The Salvatore Sister

(written for the vampire diaries fanfiction competition)

What if the Salvatore brothers had a sister but they didn't know she was still alive? She doesn't know if they are alive either. What will happen when they find their way back to each other and talk about their life stories? What would happen when Stefan and Damon realize who their little sister has fallen in love with and what she has become?


3. The Petrova Doppelganger

Hey guys! I couldn't update a lot because I didn't have enough time. I guess I should update more. This chapter is not that long but a lot happens. Please share your ideas and thoughts by commenting. Thank you guys for your support and hope you guys enjoy...


Alexandra's POV


When I saw Katherine, the world just stopped. I mumbled "Katherine" and grabbed her neck, and shoved her into an alley, pushing her against the wall.

"You have some nerve showing up here, Katherine, especially now! Why can't you at least have some respect, and allow me to mourn my family in peace."

She struggled against my hold, which I found odd as she was about 300 years older than me. "I'm...not...Katherine..." she managed to squeak out as I crushed her throat. "What...?" I started to say before I was thrown off of her. She fell to the ground as I hit the opposite wall. When I looked up, she was gone.


Elena's POV

I was walking down Main Street, thinking about how all the Originals are back alive, what we were going to do about it, and how to get Stefan back to normal. Suddenly I was being thrown into an alley and held to a wall by my neck. In front of me stood a girl with raven black hair and piercing blue eyes. 'Vampire,' I thought to myself as I tried to struggle out of her hold, and tried to breathe at the same time.

"You have some nerve showing up here, Katherine, especially now! Why can't you at least have some respect, and allow me to mourn my family in peace." she yelled at me. Who was this girl, and how does she know Katherine. Who is the family she wishes to mourn? And why did she look so familiar? I don't remember ever seeing her...

"I'm not Katherine." I struggled to say as she continued to crush my throat. This was starting to get really uncomfortable, and my eyesight was starting to go black from the lack of air entering my lungs.

"What...?" she began to say before she was thrown off of me. I fell to the ground and looked to see Stefan standing in front of me. He grabbed me and ran vamp-speed to the boarding house. As we left, I looked back to see the girl slowly get to her feet. Who was she? and what did she want?



Alexandra's POV

I walked over to the two gravestones. One read Stefan Salvatore, the other Damon Salvatore.These were the two I was dreading because they were the ones that always made me cry, and my humanity always managed to come back on, for just a few seconds.

I looked at the graves, and sure enough, tears started to come. I could feel that switch trying to flip.


I had decided to stay in town for awhile - try to figure out what that girl meant when she said that she wasn't Katherine. I mean, she had to be. There was no way she wasn't. Something fishy was going on here, and I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

I always did have a lot of curiosity. Must have got that from Damon, I thought as I looked at his grave. I laid the flowers I had brought on their graves and left the cemetery. It was time to do some research.


I walked to the high school. I wanted to do some research on the girl I had just seen, the one who looked like Katherine. She looked young and she was a human so I thought here was a great place to start.


I walked into the office, where there was a secretary still working.

"Hi. I'm doing some research on the town, and I was wondering if I could see last year's yearbook?"

The lady looked at me strangely but handed the yearbook. I flipped through until I found her picture. Elena Gilbert. She looked exactly like Katherine and I was suspicious. I turned back to the lady.

"Hi again. I would like to enroll here." Might as well find out this girls story. 

"We need to do all sorts of paperwork. And I don't have the time for that now." The lady snapped, glaring at me. Her attitude was really annoying so I leaned in and compelled her.


"You will do all the necessary paperwork for me to enroll here and start tomorrow. My name is Alexandra..." I paused, thinking if I should use my real last name. Hmm, might as well. Who would know?


"Salvatore. I came from California." Well, that was partly true - that is where I had most recently been. "I'm a senior. I want all my classes with Elena Gilbert." I smiled as she started working on my files. I left the high school to find myself a home.

*A few hours later*

I laid in bed and turned on the TV. 

"Mrs. Anderson, will you make me something to eat?" I yelled.

"Sure, dear." she answered. I smiled. Compelling people to do whatever you want was so much fun! She brought me some macaroni and cheese, which I ate in a matter of seconds. But my fangs were hurting, so I decided to leave to get something to really eat.

"I'll be back in a few hours. Don't let anyone else in, or let anyone know I'm here." I ordered.

"I won't let anyone in, or tell anyone about you." she repeated. I smiled, and left.

I got in my Camaro and drove out of town. I didn't want to draw any attention to myself - for all I knew, the Founder's Council was still around. So, for now, I would drive out of town for a meal.

As I driving, I spotted a man walking along the road. I pulled over.

"Hey, do you need a ride somewhere?"

"Yeah, can you take me to the next town over? I just need to get away for a little while." I smiled.

"Sure, jump in. What's your name?"

"James." he replied, getting in. He buckled his seatbelt and I drove. I could hear his heartbeat, and could smell his sweet blood - this one was going to be good.

We drove on in silence, and I struggled to maintain my self-control. I had been perfecting it over the past century, but it still was hard, especially when my meals smelt as good as James did.

We finally arrived. I pulled the car over, and James looked over and smiled.

"Thanks for the ride." I leaned over and looked him in the eye.

"You will get out of the car, drop your bag, and run into the woods. You will not scream, or call for help." I compelled. He did as he was told, and after a few minutes, I got out and followed the sounds of him running.

When I caught him, I tackled him to the ground and allowed my fangs to sink deep into his neck. He didn't scream, as I had told him, but he did wiggle and squirm.

I kept feeding until he was dead, and then continued on until his head became detached.

"Oops." I sighed. That usually happened when I went to long between feedings. I've got to keep myself better fed, I thought.

Now what to do with the body? Eh, I really didn't care, so I'll just leave it. James body laid on the ground with his head about two feet away. I just walked away, wiping my mouth.

"See ya, James. Thanks for the good meal." I called over my shoulder. I finally had my emotions back under lock and key. The ripper was back.

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