My Hero Mikey || M.G.C

She's from a small town in America but when she moves everything changes. She meets the love of her life. But is this for the best? Will she survive her time in Australia?



22. Taken

*Fall’s P.O.V*

I’m beginning to think something went wrong… It has been really quiet downstairs and I’m pretty sure that I heard the door slam. I get up off the beanbag and put down the book I was reading ‘My Sister Rosa’ , I go out of Carla’s room and downstairs to where they were.

“Where’s Carla?” I ask when I get downstairs realising she was no longer with them “And are you ok? What happened?” I say when I look at Susan, her cheeks are red and tear stained.

Neither of them answer me…

“Susan? John? Please tell me what happened… Is Carla ok? Where did she go?” I beg

John takes a breath in… “She got mad and left”

“But why?” Oh shit… Maybe she was right, I gave her false hope… “Is it true?”

They keep quiet but Susan slowly nods her head. She looks up and wipes away the tear that was on her cheek

“Oh Susan… Don’t worry she is just a little upset, she will come around… She just needs time” I say trying to be supportive.

“Thank you Fall, I don’t know where we went wrong” Susan says

“Ok I’m going to try find her now” I say as I head to the door “everything will be ok”


I pull out my phone and call Michael, after 3 rings he picks up…


“Hey, Whats up?” he asks through the phone

“It’s Carla… She got mad with her parents and left, I don’t know where she is…” I reply

“Well, she isn’t here. Where are you I’m coming to help find her.”

“No, you need to stay at home in case she comes to you”

“Ok… Call me if you hear anything or if you find her” he says, I can tell he is worried

“Will do, you have to do the same ok? I’m going to call Cal and get him and the others to come help.”

 “Ok… Good luck, bye”


Instead of calling Calum I go to his house and message the guys to meet there too.

“Hey Cal” I say as I walk through the door

“Hey” he says with a smile

“Luke and Ash will be here in a minute, we have to go find Carla she took off and I don’t know where” I’m holding back the urge to cry.

“Don’t worry Fally-Ball, We will help you find her” He says as he gives me a cuddle

I reach up to his face and give him a kiss. The door slams open

“What happened? Is she ok?” The two guys yell at us

“I don’t know where she is… and I’m not sure if she is ok…” I say looking down.

“Don’t worry we will find her Fall” Luke says as he and Ash walk over to where Cal and I are standing, they pull us into a group hug.

“Yeah, we WILL find her” Ash says


*Carla’s P.O.V*

I don’t really know where I am going, all I know is that I needed to get away from them. I run with tears in my eyes, I can’t really see that well but I keep running anyway. My phone is going off like crazy, I’m getting called by everyone, I mean EVERYONE. I stop running and go sit underneath a tree, its like 6pm now so its starting to get dark. I just sit and cry. I look at my phone and scroll through my missed calls

Mikey (15)

Fallzy (11)

Ash (7)

Cal (8)

Mum (19)

Dad (13)

I ignore all the messages which pretty much say the same thing ‘Where are you?: Please come home: Are you ok?’ I put my phone down beside me and cry into my hands. I can’t believe the people who raised me and taught me not to lie but always be truthful, the people I trusted most in my life, the people I have loved for as long as I can remember, LIED to me for my entire life… they are hypocrites, I don’t know if I can trust them any more… I don’t even know if they love me anymore, or if they ever did.

I open my eyes and take a look at the beautiful stars above me. How I wish Michael was here with me… I decide its time to head home… well to Michaels because it’s the closest thing to home that I have right now. I wipe my tears away, grab my phone and get up. I begin to go to Michael’s house.

I’m about 2 streets away from his house when I get a strange feeling in my stomach. I turn around but there is no one there. I continue walking and swear I hear footsteps behind me, with every step forward the sound becomes louder and faster. Then everything goes black…


*Michael’s P.O.V*

“COME ON ANSWER” I shout into the phone when Carla doesn’t answer my 20th call. I can’t help but think something may have happened to her, why else would she be ignoring my calls? I call Fall to see if they have had any luck finding her… its now 11pm and they still haven’t found her. I cant just sit here while Carla is out there, god knows where. So I decide its time for me to go out and try my luck at finding her…

I’ve walked up and down my street and the streets to the left of my house and I’m now going to check on the right side. I get halfway through the first street when I hear a scream. I bolt straight towards the scream, I’m not one for sport so I’m a bit slow… When I finally make my way to where the scream came from its too late… all I can see is a car speeding down the street. It is a black station wagon that looks pretty old, I can see the first 3 numbers of the number plate 385- but before I can read the rest it turns around the corner and speeds off. I can see something shining under the street light, I go over and pick it up off the curb. I take one look at it and through the cracked screen I can see the picture of us we took on our first date. Its Carla’s phone… that person took her!

“FUCK!” I shout as tears pour out of my eyes…

Even though I can’t run very fast I sprint to my house. As soon as I get there I call Fall and tell her to bring the others over as soon as she can.

They are here within 10 minutes, but to me it felt like years. They all run through the door and into the lounge room where I am sitting on my couch.


I look up at them and shake my head, no. I open my mouth to speak but no words come out.

“Shit mate what happened?” Calum says as he walks over to me he takes a seat next to me and looks at me

“They.. He.. someone took her” I manage to say

“WHAT?” they all say at the same time “WHO?” Ash asks

“I-I don’t know but I saw a car speed off down the road a couple of minutes after I heard a ear piercing scream…”

“Mike, that sucks… But how can you be so sure it was her?” Luke asks as he walks towards the seat next to Ash.

“Because I found this next to the car…” I get her phone out of my pocket and show them


*Calum’s P.O.V*

“Its hers..” He says as he passes me the phone which I put on the coffee table. I get up and look around for Fall. She is standing still in the doorway of the lounge room, she hasn’t spoken or moved since we got here. I can tell she is holding back the urge to cry like earlier. Then something clicked, she realised that her best friend had been kidnapped… she just drops to the ground and lets out all the sadness she is trying to contain. I stand up and run over to her. I wrap my arms around her and try to calm her down. But seeing her like this is difficult for me, I find myself crying along with her… 

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