Will You Stay

This is a story about how Ashley stumbles upon a lost soul. One who believes that he does not deserve to settle down and have a family. Shawn thinks that it's better for him to stay away but Riley and Maya think he should stay. Could Ashley be his reason to stay? I'm terrible at summaries! Also there will be a side story with a side couple. ShawnxOC. Rated T just in case!


2. Chapter 2: Age is Nothing but a Number

Author's Notes: Sorry it took me so long to post this chapter! I have been swamped with school and midterms. Have no fear a new chapter is here! Oh and I do not own Girl Meets World or any of their characters! Also there is a dress I describe that Ashley wears in this chapter and here is a link to the dress. listing/96801713/nirvana-lace-dress?ref=market. Just for reference if needed. I also do not own the song Boom Clap by Charlie XCX.

Will You Stay?

Chapter 2: Age is Nothing but a Number

"Aw Topanga look at our boy getting ready for his date." Cory tried to fix Shawn's hair and his tie, but Shawn kept smacking his hands away. "It's not a date! I am just doing a profile on her for the article."

"Shawn you're supposed to be writing about the restaurant why are you writing about her?" Said Topanga as she was setting the table.

"She's kind of the reason why people like going there she's a performer and also one of the chefs there. It would be nice to do a profile on her."

"Aw Shawny's in love." Cory went back to fixing Shawn's tie. The buzzing noise interrupted the preparation and Cory ran to the speaker before Shawn could go for it.

"Who is it?" He said in a singing voice.

"Um. It's Ashley I am supposed to meet Shawn here."

"Come on up Darling!"

Shawn's face was going red as he was fixing his jacket and continued to mess with his tie. Topanga and Cory just kept sharing glances, sending signals to each other to make sure Shawn was calm. "Shaw everything is going to be fine. Everything is going to be perfect for her."

"It's not her reaction I'm worried about."

There was a knock at the door and to settle the slap fight between Shawn and Cory on who got to open the door Topanga volunteered. She opened the door and saw a young woman standing there is a mini black jacket and a Nirvana dress. "I'm sorry but my kids went out for the evening so we don't need someone to babysit." She closed the door and Shawn nearly flipped out.

"Are you crazy Topanga? That was Ashley!" He opened the door to assure her she was at the right address. "I'm sorry Ashley my friend can be a bit of a space cadet. Come right on in." Shawn took her jacket and her dress could be better seen. "Oh I see you like Nirvana. I remember hearing their music on television when I was a teenager." Said Cory awkwardly trying to make small talk. Only to realize that when they started out she was only a few months to a year old.

"Shawn can I talk to you in the kitchen?" Shawn was dragged into the kitchen by Cory while the women were left to mingle. "What are you doing kidnapping a child? You know you can go to prison for this?"

"Calm down Cory I think think the vein on your forehead is about to reproduce. She's twenty one and besides this is not a date."

"Alright looks like we're all ready to have dinner." Said Topanga as she started serving the food.

"Ashley eat at your own risk. I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for killing off the future of America." Said Cory as he tried to laugh off his the awkward moment.

"So Ashley I kind of wanted to get to know you better for my article so tell me a bit about yourself in detail."

"Okay I am a third year student at NYU and majoring in nursing."

"Oh that's great I bet your parents are very proud of you." Cory tried to once again lighten the mood.

"Actually I don't have any parents. I have been bounced from various foster families since I could remember." Everything was silent as Cory tried to remove the metaphorical foot from his mouth. "You don't have to feel sympathy for me. I've gotten this far without them so there's no need to feel bad around me." Shawn was writing things down and Ashley tried to peek over his shoulder at what he wrote. He snapped his notepad shut which startled her.

"Okay I'm sorry but does anyone else not understand that this is wrong?" Topanga blurted out. Shawn looked annoyed, Ashley looked confused, and Cory looked disgusted at his food.

"I'm Sorry? I don't understand what you mean?"

"This thing going on between you and Shawn is wrong. Shawn she is twenty-one do you not realize how much of an age gap that is? It's cute that you have a crush but falling for her is not okay."

Shawn roughly got up from the table and stormed out of the apartment and slammed the door. Cory got up and followed after him leaving Topanga and Ashley alone once again. "Did you say that Shawn liked me?"

"I'm guessing that he didn't tell you. Well now that you know you can better see it from my standpoint. I mean you're a young girl; you have your whole life ahead of you so settling down with a man fourteen years older than you will ruin your life."

"How would settling down ruin my life? Also who cares if he's older? Honestly I was interested in him when I first saw him at the restaurant."

"Do you understand what you are saying? He was in high school when you were born. This will never work. You are still in school he's already in his career. You're only a few years older than my daughter do you realize how sick that is?"

