Will You Stay

This is a story about how Ashley stumbles upon a lost soul. One who believes that he does not deserve to settle down and have a family. Shawn thinks that it's better for him to stay away but Riley and Maya think he should stay. Could Ashley be his reason to stay? I'm terrible at summaries! Also there will be a side story with a side couple. ShawnxOC. Rated T just in case!


11. Tough Love

Author’s Notes: Sorry for the long wait! With the holidays going on and with cold and flu season it’s been tough to sit and concentrate. But I am back now and here is another drama filled chapter. Disclaimer: I do not own Girl Meets World.

Will You Stay

Chapter 11: Tough Love

Ashley and the group were arriving at her apartment for a cup of coffee before they take their kids home. She was fumbling with her keys while holding on to their dog; Shawn had offered to hold on to the dog but he had no luck because it was already attached to her. The group had lost one person because Angela had to attend a show with her husband; so that left Cory, Topanga, and Katy. She opened the door and she saw Riley and Maya dancing to the random music that was playing, Farkle was in front of the TV staring at the static, Alyssa was passed out in the chair, and Lucas was picking up glasses and trash off of the floor.

Ashley did a double take when she saw the pitcher on her kitchen island. It had the label and everything but it was also empty. Everyone came in one by one and saw the scene and all Ashley did was take a deep breath and walked to her bedroom and put the dog down on her bed and closed the door. Cory and Topanga had gotten the kids on the couch while Shawn gently woke up Alyssa to sit her on the couch too. Ashley had taken a look at Lucas and examined him closely and cleared him as sober and had him sit on one of the chairs.

She had gone to the kitchen and filled another pitcher with ice and water. Shawn was thinking that she was probably getting drinks for the adults or maybe even for the kids. She walked over with the pitcher and dumped the ice water over the kids which caused them to shriek and jump up. “What is wrong with you?!” Shouted Katie as a soaked shaking Maya clung to her.

“Had to sober them up a bit because you guys lecturing them in that state was pointless; your words were falling on deaf ears. Instead of shoving each of them in the shower I decided to cut out the middle man. I’ve been meaning to shampoo the couch anyways.”

“This is no way to handle this situation! It would’ve been better for us to wait it out and then talk to them.”

“See your way would take us hours and no offense I don’t want hung over kids throwing up in my apartment. This way they sober up quicker and there’s a less likely chance of there being any vomit.”

“Still doesn’t give you a reason to almost drown them. There is a process to this and they won’t be able to understand us if they’re freezing. You have to be gentle with them.”

“Obviously being gentle isn’t helping. Now let’s do some process of elimination on who it was that served something they weren’t supposed to. I know if wasn’t Farkle because he’s a smart kid and can read. It couldn’t be Riley because the last few times she was here she always always preferred this weird juice I bought once so I stocked up on it just for her. Lastly I know for damn sure it wasn’t Alyssa because she knows if something is label do not touch then she knows not to touch it. Obviously it wasn’t Lucas because he’s the only one sober.” She looked at Lucas “By the way thanks a lot for looking out for the others.” She said sarcastically. “Which leaves one other child who sadly has not had the best track record.”

This threw Katy over the edge and even made Shawn a little frustrated too: he thought it was wrong of her to assume it was Maya. Katy looked down at Maya and spoke in a soft voice, “Maya sweetheart just know that I am not mad at you. Did you by any serve what was in the pitcher?” Maya was still shivering both from being cold and from being scared. She then nodded her head slightly and squeezed her tightly.

“I’m sorry mom. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s okay baby girl. I told you I’m not mad at you. But we’re going to have a serious talk when we get home about what happened.”

“And there it is ladies and gentlemen! No sign of consequences being dealt with, no signs of there ever being any punishment, but hey there’s nothing better than a serious talk. That will teach them not to do it again!”

“Look Ashley punishments don’t do anything anymore. You’re not a parent so you wouldn’t know what it takes to actually teach them.”

“Whoa there Katy just because I didn’t give birth to them doesn’t mean they aren’t my kids I’ve raised them since they were young.”

“They are not your kids! To be honest you’re still a kid yourself! Alyssa is not your daughter her legal mother lives down the hall and I am sure she will not like the fact that you keep claiming she is yours.”

Shawn was starting to see that Ashley was getting angry. He wrapped another towel around Alyssa and went to Ashley. “Babe take a deep breath and calm down a bit. She didn’t mean what she said. I know as well as you do that Alyssa is our daughter.” This made Maya start to cry as she buried her face into her mother’s shirt.

