Will You Stay

This is a story about how Ashley stumbles upon a lost soul. One who believes that he does not deserve to settle down and have a family. Shawn thinks that it's better for him to stay away but Riley and Maya think he should stay. Could Ashley be his reason to stay? I'm terrible at summaries! Also there will be a side story with a side couple. ShawnxOC. Rated T just in case!


7. Father

Author's Notes: Alright here goes another chapter guys. I'm getting better at updating these chapters sooner. Here is the usual disclaimer I do not own Girl Meets World.

Will You Stay

Chapter 7: Father

Riley and Maya sat on one of the seats on the train. Riley kept swaying back and forth nudging Maya to get her to talk. "Okay I'm getting motion sickness from the swaying. What's wrong Maya? You've been quiet since we left school."

"It's nothing."

"I know you better than anyone else. There's something wrong."

She shook her head still believing that nothing was wrong; she looked up and sighed. "I just can't believe that he came to pick her up."

"You mean Shawn? I'm sure he meant to give us all a ride."

"No. You heard him, he was there because Ashley asked him to pick Alyssa up. It seems like everyone is bending over backwards for her."

"Ashley or Alyssa?"

"Alyssa. First your dad gives her special treatment and even Lucas stood up for her even though he barely met her. Not to mention Shawn coming all the way down here and picking her up. Why is she getting so much attention? She just got here!"

"Maybe that's it. She's a new kid so dad was nice to her and as for Lucas he does that all the time. Like I said Shawn probably wanted to give us all a ride. He knows we all go to the same school so I highly doubt he showed up just for her. Besides I don't think that's what you're really upset about."

"I feel like I'm losing him. My one chance at having a real dad and he's being swept away."

"Maya you haven't lost him. Besides I think he has enough love for more than one daughter."

Maya looked away in both pain and shame for feeling so selfish. She wanted Shawn as a dad but she didn't want to share him especially not with another girl. They finally reached their stop and headed to Riley's apartment.

~*~*~*~*Riley's Apartment*~*~*~*~

Cory and Shawn were in the kitchen enjoying a sandwich while Alyssa and Lucas were on the couch with Farkle squeezed in between as they all worked on homework. "Quick question Shawny why is my daughter not here?"

"I offered her and Maya a ride but they were persistent on taking the subway. Maya seemed a little agitated."

The door opened up and Riley and Maya came in. Riley nudged Maya and she kept shaking her head. "Alyssa Maya would like to talk with you in private." Alyssa was a little taken aback by the request and she looked at everyone else since her first impression of Maya was not a pleasant one. Riley nodded her head confirming that she would be okay. She even offered for them to talk in her bedroom.

Maya and Alyssa sat at the window in complete silence. They both avoided looking at each other and time passed by at a painfully slow pace. Then a sudden voice came from the door "Somebody say something!"

"Fine I'll get this over and done. I am sorry I was mean to you today. It's a defense mechanism and I feel a bit threatened by you."

"You feel threatened by me? Why is that?"

"I guess I see Shawn as a father figure and I felt that he was paying more attention to you and I got scared. I don't want to lose a dad to another family..."

Suddenly Alyssa started giggling and it made Maya a little irritated that she was laughing at her. She waved her hands apologetically "I'm sorry I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing because I thought you hated me this whole time. Also you don't have to worry about me and Shawn. If anything I'd see him as either an uncle or a big brother. I've already got a dad."

She reached into her pocket and pulled out her wallet and showed her a picture of a young man in his twenties. He had blue eyes, black hair swept to one side, and he had two piercings. He was seen holding a newborn wrapped in a bright blue blanket. "This is my dad. Well he's not my biological dad but he's like Ashley and he raised me since I came to the foster home when I was five. He and Ashley were together for seven years."

Maya looked closely at the picture and the one next to it of him, a younger Ashley, a small boy, and a little girl. They all looked really happy standing in front of a tractor. Almost like a perfect family and it made her feel a little guilty for getting angry with her. "Where is he now?"

"Actually I don't feel comfortable talking about it."

"Well if it helps my dad's gone too. He left and now he has a new family."

Alyssa looked at her and then back down at the pictures. She knew that if she told then everyone would know. "My dad is-" Then suddenly the apartment erupted with Ashley calling Alyssa to the living room. They both were stunned by her volume and made their way to the living room. There Ashley stood with bright unnaturally red hair glaring angrily at Cory because of his snickering.

"I forgot you had to dye your hair for the birthday party." Said Alyssa.

Everyone had smiles on their faces as they were holding back laughter. She gave Ashley a hug hoping that it would calm her down. "How was school squatting eagle?"

"It was good Ma I answered a question in class today. I was a little nervous but my new friends helped me gain the courage to speak." Ashley looked at the gang on the couches she smiled at all of them.

"Thanks guys for making her feel welcomed. I knew I could count on all of you."

Maya looked back at them as they were talking and laughing and then she looked at Shawn as he gave them that look. The one that she wanted him to give to her. She went back to being sad because even though Alyssa doesn't see him as a dad doesn't mean that he won't see her as a daughter. Cory spoke up from the kitchen "Okay I have to know why did you dye your hair?"

"The theme for the birthday party is The Little Mermaid and since I am the entertainment along with a few other performers I had to make myself look like Ariel. You got a problem with that Matthews?"

"Oh goodie I have so many jokes for this very moment!" Cory looked at Shawn and he gave him a look. "But I'm scared of what Shawn might do to me so I am going to shut up now."

"Alright ladies I think it's time we head home don't want to keep Jeremy waiting." That was another thing that stung for Maya was that her other competition is a one year old baby. She couldn't possibly compete with a baby.

Ashley and Shawn were at the door and waited for Alyssa to gather her things. They were already out the door but before Alyssa could reach the door Lucas gave her something and told her it was just in case she needed help with homework or anything else. She closed the door behind her and opened up the paper to see that it was his phone number. She looks up and calms herself down because she didn't want to blow this out of proportion. "He's just my friend. That's all he'll be."

Author's Notes: And there is the end to another chapter! For Andy's appearance I wanted to go for an Andy Biersack type of appearance for personal reasons. I can admit I think he's dreamy and has a great personality that would fit the character of Ashley's ex and the "father" of the group. However if you want him to look like someone else that's fine with me it's just that he's supposed to be four years older than Ashley. Also the next chapter will be back on schedule and will feature scenes from Girl Meets Hurricane. Stay tuned readers!

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