"Topanga Shawn is a great guy. And I know that you and your husband care for him, but what is wrong with him being happy?"

"Shawn has been through a lot growing up and I don't want to see him get hurt."

"Why in the world would I want to hurt him?"

~*~*~*~*Cory and Shawn*~*~*~*~

The only place Shawn felt safe from everything was on the fire escape. Apparently it wasn't a good hiding spot because Cory eventually found him.

"Shawn you know Topanga didn't mean to do that."

"She told her Cor! I tried my best to get enough courage to say ti and she just blurted it all out!"

"You know how she is she has a big mouth."

"Well she needs to learn how to butt out of my personal life! I haven't been interested in anyone since Angela, and the first girl I show a hint of feelings for someone and now she blew it for me." Shawn's anger was rising and Cory was running out of ideas to keep him calm.

"Shawn do you think you only like this girl because she reminds you of Angela?"

"No Cor. She's nothing like Angela. She's nothing like me. Cor she's been through a lot yet you can't see that when you first meet her. She's always smiling. Her co-workers say that no matter what she goes through she did it with a smile. She gets yelled at by customers everyday yet she only said kind things about them. I had never seen her do anything but smile. But just now when she talked about how she didn't have a family I saw her smile break. I want to get to know her and I want to protect her so that way she won't have to plaster on a fake smile." Cory thought he saw tears forming in his eyes. "Cory I think Topanga needed your help with the dessert." Ashley peeked her head out of Riley's bedroom window. Apparently Shawn was hiding in a not so secretive place. Cory left the room and Shawn was quickly wiping away any traces of tears. Ashley climbed out of the window and sat next to him and looked up at the stars.

'Boom boom boom clap'

"Just as I thought you can't see that many stars in the city." Said Ashley as she was squinting at the tiny dots.

'You're picture perfect blue Sunbathing under moon Stars shining as your bones illuminate'

"It's because of all the light pollution. I know this great place in Utah that you can see millions of them."

'First kiss just like a drug Under your influence You take me over you're the magic in my veins'

"You really must love traveling." There he saw a genuine smile; it looked completely different from the smile she always wore.

"Yeah it has its perks but it does get lonely since I am in multiple places in short spans of time."

"Well maybe someday you'll find that one thing that will help you settle down."

'This must be love'

They continued talking and laughing until Ashley began shivering. Shawn took off his jacket and wrapped it around her. They ended up talking for two hours completely forgetting about everybody else. They didn't even notice the five faces looking at the through the window. "Ten bucks says he kisses her." Maya knew how to ruin a moment with a meaningless bet.

"Come on Maya let them have their moment. They are so cute together." Riley tried to see the beauty in the moment. Cory pulled Topanga out of earshot from the kids.

"See Topanga they don't see it as wrong."

"Cory they're kids they don't understand the concept of age difference."

Cory turned her around to look through the window. "Honey who do you see on the other side of the window?"

"I see our friend out there making a huge mistake."

"Well that's not what I see. I see us when we first started out. Remember how the world was against us? My mom said that we were too young to understand what love is? Look Topanga they are going to have obstacles because of the age difference just like how our obstacle was falling in love at a young age. Shouldn't we be on their side instead of the world's. Maybe they were meant to be just like we are."

She didn't want to admit it but she did see what he saw. Her wearing his jacket like she had worn Cory's jean jacket. It reminded her of the time when he first heard about her moving to Pittsburgh and they had a moment in her bedroom. She smiled admitting defeat and that maybe things won't be so bad.

Shawn was lost in conversation not even noticing that it was getting colder outside. "So Ashley what was it like growing up? I imagine it being difficult without having actual parents."

Her smile shrunk and she took a deep sigh. "It was difficult at first because I was living in the foster homes and everyone around me was adopted and so I was often left alone. But because of that I was able to learn how to become independent and ambitious to make something of myself. Even now it still hurts because there were moments where I wish I had a mom or a dad to love me and guide me." Her eyes glistened with unshed tears. She was letting her guard down and he saw the true Ashley. He saw her weakness and he knew that she was right for him.

'Boom clap The sound in my heart The beat goes on and on and on and on and'

With all his might he kissed her. A loud chorus of gasps and cheers echoed through the other room. Shawn didn't care he was in paradise and he was loving it. The kiss broke after minutes but it felt like an eternity. He expected her to be angry but she smiled and shed the tears she held back.

'Boom clap You make me feel good Come home to me come home to me now'

He wrapped his arms around her and she snuggled into his shirt. Maybe this might work out after all. It was the beginning of their own roller coaster ride of love.

End Chapter 2

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