:.Second Chances.:

It was three years ago when Westin was first arrested. He thought he’d never see the love of his life, Kalli again until she comes to visit him. The past starts to unfold and the secrets are revealed. Will Westin redeem himself and win back the love of his life?


1. Burning Desires (Kalli)

       This jail stinks. Just like him. I can't believe I'm coming to visit him. After all of the lies. Maybe I pity him...or I just want to rub the sweet taste of freedom in his face. I don't know. The warden swings the keys around his forefinger. I wish he would stop. I hate the noise he's making. He smells of coffee and he chews on a broken toothpick. He leads me down the long, dark hallway. It smells worse down here. Where the cells are. Prisoners stare at me as I'm walking by.  Whispering about me, hiding in the shadows. I scoot a little closer to the warden.

   "Nah, don't worry. I won't let 'em getcha." he says laughing. 
       I nod, "Yeah, thanks." 
 He winks and makes a clicking noise with his mouth and continues to lead me to his cell. I'm nervous. My heart starts to pound in my chest. It's been 3 years since I've seen him. Since we've talked. Since our last kiss. That lying snake. I can feel my cheeks getting hot. I can feel the burning desire to lash out at any second. 

        We stop at a cell with rusty bars and a toilet in the corner of a room. An uncomfortable looking bed sits in the center. "Ah, here we are. Just holler if you need anything," says the warden. He leans down and whispers, "That Miles is a dangerous human being." 
        I raise my eyebrow, "So I've heard." 
I watch the warden disappear down the long hallway and turn to face his cell. Westin's cell. I inhale, "Westin?" I ask quietly. I don't see him but I listen for an answer. 

             "Kalli, i-is that you?" asks a raspy voice. 
I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my chest. I'm glad he's safe but he still deserves this. 
         "Yes. It's me." 


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