and dead.


Willing to take her chances, Evelyn clambered up the side of the bridge, hating herself excessively. She was tired, tired literally, tired of herself, of her life choices, of her past, of hating her family. But most of all, she was tired of being alone. The streets she’d walked her entire life seemed darker, and colder. The night’s silence didn’t seem so quiet anymore, it seemed loud and every time her foot hit the floor she tensed up, nervous. She was afraid that the Blackhorns would come after her, silent and as a cat stalking it’s prey. That was how she felt and she couldn’t escape it.


Elliot was gone and everything was different. She still wasn’t over the death of her father, despite it being just under a year ago. She remembered waking up a couple of months ago, Elliot’s voice in her ear. He had told her she had to free Vloodmir, be that the truth or her mind conjuring up what she wanted to be the truth was unknown.


She needed Elliot back, alive and in the right state of mind. He’d help Evelyn live. He would sneak her blood bags.

But what if he’d changed? What if his absence changed his ideals and his aspirations? What if he was in Vloodmir, but hiding out somewhere and being brainwashed? Being made to forget everything he was, everything he loved, everything he cared for? Were the Vloodmirs taking their revenge to the extreme? Was the loss of Elliot her real punishment? But Elliot had been missing long before today. Clearly the Vloodmirs had something darker in their minds and it had already been put into action.


“What’s wrong with me?” Evelyn whispered, heading down the familiar streets. The street she’d walked twice or more everyday for her entire life suddenly seemed . . . darker, darker and colder than before. Of course, it was always dark and cold in Vloodmir, but tonight it seemed more so. She looked up at the lights coming from the houses. She saw smokers leaning against walls. She could see each trail of smoke as it was blown out. The eyes of the smokers were the eyes she never noticed, or cared to notice before. But now they seemed to stare at nothing but her. She quickened her walk. This walk wasn’t a routine, but a victory: a victory that she made it home without being killed. As she closed her eyes she considered it all. Maybe it wasn’t the world that changed. Maybe it was just her. Maybe she grew with herself when she turned her Morality off. Maybe she should never turn it off.


But Evelyn wasn’t going to give up on Elliot just because he was missing and she felt like a wreck. She was always one to protect and defend her family. She deserved more than to have the probable love of her life snatched away from her and his location unknown.


“Evelyn!” A voice called out, “It’s only me!” The voice echoed as Evelyn put her foot through the front door.

“No need to yell!” Evelyn hollered back, jumping slightly. Walking through the familiar hallways she made her way to the living room, in which a fire was roaring. The warmth hit Evelyn and she smiled, her shoulders losing the tension which they had had from being cold. “So, when did you get here?” She asked, watching her friend, Delano swing the liquid, probably whisky, around in her father’s whisky glass. “Eh, probably one and a half of these ago.” Delano stated as she looked down at the liquid before taking a long drink. Her long red hair resembled the flames and as she turned to face Evelyn, there was a big smile on her face. Despite being turned, the flames still danced in her eyes. “How’d you get in?” Evelyn asked

“The open back window.” Delano shrugged. “I shut it by the way.”

“Uh, thanks. Were you at-”

“The Ghost club?” Delano grinned, studying ghosts was what she wanted to do as a profession. The Ghost club and Hybrid society was a big part of her life. The club and society worked as one and had grown hugely in size. They still worked under the same name and were held in same building but the Ghost club worked downstairs and used the right side of the basement to store their Ghost killing supplies, summoning’s and findings. The Hybrid society worked upstairs and had their books, notes and a few specimens on the left side of the basement. Both held regular meetings and debates, although both had a limited pool of people to choose from because they weren’t allowed to contact people from outside Vloodmir’s walls.


Delano walked over to Evelyn and embraced her in a tight hug suddenly. “Welcome back!”

“I’ve been back for ages, why are you saying it now?” She asked, hugging Delano back.

“We should have a victory party!” Delano instantaneously grinned, throwing her hand which didn’t hold the drink in the air, as if she had a eureka moment.

“A victory party? Why? What for?” Evelyn asked, confused.

“I know you’re going through hell, and, in spite of everything, you’re persevering! And you’re looking so down now, a good party will help you!”

“It’s not really a party if it’s just the two of us, you know.” Evelyn laughed, quickly plucking the drink from Delano’s hand. Taking a sip of the whisky she smiled, cheekily raising her eyebrows. “I’m glad you wanted to stay here with me though.” Evelyn would nod, finishing the drink.

“Well I am a Dimidium. No one would accept me now, would they?”