“I meant every word! I bet you that she is going to end up talking to Alyssa instead of punishing her. Talk about being a hypocrite.”

This threw her over the edge “Jokes on you I was already planning on punishing her anyways. Alyssa front and center!” Alyssa was thrown off by the fact that she didn’t call her squatting eagle which made her scared. She stood up and her the towel around her for warmth and she looked at Shawn before she stood in front of her. Ashley grabbed both of her shoulders and led her slowly to the entrance. Shawn was getting ready to intervene but then she spoke her Alyssa’s punishment. “Alyssa you are grounded from coming here. You are only allowed to go to school and to your apartment. Also your phone will go to Janine and she will give it back to you when I think you’re ready to get it back.” Everyone stopped what they were doing as they looked at Alyssa.

“No Ashley that’s not the way to go.”

“Shawn she has to learn that her actions have consequences. How is she ever going to learn if I keep sugar coating everything. From now until the end of your punishment we cannot be together.” Alyssa began to cry and reached out for Ashley but she just backed away out of arms reach. She collapsed and sobbed as Shawn wrapped his arms around her. “Shawn stop that. She needs to learn this lesson on her own.”

“Can’t you see this is more than a punishment? How could you think this is a good way for her to learn?” He let go of her slightly to come face to face with Ashley. What he didn’t notice was that it was killing her too. Turning her back on her daughter is taking a toll on her and it’s taking all of her might to keep from breaking.

What none of them noticed was that the front door had opened and Alyssa was no longer sitting and the towel was left in her place. She knew she was probably back at home so she gave it a few minutes before she would call Janine. “Happy now Kate? That is possibly the worst punishment that she will ever have to endure. Don’t go claiming that I am not a mother because no one but a mother can feel this much pain from a punishment.”

She pulled out her phone and called Janine to see if Alyssa got there safely; it turns out that Alyssa never made it to her apartment. Her phone slipped from her grasp as she stood there frozen. Shawn picked up the phone “Is something wrong Janine?” He was filled in and he grew angry and scared. He hung up the phone and turned to the group. “It seems that Alyssa never went back home… I think she must have ran away...”

Before anyone can offer Ashley any comfort she went into her room and came back out with a huge hunting knife. “Whoa Ashley! Now is not the time to bring out Goliath. Look we can call the police and report her missing.”

“Shawn we both know that they won’t do anything unless she has been missing for 48 hours. If I want her found I will find her myself.” She strapped the holstered knife to her hip and she pointed at Lucas. “Okay cowboy based on stereotypes do you have your knife on you?”

“What? Lucas would never have a knife.” Riley said but was surprised when he stood up and pulled out a pocket knife. “Lucas? Why do you have a knife?”

“I always have it with me. It’s a habit but I don’t carry it in school.”

“Okay cowboy no more small talk we’ve got a mission.”

Before anyone can stop them they had already walked out the door. Shawn went to the bedroom to grab his coat and ran after them. Cory and Topanga gathered everyone up and tried to catch up leaving Katy and Maya in the apartment. “Do you want us to go help them find Alyssa?” Katy knew that Maya was still hurt from what Shawn said so she gave her an option. Maya shook her head and Katy lead her over to the couch and held her close. She didn’t want to force her to do anything so she provided comfort.


Ashley had gone down four blocks and was getting frustrated by the minute. Lucas was getting worried and tried to call her phone multiple times. Shawn was a small distance behind but every time he felt like he was catching up she would either lose him or pick up speed. Suddenly her phone was buzzing and she saw it was Alyssa. “Little girl when I find you you’re in so much trouble!”

From the other side she heard heavy breathing and crying “I’m so sorry. I don’t know where I am and I think there’s someone following me. I’m scared mama.” Before she could say anything else she was cut off. This kicked her maternal instinct into high gear.

“Okay cowboy we’re done playing games I need you to think of some way to track her phone fast! She’s in trouble unless we can find her now!”

Lucas had an idea and took her phone and tried to find a tracking app. He found a reliable one and began tracking her phone. “Okay according to her phone she’s about three streets away but we have to go that way.” He pointed in a direction and she took off sprinting. Her lungs were on fire and all she could see was red. Before Lucas can say anything she heard screams. She followed the screaming and it led her down an alley way. There she saw a sight that shook her to her core. Alyssa was cornered by a big guy with a gun: Alyssa looked completely pale until she saw Ashley. The guy turned around and saw her but held his gun ready to shoot. “Cowboy stay on the other side of the corner!” Shawn arrived when Lucas stopped him from turning the corner. Shawn had to trust that Ashley could handle this situation so he stepped back.

