AVP: Safest place I ought to be

An excerpt from my black journal written for him.


1. Late night conversations

"I'll be on my bed.. 'cause I wanna chill and think and talk to you and ahh bed is where it seems to be the safest place I'd ever be." But jokingly you protested and exclaimed, "I thought the safest place o be is by my side?""Then you refer yourself to a bed.. to welcome the ones feeling tired and dead." Instead of a smirk, your lips formed a curved drawing downwards and there I knew that I should make it up to you...

A poem about safe places, this one is for your soul only:

You can be my safest place when bed seems distant and hollow.

Where the moment seems to be is collapsing and is in mere chaos.

You can be my safest place where you can grow in me and not just with me,

because the safest place I know is in sight even through the dark haunting night,

because the safest place I know can always be there

with just one call, a sob, even if you can't walk just crawl.

The safest place is where I dare to be clear because I know in my heart that I will once be filled .

And maybe you are my safest place because ever since we've talked and met..

the only danger I felt was of the thought of losing you

and now I reckoned that forever will I be holding onto you. 

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