The Shadow Girl

"Behind the famous, behind the Queen, lies the most infamous unseen, the brighter the star, the darker her casts, the more she is glowing the blacker her past, the more she dances, the more she twirls, the more you forget the Shadow Girl"


2. ☁︎ Hair as flowing as a river, and stretches as far as the world ☁︎



"Alright, so should I go with the Harry Potter socks or the Doctor Who Beanie?" Rosella stood in front of her mirror, alternating between both items.

"Well the socks would work with your white skirt, and the beanie works with your black hoodie and white jeans, so I guess it's a matter of what you want to wear tomorrow." I pull her dark blue comforter over my arms, waiting for her to make her choice.

"I guess I am going with the socks, with my white skirt and Hogwarts shirt. Sound good?" She throws the beanie and the socks at me and sits at her desk, opening her laptop.

We sit in silence, her typing away at her computer, and me, binge playing Cooking Fever.

"Oh my God, Car, guess who just asked me out." I look up from my phone, raising my eyebrow for an answer.


"Sander Hill! Hurry Come here!" I toss my phone aside and crawl off the bed. I practically pry the laptop from her fingers as I pace around the room reading their whole conversation on Facebook.

"If you want, we can go see a movie later this week, get you away from that school stress? Oh my god, is he a pimp or something?" We both laugh as I continue reading.

"Wait, Rose, you said no?" She shrugs, picking at her nail polish. 

"I'm not feeling a boyfriend at the moment." I shut the laptop, handing it back to her. 

"Well I have to go, I told my mom I would clean the kitchen before she got home. See you tomorrow at school?" I pull my bag over my shoulder, hugging her goodbye.

"Yeah, see you at school." I smile before I shut her bedroom door, and I walk through her apartment to the door.

"See you later Mrs.Wedel." I wave closing the door behind me.


Confession #1: Rosella is my best friend, one of the only friends I will ever have, but I never see her smile anymore, and it hurts me that I am not the person who makes her happy anymore.

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