Evelyn hated being associated with a Dimidium at times. They were half Vloodmir, half Trusoni. Thankfully, the Ghost club didn’t care who you were, as long as you could enjoy anything to do with ghosts. Evelyn went along once – she didn’t enjoy it. But the one thing that Evelyn envied about Delano was that Delano had a plan for her future. Evelyn didn’t.


Evelyn lived in the now while Delano was cold, lonely, hardworking and built up walls around herself. Delano was strong and spoke about what she wanted and how she felt, regardless of the consequences. Evelyn would probably want to own a bookstore, where you family and heritage wasn’t important, where people could come to share a common passion for words and be snobs over book covers. Even the biggest lover of books was a cover snob. For Evelyn, reading (and parties) were a huge part of her life.


Snow would have to agree to an expansion soon, but with only the advisors, ambassadors and those who were close to Snow knowing what lay outside Vloodmir’s walls, an expansion could be risky. And with the introduction of Mortali, everyone would have to change how they acted. Blood whore sanctuaries would have to be placed underground, people would have to slightly re-invent themselves. Vampires would have to control their enhanced abilities. If the Mortali did come in, nothing would be the same. Vampires with OCD would freak out, Mortali facilities would need to be built: hospitals, community buildings, far more commercial buildings. People would have to leave to understand the Mortali better. If Snow hadn’t thought this through, then Vloodmir would collapse.


“So,” Evelyn threw herself backwards onto the sofa, lying down, “when are we going to be hosting this party?”

“I don’t know. It was just an idea.” Delano yawned, sitting down in a chair next to the fire.

“You said you had it all planned out!” Evelyn protested.

“I so did not!” Delano muttered in defence, folding her arms and pouting like a little child. It was a running joke between the two. If one was angry then they would be acting ‘like a little child’. It brought a smile to Evelyn’s lips, it made her feel happier. How long had it been since she actually smiled?

“But we need it plan-” Evelyn started, before being cut off.

“Evelyn, honey, you don’t need to plan everything out. It’s not a mission, it’s meant to be for fun. You ever heard of the word fun?”

Neither knew where to go from there. Evelyn had got home late and she was tired. Delano observed Evelyn for a split second and then smiled. “You should sleep.”

“So should you!” Evelyn laughed, sitting up, arching her back and stretching her shoulders out. When was the last time she had actually had a good amount of sleep?


“Well I’ve got to meet up with the Lawson’s tomorrow.” Evelyn explained as she went up the stairs, watching Delano’s shadow go to put out the fire. “Okay!” Delano called back, the darkness covering her shadow as the fire was extinguished. “But I thought you didn’t like them?”

“It’s to help find Elliot.” Evelyn casually shrugged back.

“You’re not going to give up on this, are you?” Delano whispered to herself, unheard to Evelyn. Delano would give it half an hour then head to bed, it always happened like that. Evelyn would go up first, do whatever she needed to do while Delano would read or have a couple of drinks (never too many, a Vampire’s body didn’t like too much alcohol) and then head up herself.


Sitting down in the chair she had claimed when she had moved in, Delano liked to use this alone time to consider everything. She was worried for Evelyn, she didn’t have a job and was letting Elliot’s disappearance control her whole life. It wasn’t healthy and the two were low on money. Friendship wouldn’t get them through that.


Delano would have to make Evelyn get a job by the end of the month. It was a nice place, the Parker’s had, but with no one to keep paying off the mortgage and if they didn’t want to be killed for stealing food. Evelyn would have to get a job; Delano was still in training for her ghost business so there was no way she could get enough money from that.

“I’ve finished!” Evelyn yelled, she was always swift in her night routine, and as Delano made her way to the end of the stairs she jogged up, taking the stairs two at a time. Before Evelyn could walk off, Delano grabbed her wrist. “You know that I can’t get any income because I don’t have enough experience or training, but you do and-”

“I can’t!” Evelyn yanked her wrist away, tired. “I promised Elliot I’d help him.”

“And how are you going to help him if you don’t have a base of operations to work from?”

“You’re gonna work with me!” Evelyn’s face lit up. If Delano did decide to help, they could then find Elliot faster!

“No. You need to get a job, we’re going to need to keep this place up, pay off that mortgage, supply ourselves with food so we don’t steal anymore.” Delano looked Evelyn in the eye, Delano’s piercing gaze making Evelyn take a step back.

“Fine. . . I’ll look around tomorrow after meeting the Lawson’s.” Evelyn whispered, walking to the door. Placing her hand on the frame she turned back around and focused on Delano’s eyes. “I promise.”


Well it was the best that Delano was going to get.


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