The guy grabbed a hold of Alyssa and pointed the gun at her head. All of a sudden Ashley’s instincts kicked in and she signaled Alyssa to get ready to break free. She taught her for years how to defend herself but this is the first time she ever had to use those skills. She took a deep breath and signaled her; Alyssa bit the man’s hand and immediately ducked and rolled out of the way and started running to get as far away as possible. While the man was distracted with trying to run after her Ashley charged at him and tackled him to the wall. The sound of a gun firing echoed throughout the alleyway; Lucas and Shawn ran out immediately to see terrifying sight. Allysa had fallen to the ground with tears in her eyes as she saw the blood. Then man ended up shooting Ashley in chest and she was currently holding her knife to his throat ready to cut him at any moment. She had knocked the gun out of his hand earlier but not fast enough to stop him from shooting.

The man had fear drawn on his face and beads of sweat formed on his forehead. “Please don’t hurt me!”

“You think I’m going to hurt you? No sir I am going to kill you. More than likely this isn’t the first time you’ve done this and I will make you will never do this to any other little girl ever again!” She said as she prepared to slice his throat.

“Mama!” Alyssa screamed to break her out of her rage.

“Alyssa don’t try to stop me. Do you even know what this guy would’ve done if we didn’t show up? You’ve seen the news before you know that these guys go around and taking innocent girls and use them in their trafficking. Well not on my watch! I won’t let that happen to you or to anyone else every again!”

“Mama I don’t want you to end up like daddy.” She said as she began to sob. “Daddy had the same mindset and did what he thought was right. But Mama he is in prison because what he did was wrong even though he did it for the right reason! I’ve already lost him but I don’t want o lose you too!” Shawn helped her up and she clung to him.

“Ashley there’s is more at stake here than you think. If you do this not only will you suffer but our whole family will suffer. What about Jeremy? If you go to prison he will go back into the system and Johnny will never get a chance to get him back! You are the glue that holds this family together. Don’t let this low life win! Just put the knife away and let the police deal with him!” He looked at Lucas to call 911.

Ashley was frozen there unsure of what to do. She wanted this scumbag to pay but she didn’t want to hurt her family in the process. She pulled her knife away and then he dashed for his gun. She saw him going for it and used the bottom of the knife to knock him out. She grabbed the gun and threw out the bullets and dropped it on his unconscious body.

Her adrenaline was wearing off and now she was aware that she had a bullet in her chest and she was bleeding profusely. Her breathing became shallow as the pain was increasing Shawn had Lucas hold back a terrified Alyssa while he ran to her side. She fell to her knees still clutching at her wound.

Everyone else came to the alley thanks to Lucas contacting them. Cory and Topanga went to help Shawn and Ashley. Kate went to go see where the police and the ambulance were. The kids were surrounding Alyssa trying to get her to calm down. Even Maya was attempting to calm her because she knew she would be the same way if it was her mom that was hurt. Alyssa just clung to them and prayed that she would be okay. The ambulance sirens were heard as the sped down the street with the police not too far behind.

Ashley had already lost a lot of blood and went unconscious. Shawn was in panic mode as he shook her to wake up. When she didn’t wake up he shouted for the EMTs to hurry up. They came in with their gurney and loaded her up on it and started bagging to giver her some oxygen. There was only room for one in the ambulance and Alyssa told Shawn to go because it was too much for her. He got in and they raced to the hospital hoping and praying that she would be alright.

Alyssa saw as the police officers took the man away and rage started to flow through her. It was his fault that her mom was being rushed to the hospital. She wanted him to pay; no she wanted him to rot in prison. Lucas felt her grip on his arm tighten and knew why. “Alyssa don’t waste your anger on him. If you stay furious at him he has power over you. Don’t let him win. Don’t let him feel pride in what he has done.” She listened to him and loosened her grip. “Please save my mama. She’s all I’ve got left.” The kids were being rushed to the cars because they needed to get to the hospital fast.

Shawn was in the ambulance holding on to her hand he felt her grip on his hand loosen. He looked up as fear was rising “Please God don’t do this again. Don’t take her too!”

End Chapter 11

So what did everyone think? Any suggestions on where this should go? I thought this would be a nice dose of drama to shake the story up a bit. It also shines light on another modern issue that is occurring across this country: human trafficking. It can happen anywhere and it is definitely no joke. Stay safe out there fellow readers.

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