My Hero Mikey || M.G.C

She's from a small town in America but when she moves everything changes. She meets the love of her life. But is this for the best? Will she survive her time in Australia?



12. Boy Troubles

*Carla’s P.O.V*

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock buzzing in my ear

“Errrghh” I groaned “I don’t want to go to school”

I especially did not want to go today after what happened with Jake, he is such a prick. A prick that is in almost all of my classes. I really am not looking forward to seeing him, I don’t want him to try anything or get any ideas. I love Mikey not Jake. Actually I hate Jake.

I finally got out of bed and got dressed into my uniform. I grabbed my school socks and black leather vans. After packing my school bag with all the books I need I went downstairs to see my family. My dad was on the computer and my mum was making lunch for Jubilee and I.

“Hey mum” I say sitting down at the table

“Hey Carla, How are you? We haven’t seen you much lately” she asks sounding a little concerned

“I’m really good.” I say “Michael and I have been spending a lot of time together and our relationship is really strong now. We are in love mum”

“Awww, that’s great honey. Just remember to be careful and not to do anything stupid that you may regret” she says

“OMG and mum did you hear about Fall? She is moving here and I am soo excited!!” I say practically jumping up and down

I take a look at my watch and realise its 10 to 8 and we need to leave if we were going to make it to school on time. Not that I really care anyway. I take my lunch from mum and jump into the front seat of the car. Jubilee is in the back still tying up her shoes and mum is in the driver’s seat.

We make it to school by 8:15 and I immediately spot Mikey because of his red hair. I run up to him and jump into his arms. I lift my head and kiss him. He kissed back and then set me down on the ground, I took a look around us only to see ashton, luke and calum standing around us awkwardly. I walk over to cal and punch his arm.

“Ouch!” he whined rubbing his arm

“Hey” I say waving to the guys “I’ve gotta go find Dan, see you guys at break”

*Michaels P.O.V*

I know Dan, he is that guy from the IGA. Ive got nothing to worry about… I’m pretty sure he is gay.

“She sure was excited to see you” Luke says smirking

“Yeah Mikey, got something to tell us?” Ash says

“Nup” I say popping the p-sound “I’ve got nothing to hide”

“If you say so loverboy” Cal says

Suddenly the guys were interrupted by the extremely loud sound of the bell ringing. This meant we had to go to our roll mark

~Skip Roll Mark And First Class~

I just had English and man that sure was the most horrible experience of my life. But now everything was going to get better, now I had math with Clarky

I walked as fast as I could to my math room with was on the other side of the school. When I got there Carla was already waiting, she looked upset.

“Whats wrong Clarky?” I ask, brushing a piece of her hair out of her face

She didn’t say anything, instead she just looked up an nodded in the direction of Jake

“Hey, It’s ok” I say sympathetically “I’m here now, there is nothing to worry about.”

Mr Blackwell finally showed up after 15 minutes of us waiting outside

“Um, sorry class I was um busy.” He says trying to hide something

We all walked into the room and sat in our non-assigned, assigned seats. I sat next to Carla on the right side of the classroom, the third row back to be precise. I turned around remembering that Jake and one of his buddies were sitting behind us. I shot him a glare.

About 30 minutes into class, Carla’s phone went off. She looked at the message but just dismissed it. A couple minutes later Jake got up to go to the bathroom and her phone went off again. I could see she was starting to get teary, but didn’t want to make a scene in class so I just grabbed her hand to reassure her that I am here and that everything will be ok.

It wasn’t long before her phone was rapidly going off again. She clearly had had enough and stood up out of her seat and ran out the door. I stood up excused myself and Carla for leaving and told Mr Blackwell I would speak to him after class about what was going on.

*Carla’s P.O.V*

I had enough of Jake’s shit already and this was only out first class together, today. We still had another 2 together. I ran out of the classroom and sat underneath a tree balling my eyes out.

“Hey, you ok” I hear someone ask, it was Mikey

I shook my head

“It’s ok.” He says sitting down next to me. I feel his warm arms wrap around me and lift me up onto his lap. We sat in silence for a while as I cried.

I closed my eyes and Mikey started singing to me

Her lips, her lips

I could kiss them all day if she'd let me

Her laugh, her laugh

She hates but I think it's so sexy

She's so beautiful

And I tell her everyday,

Oh you know, you know, you know

I'd never ask you to change

If perfect's what you're searching for

Then just stay the same

So don't even bother asking if you look okay

You know I'll say,

When I see your face (face, face...)

There's not a thing that I would change

'Cause you're amazing (amazing)

Just the way you are (are)

And when you smile (smile, smile...)

The whole world stops and stares for a while

'Cause, girl, you're amazing (amazing)

Just the way you are (are)

His voice was so comforting. We sat there for a while and Mikey finished singing. I had stopped crying by now and was just hugging him. When he finished he leant down and kissed my hair.

“I love you” I say making the tiniest smile

“I love you too” he says smiling

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