(The rating is purely for the occasional swear and the incidental grammatical error)

I got bored and it is very late. The category will probably change fifteen times.


2. The King, Everybody (4: 08 AM)

"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself..."

-D. H. Lawrence

     The streets are such a familiar sight, I'm a little shocked I forgot what it felt like to be apart of them.

     The City thrums like a living thing, and the sounds crash and pull like blood in veins. Lights and shadows dance against brick and asphalt, and it all meshes together to paint a perfectly imperfect picture. It's a special kind of chaos, the city, that eats away at me and rebuilds me at the same time.

     Nothing good ever comes from the City. Chances are, that's why the people here never leave. We couldn't cut it in a place with real people. They wouldn't know what to do with us. Everything is isolated and cold, intended to be a prison or a paradise but succeeding in neither. The City is a hollow echo of something further away, and its occupants are so empty that they can't notice. Nothing good ever comes from the City, so it only makes sense that I come from it.

     The City is my kingdom, and I am its king. The dirt is the only sure thing in my life because it's the only place I look. The sky could hold the answers, but I don't deserve to search for them there. My eyes stay to the gutters where my kind roams, and I leave the skies for the angels who need them. The ground wasn't much- if not rust then blood- but it was mine. It was all I should need.


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