One Night

Darcy and Stella have been best friends for as long as they can remember, and they were just about inseparable. Except they were polar opposites, Stella had an incredible voice but on stage she was known as Jinx because of her shy personality. Meanwhile Darcy being the more popular of the two, had a more outgoing and bubbly personality.
Stella could barely talk around strangers, but Darcy could have their number and social media in less than ten minutes.
When Darcy doesn't catch on to feelings from a certain someone, will Stella have to be the one to step in and bring her friend to her senses.


2. The awards

Ross Lynch

The red carpet is always so claustrophobic. On the bright side there are a lot of hot girls.

"Hey Ross, the next interview is with ClevverTV" says Rydel.

"Okay cool." My attention gets taken away from my sister when I see this girl. I  think she's performing.

" Rydel, what's her name?" I ask without taking my eyes off of her.

"Her? That's Darcy Lee. She's a really good singer. I like her." I have seen many pretty girls in my life, but none of them compare to her. I wonder if she knows who I am.

"Hi R5!" says Dana, an interviewer for ClevverTV, over enthusiastically. My eyes slowly drift off of her and to my interview.



I'm really here! I've dreamed about this my entire life! I'm so starstruck.

" Darcy, you have 6 interviews lined up for the red carpet." my manager stated.

"Awesome! When is Stella getting here?" I asked.

"She is coming right after the red carpet."

"Oh, okay." I walked to the red carpet. The red carpet! The high heels that I was wearing touched the carpet for the first time in my career. I look at all the young people looking at me.

" Darcy!" They all called. This is real. Stop thinking about it! Unless you will start crying on your first red carpet! 

" Darcy!" yells an interviewer from POPSUGAR. The interview last about 10 minutes before I got called to the next one. This is the dream. I just wish it wasn't so claustrophobic. 



The one thing I hate about award shows is, you see one, you've seen them all. Sure you have new people winning, but it's the same thing over and over again. The worst part is that you have to pretend that you love every second of it because you never know when the cameras are going to show.

" The best band award goes to...R5!" I quickly snap out of my thoughts. Smile big. When we get to the stage everyone looks at me to talk. I assume that is because I've won more awards then all of them.

" We just want to thank our family. You have always supported us. We love you! But truly this award goes to the R5 family. Without you guys we would not be here. We love you with all our hearts. Thank you!" I finish by putting my hand to my heart. That was fucking corny Ross.



I finally found my seat after the interviews. I have never been so tired in my life. I try my best not to fall asleep.

" Hey Darcy." I look next to me to see Stella has just found her seat as well.

"Hi" Stella looked like she was going to say something but the show had just started. About 15 minutes into the show a man wearing stage blacks tells me it's time to get ready to perform.

" Okay, thanks! Wish me good luck" I whisper to Stella.

"Good luck" she whispered back. Just as I was about to leave I heard that R5 won best band. I smile as I walk out thinking about what Stella is doing. Don't be nervous, don't be nervous. I have been on tour before, but I have never performed with so many celebrity's staring at me. Don't be nervous.

" You ready?" Someone behind me asks.

" I think so" I reply with a shaky voice. 


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