My Hero Mikey || M.G.C

She's from a small town in America but when she moves everything changes. She meets the love of her life. But is this for the best? Will she survive her time in Australia?



18. Love is in the air

*Carla’s P.O.V*

I woke in the morning and felt an arm around my body, my eyes fluttered open and the memories of last night hit me like a brick.

“Good morning Squirtle” Michael mumbled as he tossed and turned in the sheets waking up.

“Morning” I say as I give him a kiss on the forehead. A few minutes later my phone buzzed. I had a look and saw I a message from Fall.

F- Hey! I can’t wait to see you and meet the guys! I am heading to the plane now, it lands at 4am! You are picking me up from the airport right?

C- Of course I will be there to pick you up! I can’t wait to see you!! Oh and thanks to your expert advice our relationship is better than ever… I took him out to dinner then, we headed back to mine ;)

F- That’s great to hear! Glad I could be of help J I’ve got to go now L, see you soonish. Luv ya xx

C- Byeeeeee. Luv ya too xx


“Come on babe lets go get some food” I say to Mikey as I roll off the bed and slip into some black skinny jeans and his top from last night. It’s a little big for me but I like it and I am going to wear it. Mikey didn’t move when I got out of the bed but as soon as I mentioned food… He got straight up and dressed and ran downstairs to the kitchen.


I followed him downstairs and started to make us some toast (it’s the only thing we have…) Michael spread a fair amount of vegemite on his piece, I shivered at the thought of the spread that reminds me of tar.

“Oh come on! So you are one of those that don’t like vegemite? I mean have you ever tried it?” he asks me as he shoves a piece of toast into his mouth.

“No I have never tried it. Bu-“ I was cut off by a piece of toast being shoved into my mouth. I hesitantly bit into the piece and chewed.

“Not bad” I say taking another bite from his toast.

“Hey that’s mine!” he says stamping his foot

“Not anymore” I ran away from Michael and was tackled onto the couch. I look up at the heavy figure on top of me. He leans down and kisses my lips.


~ 2 hours later ~

“uggggggh. My parents will be home soon… you will have to go, if they catch you they will NEVER let me stay home alone EVER again”

“Ok” he sighs getting up off the couch. He begins walking upstairs to get his things when he is stopped by me.

“Hey, who said you have to go right now? We still have 2 hours before they get home mum only just messaged saying they were leaving and it’s a 2 hour drive…”

“All right, I’ll stay for another ½ hour but I have to go after that we have band practice. We are working on something special” the words flowed right out of Michael’s mouth as he placed a kiss on my forehead.


We watched an episode of Pokémon and then it was time for him to leave. We said our goodbyes and I went into my room and scrolled through twitter.


*Michaels P.O.V*

What can I say, last night was AMAZING. I had a great time, Carla absolutely spoiled me. I love her and can’t wait for her to hear this one off album we are creating just for her. Her birthday is coming up soon so I wanted to give her something special. We have written a few songs and are including some covers on the disc. It’s going to be great! I cannot wait for her to listen to it! She is going to be so surprised.


I am heading over to Ash’s to practice and organise the rest of the cd so we can give it to Carla. Of course it’s not only from me, it’s from the guys too. They absolutely adore Carla and are so happy that I have finally found a girl. I just wish they could find someone too. I know Luke and Ash have their eyes on some girls from school which is cool. But Cal, he’s got no one. Well no one that I know of at the moment. I’ve got to find him someone…


~ The next day ~

*Carla’s P.O.V*


Well it’s 3am and I’m up and in the car on my way to get Mikey and the rest of the guys, then we are off to the airport to pick up Fall! I CANT WAIT TO SEE HER AGAIN! And I really think her and Cal are going to get along really well. They have the same personality and I just think they will be perfect together.


We arrive at the airport Mikey and I walk through the doors, I have one hand in his and the other is carrying a sign I made… it has Fall’s name written on it. The guys are following behind us I can hear them giggling and talking. I don’t know what they are talking about though. They are all happy including Mikey… which is surprising because he is NOT a morning person. But it makes sense because I told them I would stop at Maccas and buy them food on the way home if they came with me.


We walk over to the international arrivals gate and wait for her to arrive! The pane arrives right on time and I catch the slightest glimpse of Fall’s head as she walks through the gates. I drop everything and run directly at her.

“FAAALLL” I scream and jump up and down, she joins in and hugs me


After our little reunion we hug (again) and walk over to where I abandoned the guys. I leave Falls side and move so I am next to Mikey hugging his side.

“So Fall… this is Mikey” I say pointing to my gorgeous boyfriend, he waves and greets her

“and they are Ashton and Luke” I say pointing to the two guys

“And that guy staring into your soul, is Calum” I say giggling

“Hey, nice to meet you. My name is Fall, as you know. Calum… would you quit undressing me with your eyes!” she says giggling

We all burst out laughing except Calum who is absolutely flooded with embarrassment. He does manage a small giggle though.

“Ok, as promised we are off to Maccas.” I say as I drive towards McDonalds. They all scream with excitement when I mention the food store.

When we get there we order our food and sit at a table. Mikey and I sit next to each other, across from us are Calum and Fall (who seem to be getting on extremely well), Calum is next to Luke and Ashton is next to Mikey.

“So how long are you here?” Cal asks Fall

“Um… I think 2 or 3 months” she replies

Cal mumbles something to himself, however Fall must have heard what he said because she starts turning into a tomato.

After everyone has eaten we once again pile into the car and I drop everyone home. Cal and Fall can’t keep their eyes off each other the whole car ride home. I think Cal has a little crush and so does Fall! 

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